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The Kennedys

  1. deaths
    RFK’s 22-Year-Old Granddaughter Found Dead at the Kennedy CompoundSaoirse Hill has reportedly died of an overdose.
  2. the industry
    Matthew Perry to Play Ted Kennedy in Mini-seriesIt’ll focus on the relationship between Ted and Jackie.
  3. the kennedys
    Kennedy to Run for Elected OfficeThis time, it’s Ted Jr.
  4. craigslist of the day
    A Kennedy Seeks a Deck Hand on CraigslistTimes have changed.
  5. resurrections
    The Kennedys Miniseries May Get a SequelBased on After Camelot, a look at the family from ‘68 to now.
  6. american royalty
    Here Is Video Proof That Ethel Kennedy Likes Taylor SwiftDo you know what dragging is?
  7. encounter
    Playing Pool, Drinking Beer, and Talking Taylor Swift With Kick KennedyThe Kennedy-family scion has turned into a self-styled Lower East Side ingénue.
  8. the kennedys
    Governor Cuomo’s Ex-Wife Says DUI Was Actually Caused by SeizureNo drugs were found in her system.
  9. the kennedys
    Governor Cuomo’s Ex-Wife Arrested for Drugged DrivingKerry Kennedy got herself into what seems to be an Ambien-induced hit-and-run. 
  10. autopsy results
    Autopsy Reveals Mary Kennedy Was on Three Antidepressants When She DiedBut no alcohol.
  11. The Artist Wins at Directors Guild AwardsCan anyone stop Hazanavicius now?
  12. the kennedys
    Contents of ‘Explosive’ Jackie O. Tapes Under Debate [Update]JFK had an intern, so she had a movie star.
  13. party chat
    RFK Jr.: There’s a ‘Tsunami’ of Kennedys About to Hit American Politics“There’s 85 cousins in the fourth generation. About half of them say they’re going to go into politics.”
  14. ratings
    In the End, Not Many People Watched The KennedysStill, ReelzChannel has to be happy about all the attention it got.
  15. ink-stained wretches
    The Voices in Vanity Fair’s Head Only Whisper One Name“Kennedy!” Well, maybe also “Camelot!”
  16. stalkers
    Kennedy Daughter’s Stalker a Free Man“I respect that lady from the bottom of my heart.”
  17. liar liar
    Ratings for The Kennedys Dramatically OverstatedWe’re keeping ‘em honest!
  18. controversy
    The Kennedys Heading to iPadsAn expanded broadcast for the mini-series the History Channel nixed.
  19. the kennedys
    The Kennedys Mini-series Needs a SponsorNobody wants to touch this one.
  20. the kennedys
    The Kennedys Mini-Series Finally Has a HomeOn a network we’ve never heard of!
  21. dark predictions
    Man Predicts Vanity Fair Will Never Be at a Loss for Cover Subjects“The Kennedys are never going away.”
  22. controversy
    Way to Go, Caroline Kennedy, Now Everyone Is Dying to Know About the Time Joe Kennedy Touched a Boob While Thinking of HitlerThe grossest and cheesiest lines from thwarted miniseries ‘The Kennedys.’
  23. the kennedys
    Starz, FX Pass on The KennedysWill anyone take it?
  24. controversy
    Controversial Katie Holmes Miniseries Yanked’The Kennedys’ was supposed to air this spring.
  25. clickables
    See a Very Serious Poster for the Greg Kinnear JFK Mini-seriesThis mini-series means business!