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The Masters

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    It’s Insane What Tiger Woods Is Doing Right NowA year ago, it was unclear whether he’d ever walk again. Now he’s within spitting distance of the Masters lead.
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    Male Gaze: Adam Scott’s Got a Brand-New JacketIt will pair well with his argyle prints and popped collars.
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    Why You Don’t Know Phil Mickelson Any Better Than You Know Tiger WoodsTiger Woods hagiography turns into Phil Mickelson hagiography.
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    Tiger Woods’s Lost Sunday Releases You From Further Golf-Watching ObligationTiger Woods finishes tied for fourth at the Masters.
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    Tiger Woods Will Rule Your Televisions This WeekendTiger Woods has a serious chance to win the Masters over the next two days.
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    Tiger Woods’s Second Non-Comeback Comeback CommencesTiger hits day two.
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    Tiger Woods Is Still Rather Skilled at GolfTiger has a grand first day at the Masters.
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    Tiger Woods: The Day the Sexting StoppedTiger is back.
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    Tiger Woods’s Intense New Nike Golf AdTiger Woods has his first post-scandal advertisement.
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    So, How Badly Do You Want to Go Watch Tiger Tomorrow?Your pricing guide to get to the Masters tomorrow.
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    Nine Weird Things About Augusta to Keep in Mind This WeekAugusta National is an odd place.
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    So, Anybody Got Questions for Tiger?Tiger “talks.”
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    Woods Arrives at Augusta, Media Brigade FollowsTiger will be accompanied by 90 bodyguards this week.
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    Views of Tiger Woods on ESPN at the Masters Will Be More Dull Than UsualThe Masters’ weird Tiger Woods rules.
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    The Stakes at the MastersLots of people have lots on the line at Augusta over the next two-plus weeks.