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  1. criminal justice
    The Defense Attorney Who Cuts Deals for Cartel Leaders“You have to make them as useful as possible to the prosecutors. That’s how you get the best outcome for your client.”
  2. fast food
    The Veteran McDonald’s Worker Who Joined the Fight for $15“I know that anyone who works on any job for ten years, or works a full-time job, deserves to make a living wage.”
  3. emergency services
    The EMT Who Sees the Opioid Crisis Firsthand“We see the same people overdosing multiple times. I wish I could help them more than I do, but my help stops when I deliver them to the hospital.”
  4. hairstyling
    The Barber Who’s Putting His Own Spin on the Barbershop“The industry needed to change. A lot of people sometimes are intimidated by barbershops. So I wanted this to have my own identity.”
  5. plumbing
    The Master Plumber Who Thinks More Women Should Learn a Trade“In those stupid career fairs nobody ever suggested to the little girls, ‘Get into a trade, you’ll make a ton of money and have a lifelong career.’”
  6. law enforcement
    The Police Official Who Fought Racism and Sexism on the Job“When I first come on in the ’80s, sexual harassment, oh man, it was rampant.”
  7. funeral homes
    The Funeral Director Who Just Wants to Give Families Some Peace“Sometimes they ask if they can hug you. Sometimes they just grab you and you can feel them shaking. They’re so happy that she looks normal.”
  8. casinos
    The Casino Dealer Whose Regulars Don’t Seem to Enjoy Gambling“You wonder why is someone going to do something every day or every week when all they’re doing is complaining about not winning.”
  9. aerospace
    The Boeing Retiree Who Knows That the Manufacturing Industry Has Changed Forever“I don’t care what anybody tells me, you can’t force 50,000 companies to keep all their manufacturing here or bring those jobs back.”
  10. security
    The Campus Security Director Who Fears a Mass Shooting“That is the kind of disaster that keeps us up at night. We have an open campus. There’s no fencing because it’s a welcoming environment.”
  11. The Millennial Mayor Who Relaxes by Farming Almonds“The reason I love being mayor is that the issues that I deal with aren’t Democratic or Republican. They’re about common sense.”
  12. medicine
    The Human-Tissue Saleswoman Who Advises Surgeons in the OR“The best thing I can do for my surgeons is to try to be a book of knowledge.”
  13. The Car-Service Owner Who Likens Uber to Fast Food“People who ride with Uber or the other companies, they just think about the money they pay. But when it comes to the safety issue, they don’t know.”
  14. sales
    The Blender Salesman Who You Ignore at Costco“In the end, I’ll have handed out about 700 samples. And I’ll sell two blenders.”
  15. The Ben & Jerry’s Marketer Who Thinks an Ice-Cream Company Can Change the World“We’re trying to create a new model for how businesses can use their voice to have an impact on important social movements.”
  16. ranching
    The Cowgirl Who Can Rope Cattle and Build a Fence“I think about those prairie women that have none of the conveniences we have, what kept them going is beyond me.”
  17. intelligence
    The Spy Who Can Change Disguises in a Public Bathroom“At times it could be extraordinarily difficult living with all the different names and aliases and so on.”
  18. work
    The Small-Town Librarian Who Has to Keep Reordering 50 Shades of Grey“We just keep ordering, as it gets worn out and battered.”
  19. transportation
    The Parking Attendant Who Reads Her Prayer Book to Pass the Time“Spirituality is not what a big company is thinking about. It’s about the money. I get it. Ethically, I think, Am I this douche by working for them?”
  20. media
    The Viral-Media Editor Who’ll Get a Click With Cute Babies and Animals“Some places call it ‘spray and pray’: post ten things a day, maybe one will go viral. A lot of it is guessing what Facebook wants.”
  21. reproductive rights
    The Sisters Working at a Women’s Clinic Who Have to Keep Their Jobs a SecretThe siblings are employed at a provider in one of the country’s most restrictive states for abortion access.
  22. energy
    The Oil-Production Accountant Who Wishes People Didn’t Waste Resources“I would never go out and picket or strap myself to a tree or anything like that, but I do consider myself a minimalist by nature.”
  23. The Animal Surgeon Who Tries to Keep Dogs Out of WheelchairsI often think: “I wish I could cut to the chase and talk to the dogs,” it would make my life easier.
  24. education
    The State Education Secretary Who Fought the Teachers’ Union and Lost“You have to ask yourself if you’re making fundamental changes to the education system, or if you’re constantly making superficial changes.”
