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The Money Game

  1. the money game
    Wall Street Is Back to Not Taking Jerome Powell ‘Seriously’The economy has to get better eventually. Right?
  2. the money game
    Elon Musk’s Cybertruck Is Striking — and Poorly TimedTesla is expected to deliver the electric pickups this week, but the EV market is in dire shape.
  3. the money game
    Behold the Utter Destruction of Crypto’s Biggest NamesCan crypto survive when so few of its founding fathers have?
  4. the money game
    You’re Probably Going to Get Ripped Off When You Buy a Turkey This ThanksgivingTurkey producers are going to make bank this year by charging you just a little bit less.
  5. the money game
    Why the Latest Inflation Report Has Wall Street Feeling GreatPrices actually fell in October, and it will have a major impact on the economy through next year.
  6. the money game
    ExxonMobil Wants to Get In on the Electric-Vehicles GameIt’s still going to sell its fossil fuels to you whether you like it or not.
  7. the money game
    Wall Street’s Gloomiest Hedge-Fund Manager on ‘a Huge Crash Coming’“This is the most dangerous time in the markets ever,” says Mark Spitznagel.
  8. the money game
    Crypto Is Back From the Dead Thanks to BlackRock and Gary GenslerBlackRock, Grayscale, and the SEC are all cool now, and bitcoin’s having its best run since the last go-go era.
  9. chapters
    ‘Ray, This Is a Religion’How the world’s largest hedge fund lost two top hires — and was paralyzed by puddles of pee.
  10. the money game
    The Real SBF Stood UpAn open-and-shut case finally revealed the criminal behind the legend.
  11. the money game
    Why Gas Is Getting Cheaper Despite the Worst Middle Eastern War in a DecadeGeopolitical conflict is only one part of the equation that makes up the price of oil.
  12. the money game
    ‘You Could Look Back and Say They Should Have Known’Some multifamily landlords thought their loans would stay cheap and rents would go up forever. It was a bad bet.
  13. the money game
    Confessions of a Middle-Class FounderDuring the boom times, I launched a start-up so I could become rich. Years later, I’m still looking for my exit.
  14. the money game
    The Three Tweets That Broke the Gloom Over the U.S. Treasury MarketsBill Ackman is a bond vigilante no more.
  15. the money game
    How the Bond Market Is Screaming ‘Danger’ for the EconomyCampbell Harvey, a finance professor who discovered the inverted yield curve, says the current one is ominous.
  16. the money game
    The Winklevii’s Next Act Is Getting Sued for Crypto Fraud by New York StateNew York AG Tish James sues the Winklevii’s crypto exchange and CoinDesk’s parent company for defrauding 23,000 people.
  17. the money game
    The $24 Trillion Problem Haunting Wall StreetThe Treasuries market is the largest in the world, but nobody knows why it’s coming apart at the seams
  18. the money game
    Is Sam Bankman-Fried Still Trying to Intimidate Caroline Ellison?A peek inside the sidebar talks as the crypto fraud trial gets testy.
  19. the money game
    The Revenge of Caroline Ellison, Part 2: ‘$150 Million for the Thing’Her testimony featured an insane data dump about how her ex-boyfriend Bankman-Fried operated — and a tearful moment at the end.
  20. the money game
    Mark Zuckerberg Corrected Me About His Sweater on InstagramIt turns out the Meta CEO spends hundreds, not thousands, on hoodies. I regret the error.
  21. the money game
    The 3 Most Important Things to Know About Michael Lewis’s SBF BookHere’s the best of what is in the book — and the biggest things Lewis missed.
  22. the money game
    How Loro Piana Became Silicon Valley’s Favorite FlexThe luxury Italian fashion brand is no longer quite as understated as it once was.
  23. the money game
    Crypto Fugitive Su Zhu Has Been ArrestedThe former manager of Three Arrows Capital, a crypto fund that blew up last year, has been sentenced in Singapore.
  24. the money game
    How the Fed Caught Wall Street Off Guard by Doing Just What Everyone ExpectedThe central bank did nothing at its much-watched meeting. Chaos ensued.
  25. the money game
    Inflation Makes a ComebackLast week, the economy seemed all but certain to be on the mend. Now, not so much.
