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The Matrix

  1. clickables
    See a Britain’s Got Talent Contestant’s Insane Matrix DanceMeet Razy Gogonea.
  2. the matrix
    Two More Matrix Movies Could Be Headed Our Way [Update: But They’re Not]These two will be “revolutionary,” though.
  3. clickables
    See Some Amazing Movie GIFsWell, most of them movies.
  4. movies
    Watch ‘Neo Lebowski,’ a Matrix-Dude Mash-Up“Ever wonder what it would be like to explain ‘The Matrix to’ The Dude?”
  5. arrrr!
    Our Application for the Warner Bros.’ New ‘Anti-Piracy Intern’ Position“Now I’ve got the chance to be Neo and Mr. Smith at the same time!”
  6. bioshock
    Finally, a Muhammad Biopic From the Producer of The Matrix’Matrix’ producer Barrie Osborne wants $150 million to make a Muhammad biopic.
  7. mad men
    Mad Men Creator Matthew Weiner Goes Off on the Internet“If you have no personal opinions, you should not be involved in the content business.”
  8. this thing looks like that thing
    Dollhouse Season Two: Whoa!One of these things looks a lot like the other.
  9. whoa
    Vulture’s Complete Field Guide to the Facial Expressions of Keanu ReevesComplete with our patented Kean-u-meter™!
  10. apropos of nothing
    Disney Animation, 1938: No Girls Allowed!The Beat links to an amazing pop-culture artifact: a 1938 rejection letter from Disney to a woman looking for a job as an animator. Printed on gorgeous Snow White stationery, the letter lays out the company’s policy in brutal detail: