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  1. the economy
    Behold the Insane Traffic Jam at the Port of Los AngelesThe supply-chain crisis, up close.
  2. the money game
    What Can the U.S. Learn from China’s Crackdown on Crypto?“It’s telling that the world’s most robust economy says, ‘Big tech is a danger and we need prevent what has happened in America from happening here.’”
  3. the money game
    Why Trouble at a Chinese Real-Estate Company Led to a U.S. Stock Market PlungeWall Street seems to be wrapping its head around just how fast things are changing in Xi’s China. Evergrande’s woes are emblematic of those changes.
  4. explainer
    Why Pandemic Unemployment Benefits (Probably) Won’t Be ExtendedDelta is extending the pandemic, but Congress isn’t extending UI. Here’s what the expiration of enhanced benefits means for workers and the economy.
  5. the economy
    America’s Inflation Debate Is Fundamentally ConfusedTo raise real wages and lower Americans’ cost of living, we need to inject more demand into the economy, not less, economist J.W. Mason argues.
  6. the economy
    Delta Be Damned, the U.S. Economy Keeps Chugging AlongFriday’s jobs report was one for the books, but COVID still looms.
  7. the economy
    How the New Child Tax Credit Is Already Changing Lives“There’s very few good news stories, and this is one.”
  8. the federal reserve
    Inflation Surged in June. The Fed Should Do Nothing About It.Pandemic-induced bottlenecks are proving more potent than expected. But raising interest rates won’t fix the problem.
  9. antitrust
    Biden Unveils Bid to Reform Economy Through Executive PowerBiden’s new executive order would remake America’s labor, agriculture, and tech markets — if independent agencies fully implement it.
  10. the economy
    A World of High Wages and Cheap Burrito Bowls Is PossibleWhy better pay for some doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive goods for others.
  11. intelligencer chats
    Why It’s So Hard to Hire Restaurant Workers Right NowFor one thing, the pandemic allowed servers, cooks, and others to reevaluate their place in a precarious industry.
  12. inflation
    Why Inflation Is Lower Than It LooksPrices are returning to the pre-pandemic norm, which looks like a giant spike in annual inflation.
  13. the economy
    The Case for (and Against) Worrying About InflationRising prices could be a sign of impending crisis — or just the birth pains of a post-COVID boom.
  14. the economy
    The America of Tomorrow Could Use a 20th-Century Welfare StateA lack of affordable health care, child care, and job training is holding American workers back, a new survey finds.
  15. the federal reserve
    Why the Fed Isn’t Worried About Inflation (Yet)The central bank wants inflation to run above 2 percent for some time, and links existing price rises to reopening-induced supply shocks.
  16. the economy
    3 Reasons April’s Inflation Will Probably Be TemporaryPrice rises were concentrated in sectors heavily impacted by the pandemic.
  17. the economy
    5 Explanations for April’s Bad Jobs ReportDay cares are shuttered, the pandemic isn’t over, UI benefits are generous, and two other theories for last month’s big miss.
  18. politics
    The Fateful Question of How Latinos Vote Going ForwardTrump and his party over-performed with Latino voters in 2020. It’s important for both parties to figure whether that was a fluke or a trend.
  19. the economy
    The Biden Boom Has BegunJobless claims are falling, factory production is rising, and retail sales are skyrocketing as Biden’s stimulus kicks in.
  20. the national interest
    Full Employment Is (Maybe) Possible AgainThe fiscal and monetary constraints that have shackled every Democratic president for more than half a century have broken.
  21. coronavirus stimulus
    New Jobs Report Bolsters Case for Biden’s StimulusWith 10 million Americans out of work and millions more underemployed, Democrats are right to err on the side of too much relief.
  22. wall street
    Backlash Spreads After Apps Crack Down on GameStop TradingLawmakers and Robinhood traders were united in their ire.
  23. stonks
    How Redditors Beat Hedge Funds at Their Own Game(Stop)Get rich or lol trying.
  24. stimulus checks
    $2,000 Stimulus Checks Are Poorly Targeted and That’s FineThis isn’t the best way to spend $460 billion more on relief. But it’s the only way of doing it that Donald Trump supports.
  25. coronavirus stimulus
    Trump May Have Accidentally Been a Transformational PresidentBy presiding over high deficits and low inflation, Trump may have ushered in the most profound shift in America’s fiscal-policy paradigm since Reagan.
