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The Holocaust

  1. controversy
    Auschwitz Memorial Rebukes the ‘Dangerous Foolishness’ of Amazon’s HuntersSpecifically, the new Amazon show’s depiction of a fictional game of human chess.
  2. real rough stuff
    This Russian-TV Holocaust-Themed Ice-Dancing Duet Is, in a Word, Indescribable Testing the limits of good taste, one ice dance at a time.
  3. in memoriam
    Celebrities React to the Death of Elie WieselWiesel’s many admirers are now mourning his death.
  4. r.i.p.
    Author, Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel Has DiedHe devoted his life to keeping the memory of the Holocaust and its victims alive.
  5. interview
    Talking to Dr. Ruth About Rape, Love, and the HolocaustHow being orphaned made her treasure love.
  6. interview
    ‘Mistake Sex,’ an Orange Boa, and a Bronx Accent: At Home With Princeton MomSusan Patton is a gleefully snobby rape-denier. You’re going to love her.
  7. the worst people in the world
    Zyklon B Jokes at Work Are Frowned Upon, ApparentlyMan wins $900,00 lawsuit. 
  8. iran so far away
    President of Iran Acknowledges Holocaust, Not Sure How Bad It WasGetting warmer. 
  9. The Mysteriously Long Lives of Male Holocaust SurvivorsIs it possible extreme trauma might make us live longer?
  10. the holocaust
    An Original Copy of Schindler’s List Is on eBayFor $3 million. 
  11. the bloggers
    Blogger Re-creates Popular Holocaust Fashion ShootNo biggie.
  12. We Laugh So We Don’t Cry: The Humor in Holocaust FilmsThe Holocaust is no laughing matter. Not only an immense and terrible tragedy, the Holocaust is also an extremely well-recorded tragedy. Many […]
  13. jerks
    Illinois Congressional Candidate Has Some Funny Opinions on the HolocaustGood luck with that, Art Jones!
  14. jews
    Bad News for Old NazisNazi hunters are making a new push to prosecute Nazi war criminals before they die.