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The Dress

  1. White-and-Gold Flip-flops Reminiscent of That Other Viral Piece of Clothing*Whispers softly* Remember the dress?
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    Today’s Viral Optical Illusion: A Brick Wall (Really)I stared at this for a solid 20 minutes and still didn’t see anything.
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    The Definitive Guide to Today’s ‘the Dress’ Think PiecesToday marks the first annual “The Dress” Think Piece Day!
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    Forget the Dress: The Best Meme of 2/26/2015 Was the Runaway LlamasOn the anniversary of “The Dress,” celebrating another, better meme.
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    ‘The Dress’ Has Been Repurposed As a Domestic-Violence PSAReleased this morning by the Salvation Army.
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    What Everyone Else Wore to the Inaugural BallsWith Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore, Kanye West, and more.
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    Jason Wu and Isabel Toledo Speak on Michelle ObamaWu had an Obama day in his office yesterday and Toledo has people camping outside her house.
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    Michelle Obama Wears Jason Wu GownIt’s a lovely white ballgown. Jason, you’re a made man.
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    What Will Michelle Obama Wear to the Balls?!This is the last speculative post we’ll do! Ever!!
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    Breaking: Michelle Obama’s Wearing Isabel Toledo!In Washington, right now!
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    Robin Givhan Envisions Michelle Obama in GreenThe fashion critic selected the winner of an inaugural ballgown design competition.
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    Vera Wang Won’t Design Michelle Obama’s Inaugural DressBut she’s in the running for someone else she can’t talk about.
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    Designers Sketch Gowns for Michelle: Thakoon, Maria, Narciso Missing in ActionWe’re guessing these designers have the best shot at making The Dress.