  26. covid-19
    Families of Color Are Now Facing an Economic DisasterThe pandemic is making America’s existing racial inequalities worse.
  27. the economy
    GOP Admits That Handing Out Free Money Creates Jobs“By sending out checks, we’re putting money into the economy for people,” Steve Mnuchin said Wednesday, “which will have the impact of creating jobs.”
  28. the economy
    The November Jobs Report Is a DisasterThe U.S. economy added about half as many jobs as expected last month, while permanent layoffs rose and the labor force shrunk.
  29. the economy
    Jobless Claims Rise Again As Virus SurgesA sign that economic recovery may be stalling out as the pandemic grips America again.
  30. the top line
    The Stock Market Loves the Idea of McConnell Blocking Biden’s PlansStocks are up huge on a day when it looks like we’ll have a Democratic president and GOP Senate.
  31. how was your week?
    1,613 New York Readers on Civic Participation and Early Voting in 2020“I have donated more money this election cycle than in my whole life combined.”
  32. the economy
    The Child-Care Crisis Could Erase 25 Years of Women’s ProgressIt could also cost the economy billions.
  33. the top line
    The Stock Market and the Tale of Two RecoveriesStocks have been falling as a new COVID wave hits. But there is also a lot of economic good news too.
  34. the top line
    The World’s Best BureaucratAs chairman of the Federal Reserve during the pandemic, Jerome Powell has managed to do something almost unimaginable in Washington: a good job.
  35. buyer’s market
    Leisure Travelers Will Miss Business TravelersTheir high fares make your low fares possible. And if their high fares don’t come back, yours will go up.
  36. how was your week?
    1,443 New York Readers on Their Plans for Election Night and the Holidays“This year it’s turkey pot pie for one.”
  37. the top line
    The Pandemic Has Men Shaving Less, But Not WomenProctor & Gamble sales — and beards — have grown during the pandemic.
  38. how was your week?
    1,667 New York Readers on the Barrett Hearings, Election Day, and Winter Life“I think democracy is dead and we are watching its funeral rites.”
  39. the top line
    Prime Day Highlights Why October Is the New NovemberThis year, with consumers bored at home and retailers wanting to spread out the shopping crowds, Black Friday has crept forward.
  40. how was your week?
    1,663 New York Readers on Trump, COVID, and Election Anxiety“Every day brings a fresh news nightmare that would’ve been unimaginable to 2014 me.”
  41. the economy
    What the Disappointing Final Pre-election Jobs Report Says About the EconomyThere is a clear message to Congress and the White House — a great many Americans need more aid, even if the overall economy is doing okay.
  42. inequality
    Study: Inequality Robs $2.5 Trillion From U.S. Workers Each YearIf America’s level of income inequality had remained constant since 1970, the median U.S. worker would now make $100,000 a year.
  43. the top line
    Why Airlines Are Getting Ready for Huge LayoffsThe layoff announcement from American is part warning and part threat.
  44. the top line
    Target Is Having a Pretty Good PandemicWhy big box retailers like Walmart and Target have done especially well under COVID.
  45. the economy
    America Is Drowning in Joblessness — and Swimming in CashThanks to the CARES Act, Americans have saved roughly $930 billion more in recent months than they were on pace to do before the pandemic.
  46. the top line
    Americans Are Shopping As Much As They Were Pre-PandemicThe nature of consumer spending is still far from normal, however, and without another stimulus, retail sales may start to contract again.
  47. the economy
    As Big Business Feasts on Cheap Credit, Small Firms StarveAnd Congress isn’t coming to the little guys’ rescue anytime soon.
  48. pandemic prescriptions
    The European Cities Using the Pandemic As a Cure for AirbnbWith tourism at a low ebb, Lisbon, Barcelona, and other cities are moving to bring balance back to their housing market.
  49. just asking questions
    A Historian of Economic Crisis on the World After COVID-19A leading expert on financial crises explains how the pandemic is upending economic orthodoxy and raising the stakes of the 2020 election.
  50. coronavirus stimulus
    Maybe Panicked Investors Will Save the COVID StimulusWall Street has priced in another round of coronavirus relief. If a deal falls through, plunging stock prices just may break the GOP’s resolve.
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