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  1. first ladies
    Anna Wintour Declines to Acknowledge That Melania Is First Lady“And for me, [Michelle Obama] is the example I admire.”
  2. the national interest
    Donald Trump Tries to Explain Economics to The Economist. Hilarity Ensues.President says he invented extremely famous, extremely old phrase, proceeds to misapply it.
  3. Barack Obama Makes the Malcontent’s Case for the Center LeftIn an op-ed, Obama grapples with the economic problems that fuel populist discontent, but argues that the center left offers the best hope for change.
  4. ink-stained wretches
    Daily Mail Writer Slams Daily Mail for SexismBut at least a lot of people read it, he says.
  5. Burgernomics
    The ‘Big Mac Index,’ Now Extra Well DoneThat special sauce contains no MSG, but does have extra GDP.
  6. Pep Talks
    Dan Barber Says You Should Really Eat More GrainsBrave new calories.
  7. really?
    The Economist Asks: ‘Why Should Women Read The Economist?’Apparently this is supposed to turn into a funny joke, but oh wait! It doesn’t work.
  8. fi-cri fallout
    About This Whole Goldman Sachs–Greece ThingA quick guide to what’s going on, in case it comes up.