  26. the money game
    Who Wants to Buy a Piece of Sam Bankman-Fried?What’s left of FTX is about to go up for auction, including billions of crypto and Bahamas real estate.
  27. the money game
    Wall Street Is Finally Ready for Its Next IPO SeasonInstacart’s long-gestating stock-market debut is another sign that a recession is nowhere in sight.
  28. the money game
    Just Kidding About Affording a HomeIt’s just about the most expensive time ever to buy a home, with no end in sight.
  29. unsolved mysteries
    Will We Ever Know Why Leon Black Paid Jeffrey Epstein $158 Million?The private-equity billionaire is stalling a Senate probe into Epstein’s wildly overpriced, $158 million tax advice.
  30. the money game
    WeWork Again Insists It’s Not Dead YetThe office-space company is still around after Adam Neumann’s exit — but its future looks less than bright.
  31. the money game
    That’s What I Call PonzinomicsWith Sam Bankman-Fried, Gisele, and a credulous Michael Lewis at the zenith of crypto hype.
  32. the money game
    Jerome Powell Might Have Avoided a Recession. How Is a Mystery.“He helped steer us towards this nirvana of the soft landing.” Just don’t ask any questions.
  33. the money game
    Is David Solomon Too Big a Jerk to Run Goldman Sachs?Inside a banking mutiny.
  34. the money game
    Latest Crypto CEO Accused of Fraud Knew The Money Was ‘Fake’Alex Mashinsky, the CEO of Celsius, is the latest onetime digital-currency CEO who’s now facing federal criminal charges.
  35. the money game
    It’s Hot Economy SummerWith unemployment low and prices stable, consumers are in the catbird seat — at least until the fall
  36. the money game
    Shane Smith Has a Secret Multimillion-Dollar Vice DealThe co-founder’s quiet current role as Vice’s big dealmaker means he is unlikely to leave anytime soon.
  37. the money game
    Jim Cramer and the Art of Being WrongFinancial Twitter’s favorite joke is that the CNBC host is an inverse indicator. Is anyone making money betting against him?
  38. the money game
    The Best News Yet About InflationIt’s the best month for the economy since March 2021. How long can the good times keep going?
  39. jeffrey epstein
    The Damning Details That Led JPMorgan Chase to Settle With Epstein’s VictimsThe bank will reportedly settle for $290 million, but its role in supporting Epstein is only becoming more clear.
  40. the money game
    The Future of Coinbase Could Be a Lot SmallerThe SEC sued the second crypto exchange in as many days, and there will probably be more coming
  41. the money game
    The End of Crypto As We Know ItUS securities regulators sued Binance and its founder, Changpeng Zhao, for fraud, and it has the potential to end the industry’s go-go days
  42. the money game
    Enjoy Your Last Days of Not Paying Student LoansIt’s been more than three years since they were due. A lot has changed.
  43. the money game
    How to Navigate the Bizarro EconomyIs good news on jobs going to push the Federal Reserve to create a recession?
  44. the money game
    All That for $46 Billion?The Biden-McCarthy deal could have been a disaster. Instead, the hostage-taking over the debt limit produced a budget that’s basically status quo.
  45. the money game
    The Man Who Invented the Trillion-Dollar CoinAtlanta lawyer Carlos Mucha was just spitballing on a financial blog. He didn’t expect Washington, D.C., to listen.
  46. the money game
    Neel Kashkari on the Debt-Ceiling Crisis and GreedflationFrom his perch at the Federal Reserve, he’s feeling good about the economy — and helpless about the D.C. standoff.
  47. the money game
    From Crypto Billionaire to FugitiveThe law finally caught up with disgraced founder Do Kwon in Eastern Europe. Will he stick around to face justice?
  48. the money game
    What Is It With Rich Guys Disappearing to Avoid Getting Served With Lawsuits?Suddenly, Larry Page, Shaq, and David Miscavige are extremely hard to locate.
  49. the money game
    5 Things to Know About the Best Inflation Report in a Long TimeThe good news and the bad news from front lines of the war against high prices.
  50. the money game
    How SpongeBob SquarePants Is Causing Big Problems for BitcoinThe OG digital currency is suddenly open to NFTs and ridiculous memecoins. Will it ever be the same?
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