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  1. the top line
    GOP Senators’ Objection to Expanded Unemployment Benefits Makes Little SenseWork incentives are just such an odd place to focus one’s attention right now. Currently, we need less work in America.
  2. capitol report
    What GOP Insiders Are Saying About Trump and the Coronavirus Crisis“Honestly, you need a story to tell at the Republican convention, and you need to be able to say credibly that we have moved past this.”
  3. interesting times
    Trump’s Presidency Isn’t a Dark Comedy — It’s an Absurd TragedyThere’s a tendency among many to see Trump primarily as a bumbling and ineffectual clown. The reality is far more nightmarish.
  4. vision 2020
    Donald Trump’s Campaign Against Reality in IowaHe’s definitely going to win Monday’s GOP caucuses. But with impeachment hearings dragging on in D.C., Trump seems to want to prove something.
  5. alternative media
    Steve Bannon Wants to Save Trump — So He’s Launched a PodcastInstead of pulling the strings from Trump Tower or the West Wing, Bannon is now trying to steer GOP strategy from a D.C. basement.
  6. the gop
    GOP Candidate Teaches Kid How to ‘Build the Wall’ With Blocks in Disturbing AdHe also teaches a baby how to say “make America great again.”
  7. hmmm
    The GOP’s Instagram About Female Political Appointees Is EmbarrassingKaren Pence and Melania Trump — not political appointees!
  8. politics
    Arizona GOP Site Represented Asian-Americans With Picture of Margaret Cho SitcomThey lifted the shot from All-American Girl.
  9. the gop
    The National Republican Congressional Committee Has Seen the Internet #OnFleek.
  10. the national circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: The GOP–Tea Party Merger Is CompleteThe Republican civil war is over. The tea partiers won.
  11. barack obama
    Obama: ‘Republican Leaders Just Don’t Get It’The president doesn’t understand why the GOP opposed a recent jobs bill to extend unemployment benefits.