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  1. global politics
    The NBA–Hong Kong Controversy Suggests History Isn’t Ending How We’d PlannedEconomic integration was supposed to bring democracy to China. Instead, it’s brought Chinese state censorship to corporate America.
  2. the economy
    These 3 Policy Failures Are Killing the American DreamAmerica is historically rich, yet its middle class is increasingly insecure. Here’s why.
  3. meritocracy
    Harvard’s Affirmative Action for Rich Whites Exposes Myth of MeritocracyHarvard’s competitive admissions process exists to maintain the prestige of the credentials it sells to the mediocre children of aristocrats.
  4. the top line
    Why Does the Stock Market Even Care About Impeachment?News that Trump might be out has sent it tumbling. But the key dynamic to understand here is a love-hate one.
  5. the top line
    No, a WeWork Collapse Isn’t Going to Tank the Economy. But.Outgoing CEO Adam Neumann’s business model does pose some legitimate risks for the commercial real-estate market.
  6. the top line
    The Strike on the Saudi Oil Facility Poses Three Risks to the Global EconomyWe still don’t know how bad the situation is, which is why analysts are speculating that oil prices might rise steeply if more bad news emerges.
  7. the economy
    Bill Protecting ‘Gig Workers’ Close to Enactment in CaliforniaEmployers may no longer be able to call their workers contractors, but they’re threatening a ballot initiative to restore “flexibility.”
  8. buyer's market
    Trump’s Cheese, Wine, Olive-Oil Tariffs May Be His Most Normal Trade PolicyIf you’re a fan of European cheeses, I’m sorry to report the price outlook is not Gouda.
  9. the top line
    Is There a Recession Coming? Ask Again LaterIn the latest economic data, there’s fodder for the optimists and the pessimists alike.
  10. the economy
    The Fastest Growing Jobs in America Don’t Require a College DegreeExpanding access to higher education can’t revive the middle class. Only increasing the bargaining power of service-sector workers can.
  11. the top line
    The Federal Reserve Should Not Be Part of the #ResistanceFormer New York Federal Reserve Bank president Bill Dudley is making a very unwise argument about Trump and the Fed.
  12. climate change
    Trump Is Prioritizing the Climate’s Destruction Over His Own ReelectionA debt-financed green stimulus would be good for the economy and Trump’s 2020 prospects. But it would also benefit the climate, so he won’t do it.
  13. the top line
    This Is How Trump Will Tank the Economy and His PresidencyTrump’s trade war might be headed into a self-reinforcing death spiral.
  14. the top line
    Trump Can’t Have It Both Ways on the EconomyThe president wants us to believe that the economy is both booming and fragile.
  15. the economy
    When CEOs Promise a Kinder Capitalism, Watch Your WalletThe Business Roundtable’s embrace of “corporate responsibility” is an attempt to evade democratic accountability.
  16. vision 2020
    How Would An Economic Downturn Affect the 2020 Democratic Contest?Democrats might look for an inspiring or reassuring figure–or might have to reason to worry less about electability.
  17. conservatism
    Watch Ben Shapiro (Accidentally) Destroy the Myth of MeritocracyAmerica’s foremost conservative intellectual argues that our economy pays workers what they deserve, thereby proving that it pays him far too much.
  18. the top line
    Here’s What the ‘CRAZY INVERTED YIELD CURVE’ Means for YouAn unusual configuration of bond yields is not proof that we’re going into a recession. But there’s a reason the stock market is spooked.
  19. the economy
    Is It (Finally) Time to Start Worrying about a Recession?Intelligencer staffers discuss the growing likelihood that an economic downturn is looming.
  20. andrew yang
    What Andrew Yang Gets Wrong (and Right) About RobotsAutomation isn’t going to take all our jobs. But it could make them less time-consuming, if we let it.
  21. equifax
    Equifax Hurt Too Many Consumers to Pay Each $125 As PromisedThe firm that negligently exposed your data can’t afford to pay what it promised. So please take some definitely trustworthy free services instead.
  22. the top line
    The Fed May Have Had No Choice But to Confuse Us AllJerome Powell faces an interesting challenge: how be clear about his intentions, even as he’s improvising to clean up Trump’s messes.
  23. the economy
    The Trump Tax Cuts Worked (As a Scam)New GDP data confirms the tax cuts did not stimulate investment as promised. But Trump has successfully masked that failure with deficit spending.
  24. the top line
    Why We Can’t Figure Out Why American Infrastructure Is So ExpensiveAnd why it’s going to be so expensive to find an answer.
  25. vision 2020
    Trump’s Racism Is Pushing Away the Voters He Needs in 2020Trump needs to placate voters who love his economic record but can’t stand his conduct. He doesn’t seem to care.
