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The Life Of Pablo

  1. the life of pablo
    Donald Trump and Kanye West, Old Friends, Met to Talk About ‘Life’ This Morning“We’ve been friends for a long time.”
  2. Kanye Adds 23 More Dates to Saint Pablo TourThe national tour now ends with a New Year’s Eve show in Brooklyn.
  3. the life of pablo
    What Will Kanye Do With His New Instagram Account?It’s verified and everything!
  4. radio vulture
    Kanye’s Floating Stage Is the Star of the Saint Pablo TourRather than performing from a fixed location at the front of the audience, Kanye hovers over his crowd.
  5. the life of pablo
    Kanye West Just Premiered His ‘Famous’ Music Video and It Is NSFWIt’s even more NSFW than you thought it was going to be.
  6. premieres
    Kanye West to Host ‘Famous’ Video-Premiere EventBut he won’t be performing.
  7. yeezy season never ends
    This Forever 21 Shirt Looks an Awful Lot Like Kanye MerchHmm.
  8. kanyeology
    The 10 Best Brags From Kanye West’s New SongIt’s called “Saint Pablo.”
  9. tweaks
    Kanye West Canonized The Life of Pablo With New Track ‘Saint Pablo’“Saint Pablo” is the new album closer.
  10. vulture guides
    A Guide to Understanding Kanye West’s The Life of PabloIs the album really still not done? All your burning questions, answered!
  11. tidal
    Man Sues Kanye for Making Him Sign Up for TidalHe speaks for the masses.
  12. chart futures
    What Does Kanye’s No. 1 Album Even Mean?With The Life of Pablo, Kanye is eyeing the futch.
  13. billboard charts
    Kanye’s TLOP Debuts at No. 1Seventy percent of The Life of Pablo’s sales came from streaming equivalent albums.
  14. the mystery of pablo
    Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo Is Finally Available Everywhere Kanye loves Kanye.
  15. the streaming wars
    Tidal Reaches 3M Subs, Reveals Pablo NumbersSurprise, surprise — it’s a lot.
  16. big money
    Kanye’s The Life of Pablo Pop-up Was a Reseller’s HeavenWould you stand in line for 21 hours to make $2,500?
  17. Can You Treat Art Like an App? Kanye Wants to Find OutWhat if music had its own form of version control?
  18. contemporary art
    Kanye: Yes, I’m Still Fixing TLOPAnd the changes come right as your free Tidal membership ends.
  19. shit kanye says
    Kanye Tweaks TLOP, Makes New Friend“Famous” is updated, Bieber is happy.
  20. the streaming wars
    Kanye’s TLOP Is Seriously Streaming on Pornhub“I think I just fell in love with a porn star …”
  21. vulture lists
    15 Albums to Try If You Like The Life of PabloIncluding Kirk Franklin, DJ Dodger Stadium, Noreaga, and more.
  22. billboard charts
    Lack of Streaming Data Keeps Kanye’s Life of Pablo Off Album ChartAnd Rihanna passes Michael Jackson.
  23. fame and fortune
    What Kanye Has in Common With Trump. And Martin Luther King.More and less than you think.
  24. album review
    Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo Is a Brilliant Work-in-ProgressPablo’s paint is still wet — which makes the fact that it occasionally approaches the grandeur of a masterpiece that much more astounding.
  25. Kanye Sure Is Happy TLOP Is Helping TidalFirst question: Does Kanye really need $53 million? Second question: Don’t we all?
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    A Life of Pablo–Inspired Re-Review of Yeezus“Isn’t pop music created with repetition in mind?”
  27. the life of pablo
    Kanye Releases TLOP on SNLWatch his performances and stream the album here.
  28. blame chance
    Kanye Says Chance Is Why Pablo’s LateKanye found that Life of Pablo album-cover generator.
  29. roundtables
    Vulture Roundtable: Kanye West’s MSG EventTaylor, aux cords, “fuccbois” — oh my!
  30. humor
    Taylor Swift Does Not Approve of That Kanye LineWe have a new contender for the most awkward phone call in history.
  31. disney villains irl
    Shkreli Wants to Buy The Life of PabloJust for himself.
  32. yeezy season
    What We Learned From Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo DebutRihanna, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, and more appear to be featured.
  33. kanye
    Kanye Shares ‘Final’ Track List for New AlbumIt’s an … interesting choice.