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The Job

  1. retail
    The Department-Store Worker Who Laughs at the Prices on ClothesA Macy’s shipping and receiving staffer on doing physical labor, why stealing from work isn’t worth it, and not wanting a promotion.
  2. technology
    The Computer-Science Researcher Who Wants to Help Automate Your Work LifeTalking to a Microsoft scientist about the future of productivity and why 100 milliseconds make all the difference to a search engine.
  3. introductions
    Welcome to The Job: A New Pop-up Blog From NY MagFor the next four weeks, we will present a diverse, intimate survey of the American workforce.
  4. cancellations
    CBS Yanks The Job After Two EpisodesSorry, Mark Burnett.
  5. The Feeding Tube
    The Palm Is Hiring, Goes On a New Reality-TV Show to Prove ItBring on the elimination challenges.
  6. the job
    New CBS Reality Show: Take This Job and Love ItMark Burnett and Michael Davies want to give you your dream gig.
  7. The Pharmacist Who Tries Not to Judge You by Your Prescriptions“I notice the same faces and names coming in month after month after month, refilling a Xanax prescription.”
  8. advertising
    The CEO Who Wants to Hear the Opinion of Everyone in the Room“What’s fantastic about work nowadays is that young people have skills that anyone a year older than them doesn’t have.”