  26. vision 2020
    Elizabeth Warren’s Latest Plan Targets Her Favorite Enemy: Wall StreetThe new installment of her “economic patriotism” agenda takes an even more adversarial tone against private equity and powerful bankers.
  27. the top line
    Is the New Bipartisan Consensus on Interest Rates an Illusion?Republicans and Democrats have found rare alignment on monetary policy. But will “the hack gap” reopen if a Democrat becomes president?
  28. the economy
    America’s Top Economists Needlessly Undermined Growth, Study ConfirmsA new analysis confirms that for years, central bankers and top economists underestimated America’s true unemployment rate.
  29. the top line
    Here’s Who Trump Should Have Made Fed ChairmanNeel Kashkari, like Trump, thinks the Fed should cut interest rates. The problem is that those beliefs stem from principle, not politics.
  30. vision 2020
    Trump Is Helping Democrats Mobilize Against HimBase mobilization strategies tend to reach a point of diminishing returns. It’s unclear if Trump understands that, but persuasion’s not his thing.
  31. the economy
    Fed Chair Powell Says He’s Not Going Anywhere, But the Fed’s Moving Toward TrumpU.S. Fed chairman Jerome Powell says he intends to serve his term, but the Fed appears to be ready to cut interest rates.
  32. inequality
    The Fed Just Released a Damning Indictment of CapitalismThe true “extremists” in American politics are those who insist that our economic system is working just fine.
  33. the top line
    Today, Bad News Is Good News for StocksThe jobs numbers were dismal — but the market seems optimistic that Trump might get that rate cut he’s been asking for.
  34. donald trump
    No, Obsessive Media Coverage of the Economy Wouldn’t Make Trump PopularA public opinion analyst explains that it’s not all about the economy, and media has to cover Trump’s non-economic antics anyway.
  35. the economy
    Trump’s Two-Front Trade War Is UnsustainableIt appeared that Trump was, for once, behaving strategically on trade. Not anymore.
  36. the economy
    The Recurring Recession FearAn Intelligencer chat about how seriously to take another round of inauspicious economic signals.
  37. the economy
    The Bond Market Gazes Into the Future, Only Sees PainA top recession indicator is flashing red. And while the U.S. economy remains strong, there’s reason to think this isn’t a false alarm.
  38. the top line
    The Trade War Is Getting Big Enough to Hurt the EconomyThe stock and bond markets are saying there might be a real problem.
  39. trade war
    Trump Escalates Trade War With Higher Tariffs on Chinese GoodsTalks continue, but markets are jittery as the risk of a conflict that spins out of control is increasing.
  40. vision 2020
    Is Trump Suddenly Becoming More Popular?The president hit his highest job-approval ratings in more than two years. Here’s what it means.
  41. trade war
    Trump Makes Wild, Improbable Tariff Threat to China Ahead of Trade TalksThe president could also just think its sweeps week for his trade war.
  42. vision 2020
    Partisanship May Limit How Much Trump Can Benefit From a Good Economy in 2020Even if macroeconomic indicators look good, the future will look dim to Democrats and others who don’t trust Trump.
  43. jobs report
    Unemployment Rate Hits 50-Year Low – Yet Wage Growth Stays TepidMany economists said we couldn’t have unemployment below 5 percent without runaway inflation. Now, it’s at 3.6 — and price growth is still too low.
  44. politics
    Raising the Minimum Wage May Help Reduce Suicide RatesA new study finds a causal relationship between a higher minimum wage and a decline in deaths by suicide.
  45. vision 2020
    Why Trump Will Be an Underdog in the 2020 ElectionThere are a lot of moving parts in Election 2020, but at this point Trump remains a loudly growling underdog.
  46. vision 2020
    The Democrats’ Best Economic Message for 2020 Isn’t a MysteryIt’s the populism, stupid.
  47. the top line
    The New GDP Report Shows the Economy Is Neither Heating Nor CoolingThe economy is likely to remain good enough for the president to brag about it through the 2020 election. But not great.
  48. the top line
    Good News: A Recession Looks Less Likely NowAfter some scary data in recent months, the economy seems to be humming along nicely again.
  49. the top line
    Recession Worries Move to DEFCON 3But are bond markets signaling a flagging economy — or simply calculating the effects of Trump’s pressure campaign on the Federal Reserve?
  50. the economy
    Trump’s Economic Record Is Now a Disaster by His Own (Dumb) StandardsThe trade deficit hits record heights, as the Rust Belt bleeds manufacturing jobs, and the “global financial elite” thrives.
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