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The End

  1. the end
    The Pandemic’s Lethal TwilightCOVID isn’t done with us. The decisions we make now will have life-and-death consequences for millions.
  2. the end
    Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon Say Good-bye (for Now) to The Trip“I like to think that maybe one day we’d return to it.” “Yeah, I think in ten years’ time.”
  3. the end
    It’s Time to Kill the Spotted Pig Once and for AllThe disgraced hot spot now embodies everything that’s wrong with restaurants.
  4. food fight
    A Brooklyn Café Is Suing Starbucks for Stealing the Unicorn FrappuccinoIts lawsuit says the chain’s Unicorn Frappuccino is trademark infringement.
  5. the end
    The Mindy Project Is Ending Next SeasonA solid six seasons.
  6. the end
    Vampire Diaries May End After Season 8Star Ian Somerhalder says they will “do justice” to the story.
  7. the end
    So, How About That Mad Men Finale?If you thought Matthew Weiner was going to give us a tidy, satisfying ending in tonight’s Mad Men series finale then you’re probably an idiot. But still, what just happened?
  8. mad men series finale
    See Mad Men’s Series-Ending Finale MontageSomeone call Sia.
  9. mad men series finale
    Don and Peggy’s Final Mad Men Scene TogetherOne last phone call.
  10. mad men series finale
    Watch Peggy and Pete’s Last Scene Together“A thing like that.”
  11. the end
    20 of Mad Men’s Famous Fans Dish on How They Want the Show to End“I don’t want to redeem them.”
  12. the end
    All the Horrible Ways People Think Mad Men Is Going to EndNobody is going to fall out of a building.
  13. the end
    All the Times Glee Could Have Ended But Didn’tGlee’s two-part series finale airs Friday, but it won’t be the first Glee episode to feel like a true conclusion.
  14. the end
    She Ate Combos: And 20 Other Surprising Relationship Last Straws ExplainedOh, I can quit you all right.
  15. the end
    Breaking Bad Finale: Going Back to ‘QuerqueThe quick takeaway after the final fadeout.
  16. last night on late night
    Danny McBride Hijacked Book of Mormon TicketsPlus: Betty White wore a see-through blouse, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  17. the end
    Kim Kardashian Is Officially DivorcedKris Humphries gets no money.
  18. the end
    30 Rock Recap: How to Say Good-byeThat’s a wrap on 30 Rock, everyone.
  19. The End
    T.G.I. Friday’s Really Isn’t Taking This Mayan Prophecy ThingAnother one is headed to Times Square.
  20. the end
    The Pulp Reunion Is Pretty Much OverEverything is ending.
  21. movies
    Drew Barrymore to Helm Apocalypse DramaIt’s sort of like Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.
  22. knicks
    The Garden Says ‘See Ya’ to This Era of KnicksThat’s all for the Knicks at the Garden this year.
  23. the end
    The Giants Say Goodbye to Their Stadium in the Ugliest Way PossibleThat’s all for Giants Stadium, and for the Giants’ season, as well.
  24. the end
    First They Came for the Trade Publication: Kirkus ClosesKirkus was always known, to the booksellers and industry reporters who relied on its write-ups of forthcoming titles, as the cranky review house.
  25. the end
    It’s Possible the Jets Might Face Some Angry Pats This WeekThe Jets have their season on the line against the Patriots, of all teams.
  26. the end
    Book Man Steve Rubin’s Ambitions Shrink With the IndustryRubin, ousted from Doubleday, announced he’ll head the much smaller Henry Holt, and make it more “focused.”
  27. the end
    Adventures in Publicity: ‘Psychiatric Reports’ for CriticsWe were clobbered over a feature we wrote, and now suffer from “nyctophobia”?
  28. the end
    Sarah Palin Book Deal a Chance for Saul Bellow’s Son to ShineAdam Bellow finally has a chance to prove his genius.