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The Grub Street Diet

  1. the grub street diet
    Actress Aya Cash Eats French-Toast Sticks and Taco Bell on Set“I decided that ordering fast food that costs less than the delivery fee is my ‘I make a good living now’ splurge.”
  2. the grub street diet
    For Adam Gopnik, Breakfast Is the Most Fraught Meal of the Day“I am torn between the pleasure of having a cooked breakfast and the chaos usually ensuing when I attempt one at 7 a.m.”
  3. CAP Beauty’s Kerrilynn Pamer Makes Coconut Ceviche and Endless Matcha“I’m the first one to say that this is not an inexpensive way to eat, at all.”
  4. the grub street diet
    Ty Burrell Will Fight a Chipmunk for Cajun Cheese“Carrots, potatoes, kale, meatballs, and, I’m assuming, optimism wrapped in tinfoil.”
  5. the grub street diet
    Billions Creator Brian Koppelman Eats Babbo for Lunch, the NoMad for Dinner“I understand if you hate me a little. I’d hate me a little, too.”
  6. the grub street diet
    Entrepreneur Hawa Hassan Loves Pão de Queijo and Doro Wat“Through all of the spices and delicacies, we’re all talking, laughing, and feeding each other, a practice known as gursha.”
  7. the grub street diet
    Drew Barrymore’s Friday Night Out Includes Dark ’N’ Stormys and Joe’s Pizza“After a full day of meetings and an afternoon with the girls, it was time for Friday dinner with my girlfriends.”
  8. the grub street diet
    Christian Siriano Pairs Lobster With a Pimm’s Cup“Hamburgers, hot dogs, corn … the perfect end to Memorial Day weekend.”
  9. Cooking-School Entrepreneur Alison Cayne Adds Ketchup to Passover Brisket“We took turns singing and eating mashed potatoes and carrots roasted with maple syrup.”
  10. the grub street diet
    Chef Barbara Lynch Averages Two Breakfasts a Day“For my second breakfast, I had quinoa, white beans, and carrots, with a poached egg in a broth with curry and cumin. I love soups for breakfast.”
  11. the grub street diet
    Writer Rachel Khong Is ‘Probably 50 Percent Pho’“I’m getting my photo taken for this article at Pho Tan Hoa, my regular pho spot in the Tenderloin, so you might even call it a pho-to.”
  12. the grub street diet
    Brooklyn Brewery’s Garrett Oliver Has Mutton Coursing Through His Veins“I think about rolling up some duck hash in a napkin, and putting it in my pocket for morning eggs.”
  13. the grub street diet
    Author Jade Chang Pairs Jellyfish Salad With IPA“It’s a great combo. The salad is smoky, salty, fresh, and crunchy all at once, and the crisp, bitter beer washes it down perfectly.”
  14. the new york diet
    Olmsted Chef Greg Baxtrom Unwinds With Charcuterie and Cartoons“I have leftover charcuterie at home, so I basically eat charcuterie before I go out for more charcuterie.”
  15. the grub street diet
    Actress Susan Kelechi Watson Constantly Craves In-N-Out Burgers“Sometimes you just need some meat to sit in your stomach.”
  16. the grub street diet
    Chefs Jeremiah Stone and Fabián von Hauske Eat All Their Meals Together“That’s our diet: piña coladas and disco fries.”
  17. the grub street diet
    ESPN’s Pablo S. Torre Knows Where to Find the Best Bagel in Brooklyn“I eat a little astronaut ice cream while chasing my 2-year-old niece through a special exhibit about crocodiles.”
  18. the grub street diet
    Reformation Founder Yael Aflalo Loves Pumpkin Pie and DIY Sundaes“I went to see a nutritionist who told me that bacon is good and I was like, ‘All right, let’s do it. I agree.’”
  19. the grub street diet
    Goop’s Food Editor, Thea Baumann, Eats Sausage and Clams Right Out of the Pot“I, like the rest of the world, am on a bit of a turmeric kick.”
  20. the grub street diet
    NBA Great John Starks Eats French Toast Before Watching the Knicks“It’s a boutique hotel up here in Greenwich. More of an Esquire type of event, if you know what I mean.”
  21. the grub street diet
    Warby Parker Founder Dave Gilboa Celebrates Halloween With 50 Shackburgers” … 15 ‘Shroom Burgers, 20 chicken burgers, five plain hamburgers, ten Shackcago Dogs, and 65 servings of French fries.”
  22. the grub street diet
    Performer Bridget Everett’s Grub Street Diet“Once you put that Chardonnay in me, it’s like rocket fuel. I don’t stop.”
  23. the grub street diet
    Jeff Gordinier Balances Fine Dining With Frozen Daiquiris“I had no idea a frozen daiquiri could be so well balanced and subtle.”
