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The Gender Pay Gap

  1. honky tonk angels
    Jennifer Nettles Sent a Message to Country Radio With Her CMA OutfitAnd it’s NSFW!
  2. the gender pay gap
    Julie Delpy Is the Latest Victim of Hollywood’s Gendered Pay GapShe says she was paid “maybe a tenth” of what Ethan Hawke was paid for their film Before Sunrise.
  3. explainers
    Your Guide to The Crown’s Gender Pay Gap ControversyEverything to know about the royal scandal.
  4. $$$$
    The Crown’s Producers Apologize to Claire Foy and Matt Smith for Pay Gap ‘Storm’“The actors are not aware of who gets what.”
  5. women in hollywood
    5 Practical Strategies That Could Change Hollywood: Inclusion Riders and MoreFrom salary transparency to government funding.
  6. the gender pay gap
    Catt Sadler Hints at Suing E! News: ‘It Is Unlawful to Discriminate’Sadler brought up the equal-pay act in a discussion with Maria Menounos.
  7. the gender pay gap
    Williams Paid 8 Times Less Than Wahlberg for All the Money in the WorldThe pay gap was a problem before the movie’s emergency reshoots.
  8. the gender pay gap
    Mark Wahlberg Donating His $1.5 Million Reshoot Money to Time’s UpAnd in Michelle Williams’s name.
  9. male allies
    Liam Neeson Is All for Fixing the Wage Gap, As Long As He Doesn’t Take a Pay CutBrave.
  10. the gender pay gap
    SAG Investigating Michelle Williams–Mark Wahlberg All the Money Pay DisparitySAG-AFTRA is looking into reports that Michelle Williams made only $1,000 for movie reshoots while her co-star Mark Wahlberg made $1.5 million.
  11. NBC Exec Says There Is ‘a Lot of Misinformation’ About Catt Sadler Pay GapFollowing call-outs at the Golden Globes.
  12. the gender pay gap
    Woman Claims Google Paid Less-Qualified Male Colleague More for Same WorkPreschool teacher Heidi Lamar has joined a class-action suit against Google.
  13. Catt Sadler Says She Left E! News Over ‘Massive’ Gender Pay GapThe former E! News host says a “similarly situated male co-host” was making almost double her salary.
  14. office hours
    What to Do When Your Colleague Believes Discrimination at Work Doesn’t ExistExperts weigh in on what to do when the facts aren’t enough.
  15. Serena Williams Wrote a Powerful Essay About Black Women’s Equal Pay DayBlack women have to work eight months longer than their white male counterparts to make the same amount of money.
  16. british tv
    Female BBC Stars Politely Demand Equal Pay for Equal WorkMore than 40 women are now involved.
  17. the gender pay gap
    Female BBC Stars Politely Demand Equal Pay for Equal WorkMore than 40 high-profile presenters have written an open letter to their boss, Lord Tony Hall.
  18. pay day
    BBC Says the New Female Doctor Who Will Be Paid the Same As Her Male PredecessorNo “78 cents on the dollar” here.
  19. Judge Rules Google Must Turn Over Salary Info in Gender-Pay-Gap InvestigationIn April, the Department of Labor accused Google of “extreme” gender pay discrimination.
  20. Why Gal Gadot Was Paid Only $300,000 for Wonder WomanDespite reports, Henry Cavill probably didn’t earn much more for Man of Steel.
  21. Mothers Are Paid Less Than Fathers in Every State and at Every Education LevelOn average, a mom makes 71 cents to a dad’s dollar.
  22. The Funny Thing That Happens When Women Begin to Outearn Their HusbandsCompensating for lowered compensation.
  23. The U.S. Women’s Hockey Team Won Their Fourth-Straight World ChampionshipFair pay first. Championship titles second.
  24. the gender pay gap
    Department of Labor Accuses Google of ‘Extreme’ Gender Pay GapSo much for “Don’t be evil.”
  25. equal pay day
    What to Do If You Suspect You’re Getting Unequal Pay for Equal WorkOn Equal Pay Day, fight for your own fair pay.
  26. In New York City, You Will Never Be Asked for Your Salary History Ever AgainPublic Advocate Letitia James: “Being underpaid once should not condemn you to a lifetime of inequity.”
  27. The Fight for Fair Pay in Women’s Sports Isn’t OverMale athletes need to put their money where their mouths are.
  28. USA Hockey Has Given the Women’s Team a Deadline to End Their Fair-Pay BoycottThe players must declare their intentions to continue boycotting by 5 p.m. today.
  29. Women’s Salary Expectations Are Reportedly Contributing to the Gender Pay GapNever getting your hopes up could be getting you paid less.
  30. everyday sexism
    Here’s a Polish Lawmaker Saying Women Are Too Weak to Receive Equal PayLet’s check in on politics overseas — wait, uh.
  31. Here’s What Would Happen If Women Were Given More Flexible Work HoursFlexible hours are great, if you work in an industry where they exist.
  32. the gender pay gap
    Gloria Steinem Joins New York City’s Campaign for Gender Pay EquityThe feminist icon will become a surrogate for pay equity.
  33. Women Are Penalized at Work for the Possibility They Might Have Kids SomedayEven without kids, women are put at a disadvantage in hiring.
  34. open letters
    Serena Williams Wrote an Open Letter Encouraging Women to Keep Dreaming BigThe Wimbledon champion wrote about the importance of striving for excellence as part of Porter magazine’s “Incredible Women” issue.
  35. the gender pay gap
    U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team Spoke on 60 Minutes About Fight for Equal PayThe team filed a complaint earlier this year alleging U.S. Soccer is in violation of Title VII and the Equal Pay Act.
  36. mind the gender gap
    How to Walk Out of Work to Protest the Gender Pay Gap Like a French GirlTrès chic.
  37. Women in Iceland Left Work 3 Hours Early Today to Protest the Gender Pay GapHere’s one way to get equal pay for equal work.
  38. Women Who Are in Unions Are Closer to Equal Pay Than Women Who Aren’tUnion contracts offer more transparency on how wages are set.
  39. advice
    Ask a Boss: My Male Co-worker Makes More Than I Do!This sure sounds like discrimination.
  40. the gender pay gap
    Amy Schumer Just Broke a Major Milestone for Women in ComedyShe’s the first woman to land on Forbes’s list of the highest-paid comedians.
  41. Party Like It’s 2152
    Only 136 More Years Until Women Earn As Much As MenThe gender wage gap won’t close until 2152.
  42. The Pay Gap Between Black and White Americans Is Bigger Today Than in 1979And it affects black women the most.
  43. Study Finds Men Are 25 Percent More Likely to Get a Raise When They Ask for OneWomen are leaning in, just apparently not hard enough.
  44. Black Women Saw a Surprising Decline in Wages Over the Past 10 YearsThe gender pay gap is persisting.
  45. women at work
    NYC Could Be Next in Banning Salary HistoriesIf Public Advocate Letitia James has anything to do with it.
  46. women at work
    Massachusetts Just Passed a Major Law to Combat the Pay GapIt’ll be illegal for employers to ask candidates about salary histories.
  47. Female Doctors Get Paid Way Less Than Male Doctors DoA new study looks at a larger, objective sample of doctors.
  48. Teen Girl Gets Fired After Calling Out Her Boss for Pay DiscriminationThe legacy of Lilly Ledbetter lives on.
  49. Men Are Acting Like Babies About Paternity LeaveWah, wah. Too freaking bad.
  50. Serena Williams on the Gender Pay Gap in Sports: We Have a Lot of Work to DoIn a new interview with Glamour.
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