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  1. the donald
    ‘I Thought That Trump University Was a Real Institution’Trump’s for-profit schools are probed.
  2. the donald
    Who Got Suckered by Donald Trump?Bill Maher, Charles Krauthammer, Mike Huckabee, and, obviously, Dick Morris.
  3. the donald
    BREAKING NEWS: DONALD TRUMP NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENTSorry, we have to sit down for a second.
  4. the donald
    More Than 300 People Are Suing Donald Trump … for Being Donald TrumpA lawsuit over luxury high-rises.
  5. the donald
    Is Donald Trump Done?According to one pollster, he’s fallen from first to fifth in just a month.
  6. the donald
    Donald Trump Is the Least Racist Person in the World Because a Black Person Won The Apprentice Six Years AgoAccording to Trump.
  7. the donald
    Donald Trump’s Incomplete Vietnam ExplanationHe says he got lucky, but he didn’t mention that he also got a medical deferment.
  8. the donald
    Trump to China: ‘Listen You Motherf—ers, We’re Going to Tax You 25 Percent’Watch Trump repeatedly drop the F-bomb in a speech in Las Vegas.
  9. anti-trumpites
    Rand Paul Wants to See Donald Trump’s CertificateOf Republican Party registration!
  10. pop quiz
    It’s Time to Play ‘Guess Who Donald Trump Is Castigating!’So many people!
  11. the donald
    Donald Trump’s Low Ceiling, or, Why Donald Trump Is Like The Human CentipedeBear with us.
  12. the donald
    Donald Trump’s Hollywood Enemy List Continues to GrowNewest entry: Robert De Niro.
  13. the donald
    Donald Trump Sends Another Blogger a Handwritten NoteHe gets forwarded “anything that gets written about him.”
  14. the donald
    Donald Trump’s Net Worth Is Determined by How He Feels That DayIt’s based on “my own feelings, as to where the world is, where the world is going, and that can change rapidly from day to day.”
  15. the donald
    Jerry Seinfeld Now a Rabid Anti-TrumpiteHe pulls out of a charity event hosted by Donald Trump’s son because of the birther thing.
  16. the donald
    Is Donald Trump’s Presidential Run a Ratings Gimmick?NBC exec says yes!
  17. the donald
    George Stephanopoulos Has Been Co-opted by Obama and His MinionsDonald Trump is on the case.
  18. 2012
    Nearly Half of Iowa Republicans Say President Obama Wasn’t Born in the United StatesForty-eight percent!
  19. the donald
    Trump Still Trying to Make ‘I Would Take the Oil’ His CatchphraseBecause even he knows “show us the birth certificate” doesn’t have legs.
  20. the donald
    Donald Trump Thinks His Is ‘Much, Much Bigger’ Than Romney’sComparing assets.
  21. the donald
    Poll Says Donald Trump Is Pulling AwayHe’s leading the GOP field by nine points.
  22. the donald
    Donald Trump Makes Connection Between Fake Presidential Bid and Apprentice Ratings Even More DirectHe’ll announce when he’s going to decide whether to run on the season finale.
  23. the donald
    Donald Trump Knows Exactly How Many Congressmen We Have, He Just Doesn’t Want to SayThat makes sense.
  24. the donald
    You Really Have to Listen to Donald Trump Talk About Iraq“I always heard that when we went into Iraq, we went in for the oil. I said, ‘Eh, that sounds smart.’”
  25. the donald
    Donald Trump Has Impressively Neat HandwritingAssessing The Donald’s penmanship.
  26. the donald
    Donald Trump’s George Costanza ProblemWhy Trump HAS to run now, lest he get caught in a lie.
  27. the donald
    Because Having His Own Line of Vodka Isn’t Enough, Trump Buys WineryAmerica’s favorite mogul wants to stomp some grapes.
  28. the donald
    Who, of All the Hoteliers in New York, Is Putting Up Charlie Sheen This Week?Donald Trump, of course!
  29. the donald
    Donald Trump on Today: I Have People in Hawaii Researching Obama’s BirthJust when you thought he couldn’t become more of a birther.
  30. the donald
    Trump Takes Second Place in National PollThis is getting weird.
  31. the donald
    There’s Something Else Republican Voters Like About Donald Trump Besides the BirtherismHe’s doing really, shockingly well in New Hampshire.
  32. the donald
    Donald Trump Now Contends That Birth Announcements in General Don’t Even ExistWhat?! How did we miss this!?!
  33. the donald
    Donald Trump Shows Off His Actual Birth CertificateSo now we know that Donald Trump was born in America.
  34. the donald
    Donald Trump’s Birth Certificate Isn’t Actually LegitWhat a conundrum!
  35. the donald
    Donald Trump Gets Even More Birthery, WrongThe newspaper announcements!
  36. the donald
    For the Love of God, Somebody Show Donald Trump How to Use a Search Engine AlreadyHe still can’t find a photo of young Obama.
  37. the donald
    Donald Trump Would Defeat Despots With Shady Real Estate DealsJust like when he “screwed” Qaddafi.
  38. the donald
    Donald Trump Is Kind of a BirtherTrump claims Obama “grew up and nobody knew him.”
  39. the donald
    Donald Trump Admires Saddam Hussein’s Terror Policies“He didn’t give them a trial like this country, where the trial lasts for 21 years. He used to shoot the terrorists and kill them.”
  40. the donald
    Ed Koch Is Impressed With Donald Trump’s Phoniness“He’s one of the great hucksters, and I say that admiringly.”
  41. the donald
    Does Donald Trump Support Civil Unions or Not?Depends on the day.
  42. the donald
    Donald Trump’s Fake Presidential Campaign Already Running Afoul of Real Campaign Finance Laws?This isn’t a TV boardroom; there are rules here.
  43. the donald
    Donald Trump Will Let Your Hand Touch His HandHe’ll shake hands with “everybody.”
  44. the donald
    Does Donald Trump Have a Flesh-Pressing Problem?Can Trump, a germophobe who hates shaking hands, handle a presidential campaign?
  45. the donald
    Trump ‘Not That Surprised’ at Poll Showing Him Two Points Behind ObamaAmerica loves his “common sense” message.
  46. the donald
    Donald Trump Polls Shockingly Well Against President ObamaDown by just two points? What’s going on here?
  47. the donald
    Donald Trump vs. Donald Trump: The Difference a Decade MakesOn abortion and a number of other issues, the Donald has shifted rightward just in time for 2012.
  48. the donald
    Donald Trump: I’ll Decide on Running in June, ‘and by the Way, Ron Paul Cannot Get Elected, I’m Sorry’ZING!
  49. trump
    Donald Trump Has His Own Way of Measuring His SuccessWould Kate Gosselin kiss his ass if he wasn’t the man? Trump thinks not.
  50. the donald
    Please Enjoy This Moment With Donald Trump’s Hair“How deep is your love?”
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