  24. the grub street diet
    Chef Flynn McGarry Tests Tofu Recipes While Eating BLTs“And for what could be considered breakfast, I sampled one of every pastry I made that day.”
  25. the grub street diet
    Daphne Oz Makes Pizza and Dumplings on the Same Night“Right before baking, I brush the top with ketchup to give it a sticky-sweet glaze.”
  26. the grub street diet
    Mario Batali Eats Tacos and ‘Guacasalsa’ at Home“It could be its own business.”
  27. the grub street diet
    Christina Tosi Will Scooter for Bread Pudding“It is officially my day off, and I choose to eat cake for breakfast.”
  28. the grub street diet
    Wyatt Cenac May Have Invented Wonder Bread Doughnut Holes“If you see ‘Wonder Balls’ on the menu, that will be my greatest accomplishment.”
  29. the grub street diet
    Stacy London Preps for the Emmys With Tootsie Rolls“I mean, at least I didn’t have any martinis.”
  30. the grub street diet
    Director Paul Feig Celebrates His Birthday With Potato Chips and Caviar” … And baked Alaska cake with a candle on it.”
  31. the grub street diet
    Daniel Boulud Has a Soft Spot for Frosted Flakes and Fish and Chips“You know, chefs don’t often get to sit down. They eat standing up — a lot.”
  32. the grub street diet
    Ruth Reichl’s First Stop in New York City Is Gray’s Papaya“It’s like a taste of my childhood. If there’s a steady thing in my diet, that’s it.”
  33. the grub street diet
    Moby Does Not Know Why Any ‘Sane, Rational’ Person Would Open a Restaurant“It’s probably easier and less stressful to just burn your money in the front yard.”
  34. Gail Simmons Gets Nostalgic for Canadian Smarties and Jamaican Patties“Toronto has a huge Caribbean community, so a patty was actually my middle-school snack.”
  35. the grub street diet
    Actor Rich Sommer Carefully Weighs His Dipping-Sauce Options“I avoid the chocolate, flirt with the mustard, and make love to the cheese.”
  36. the grub street diet
    Anthony Bourdain Watches the Sun Rise Over Coffee and Bacon“Waddled into the hotel and had a Negroni in the garden before collapsing into a meat coma that lasted nine hours.”
  37. We’re Celebrating 10 Years of the Grub Street DietAll week, we’ll be publishing new Grub Street Diets from some of our all-time favorite subjects.
  38. the grub street diet
    Cookbook Author Julia Turshen Perfers Her Babka Warm and Buttery“Once you have babka that way, you can never go back.”
  39. the grub street diet
    Comedian Phoebe Robinson Regrets Bringing Shake Shack Into Taxi With a Stranger“Something I will never do again. Not even if there is some World War Z zombie apocalypse.”
  40. the grub street diet
    Outdoor Voices Founder Tyler Haney Enjoys Frozen Margaritas and Lots of Tacos“The chips and salsa are top-notch, and I keep it simple with one hard and one soft chicken taco.”
  41. the grub street diet
    Common’s Grub Street Diet“Branzino is my absolute favorite. I can have it again and again — and I do.”
  42. the grub street diet
    Chef Fany Gerson Tops Her Bagels With Peaches and Tajín“For once, I didn’t have time to make dessert, which bummed me out.”
  43. the grub street diet
    Complex’s Noah Callahan-Bever Takes His Infant Daughter to the Meatball Shop“When she was maybe 8 months old, we got a meatball pie, and she saw us eating it, so I gave her a little piece and she destroyed it.”
  44. Penn Jillette Thinks Watermelon Is Magic“Usually when I eat watermelon it’s a joke amount, like a whole watermelon, cut up and very cold.”
  45. the grub street diet
    Sweetgreen Co-founder Nicolas Jammet Balances Salads With Goat-Belly Lo Mein“We started with some shumai and lettuce cups. Then we ordered the chewy green-tea noodles.”
  46. the grub street diet
    Designer Jason Wu Wants to Get Better at Shaving Truffles“I literally buy everything, including clothes, online, with the exception of groceries. I have to see them myself.”
  47. the grub street diet
    Wine Expert Jordan Salcito Feasts on Seafood and Salads in Sicily“We tried about 20 different bottles of wine.”
  48. Chris Colfer Can’t Pass Up Anything Covered With Avocado“We ate family-style — meaning I can eat seven times as much food as I normally would, and no one is the wiser.”
  49. the grub street diet
    UnREAL’s Michael Rady Makes Blueberry Pancakes Down the Shore“Trader Joe’s fig cookies haunt me. They’re spectacularly good.”
  50. the grub street diet
    New York Giant Rashad Jennings Uses Spicy Food to Take the Edge Off a Hard Day“Spice has a lot of healing antioxidants.”
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