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The Justice System

  1. reasons to love new york
    Inside the Court Where the Presiding Judge Is a TeenagerSince 2011, the Brownsville Youth Court, where local teens volunteer to serve as the judges, juries, and advocates, has heard around 250 cases a year.
  2. the justice system
    The Movement Against Solitary ConfinementSlowly but surely, the focus of criminal-justice reform is turning away from capital punishment.  
  3. sweet romance
    Texas Judge: Marry Your Girlfriend or Go to JailRomance isn’t dead.
  4. John Oliver Explains Why the US Bail System Is Only Good for Reality TVDuring last night’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took a closer look at the US bail system, which forces tons of poor people to sit in jail […]
  5. Late Night Court: The Lyrical Comedy of Justice J. Michael EakinIf Law & Order has taught us anything, it’s that comedy has no place in law and order (Although as Community, John Mulaney, and countless […]