  25. The Credit-Card Sales Director Who Finally Feels Like He’s a Success“The evolution of the small-business customer accepting electronic payments has really driven the business over the last 10, 12 years.”
  26. manufacturing
    The Alcoholics Anonymous–Coin Maker Who Drinks Away His Stress“There was a lot of pride that went into making the coins for Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous.”
  27. manufacturing
    The Industrial Engineer Who’s Always Fretting About Staff Morale“A plant-manager role is not one you can breeze through. Every aspect of your personality gets exposed.”
  28. hotels
    The Furniture Installer Who Sees How Gross You Are in Hotel Rooms“Americans break everything and they use everything as a crutch.”
  29. computer science
    The Rookie Software Engineer Who Knows Her Next Job Might Not Exist Yet“Seeing how we’re going to use predictive technology to help the business world, there are so many applications that haven’t even been explored.”
  30. debt
    The Collections-Agency Partner Who Knows There’s No Such Thing As an Unpaid Bill“Every debt gets paid, one way or another. They get paid by either you, the debtor, your next door neighbor, or everybody else by way of paying more.”
  31. sales
    The Lawn-Care Salesman Who Runs From Door to Door“Recently, I decided to use a ‘police-style’ door knock on the door and that tends to work.”
  32. entertainment
    The A-List Accountant Who Tries to Keep Celebrities From Going Broke“Most of them are surrounded by people who tell them they can do no wrong so it takes a strong person to come through all that and be level-headed.”
  33. manufacturing
    The Steel-Mill Worker Who’s Very Grateful for Her Union“They’re good jobs. Good-paying jobs. Good benefits. My father raised a family of five girls on a steelworker’s wage.”
  34. media
    The Trend Forecaster Who Creates Your Sense of ‘Normal’“So many social problems are caused by fear of the unknown. The quickest way to normalize an experience is to show it to people …”
  35. nursing
    The ER Nurse Who Always Has to Know Who’s the Sickest Person in the Room“As long as their pain is under control, and they’re not bleeding out, they can be put on the back burner behind people who are having a stroke.”
  36. education
    The Professor Who’s Wary About ‘Changing the World’“The world is way bigger and more complicated and out of your control than anyone realizes. I’m not smart enough to tell everyone how to change.”
  37. construction
    The Construction VP Who’s Been Learning Her Family Business Since Childhood“Not many little girls grow up on building sites. But I think there’s a benefit to starting early.”
  38. logistics
    The Shipping Expediter Who Keeps a Freight Warehouse Running“We’d have cool things that come in. We had pieces of an assembly line for Frito-Lay. We had a submarine come by one day, like a research sub.”
  39. retail
    The Starbucks Barista Who Wants You to Know There Is No Secret Menu“It’s stuff that random-ass people made up online, and then people will come in and expect us to know what it is, and we have no idea.”
  40. manufacturing
    The Clothing-Factory Worker Who’s Been There Over 40 Years“I even met my husband here. I’m still married to him! We met on my first day and then we got married five years later.”
  41. education
    The Chicago Public-School Teacher Who Never Thought He’d End Up in a Classroom“I’m now basically obsessed with the profession. I think it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”
  42. food service
    The IKEA Kitchen Worker Who’s Learned How to Deal With Angry Customers“At the end of the day you have to learn to let them be mad and to defuse the situation as much as you can.”
  43. media
    The Trade Magazine Editor Who Gets to Stay in the World’s Best Hotels“I take what I do really seriously. It’s not just flitting around, staying at great hotels and availing myself of the spa.”
  44. nursing
    The Nurse Who Admits Patients to Hospice Care“In hospice, the family is your patient.”
  45. social services
    The Halfway-House Manager Who’s Trying to Keep His Clients Out of Prison“That’s got to be the loneliest feeling in the world — being a guy who’s been in and out of jail for 40 years with no prospects.”
  46. legal system
    The Judge Who Presides Over a ‘Social Emergency Room’“It’s emotional. But the thing to remember is that the law sucks the life out of everything.”
  47. The Fisherwoman Who Gave Up Modeling to Catch Salmon“This is an American birthright. I never realized it until I got to Alaska and really saw the generosity of the land here.”
  48. entrepreneurs
    The Entrepreneur Who’s Building Her Empire Sterilizing VapesWhy it’s a great time to be a woman in the cannabis industry.
  49. The 911 Operator Who Works the Graveyard Shift“Unfortunately, in our job, there’s not a lot of happy endings.”
  50. cybersecurity
    The Penetration Tester Who Your Boss Hires to Hack Your Email“Wherever I go, I see vulnerabilities. I see people walking away from their workstations. I see weak passwords.”
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