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The National Circus

  1. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Trump’s Frantic Summer — Salesmanship or Mania?So, in the three-month countdown to Election Day, it’s come to this.
  2. the national circus
    Frank Rich: The Trump Campaign’s Gross Political MalpracticeLast weekend’s disastrous rally revealed just how unequipped the president is to take on Joe Biden.
  3. the national circus
    Frank Rich: The Folly of Trump’s Bolton LawsuitThe president would have been wise to ignore his latest nemesis’s new book. He chose a different route.
  4. the national circus
    Frank Rich: What Trump Will Do to WinHe’s down in the polls that he insists are fake. But Georgia’s chaotic election offers a blueprint for success.
  5. the national circus
    Frank Rich: America’s Eternal Battle With ItselfThe country’s latest existential struggle over race brings to mind 1968 — and 1868.
  6. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Trump vs. Twitter Is No ContestThe president’s constant lies will overpower any attempt at fact-checking — plus, he gets to play the victim.
  7. the national circus
    Frank Rich: ‘Obamagate’ Means Trump Is DesperateThe president is trying to make a beyond incoherent conspiracy relevant because he’s nervous about his flailing campaign.
  8. the national circus
    Frank Rich: MAGA vs. COVIDCoronavirus is hitting Trump country hard. The president doesn’t care.
  9. the national circus
    Frank Rich: The Casualties of a ‘Wartime Presidency’Trump’s insistence on absolute fealty from medical experts continues to put the public in danger.
  10. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Trump’s War on the StatesThe president can’t tell governors when to reopen society. But he can whip his supporters into a tea party–style frenzy.
  11. the national circus
    Frank Rich: John Roberts’s Wisconsin ShameThe Chief Justice’s latest assault on minority voting rights does not bode well for November.
  12. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Trump’s Potemkin RecoveryThe president doesn’t have a plan to combat the pandemic, so he keeps creating phony ones.
  13. the national circus
    Frank Rich: What a Plague RevealsCold-blooded recklessness about the coronavirus pandemic has hardly been limited to President Trump and his acolytes.
  14. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Trump Lies His Way Through a PandemicHis bungling of the coronavirus crisis ranks among the worse offenses in presidential history.
  15. the national circus
    Frank Rich: At Least Nero Could SpellThe coronavirus may doom Trump, but his administration’s response may doom America.
  16. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Barring an Act of God, Biden Will Be the NomineeAfter Biden sews up the nomination, anything can — and will — happen.
  17. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Is Trump Ready for Coronavirus?The president is, for the first time, facing a crisis not of his own making. The early signs aren’t good.
  18. the national circus
    Frank Rich: The Intelligence Community’s Bill Barr MomentPresident Trump’s team of national security hacks will stand idly by as Russia tries to meddle in another election.
  19. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Iowa and the Rolling Democratic CalamityThe Iowa debacle was a huge gift — and not the first — to Donald Trump and the Republicans.
  20. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Trump’s Impeachment Puts the Senate on TrialTrump’s acquittal is a foregone conclusion, but come Election Day, Republican senators may regret their inaction and cowardice.
  21. the national circus
    Frank Rich: What’s Wrong With the Democratic Primary? Everything.From debate rules that helped drive out minority candidates while welcoming Tom Steyer to the enduring focus on Iowa, the process has been a debacle.
  22. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Republicans Are Excusing a Criminal ConspiracyIf the GOP cared about facts this week’s impeachment testimony would be apocalyptically damaging. But nothing will keep them from defending Trump.
  23. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Republican Impeachment Panic Sets InDespite William Taylor’s bombshell testimony, Trump isn’t going anywhere soon — but the GOP’s distress over impeachment is clearly deepening.
  24. the national circus
    Frank Rich: There Are 5 Candidates Still Standing After Latest Democratic DebateTuesday night seemed like a death knell for seven of the dozen candidacies onstage — including Joe Biden’s.
  25. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Trump’s Wrecking-Ball Impeachment DefenseHis brand is chaos. What does that look like when our very constitutional order is at stake?
  26. the national circus
    Frank Rich: The Case for a Fast, Focused Trump ImpeachmentUnwinding all of Trump’s wrongdoing could take years. Democrats need to keep the narrative clear, the public tuned in, and the White House on the mat.
  27. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Sharpiegate and Trump’s Escalating War on RealityThere’s been an uptick in lunacy since recession fears crept onto Trump’s radar — and his delusional claims will only get worse as 2020 approaches.
  28. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Trump Is Panicked That His Trade War Will Start a RecessionIf the economy tanks, his supporters will sour on him and his already precarious election prospects will tank, too. And he knows it.
  29. the national circus
    Frank Rich: The Democratic Debates Were Built to FailAfter two rounds of disposable Democratic primary debates, it’s clear that we need a less annoying format and fewer candidates onstage.
  30. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Is Acosta Just the First Epstein Enabler to Fall?A bipartisan cesspool of elites allowed Jeffrey Epstein to flourish for years. Now they’re hoping to cover their tracks before we can get answers.
  31. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Kamala Harris’s Debate Performance Should Scare TrumpBeyond her dismantling of Joe Biden on Thursday night, she showed off her formidable skill as a prosecutor. That’s likely to unnerve the president.
  32. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Biden, McConnell and the Shadows of SegregationFallacious comments from the Senate Majority Leader and the Democratic frontrunner show why a reparations bill is so urgent.
  33. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Trump and Biden Are Just Grumpy Old MenThe split-screen duel between the septuagenarians has been fun in its way — but also kind of pathetic.
  34. the national circus
    Frank Rich: This Constitutional Crisis Probably Won’t Be Trump’s LastHis stonewalling of Congress is unprecedented, but the ultimate crisis may arrive if the Supreme Court rules against him, or he loses in 2020.
  35. the national circus
    The Biggest Threat to Biden’s Candidacy Isn’t the Left, It’s Biden HimselfThe question isn’t just whether the former VP’s views are progressive enough, but whether he’s culturally limber enough in a fast-moving new order.
  36. the national circus
    Frank Rich: In Bill Barr, Trump Has Finally Found His New FixerThe AG’s unsupported Mueller report conclusions and “spying” accusations show he’s about covering for Trump, not thwarting his lawlessness.
  37. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Why the Mueller Investigation Wasn’t WatergateThe fact remains that Trump is a useful idiot for the Russian cause even if he’s not a Russian agent.
  38. the national circus
    Frank Rich: The Senate’s Rebuke of Trump Isn’t a GOP RebellionIf Susan Collins is the party’s profile in intellectual courage, it’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry.
  39. the national circus
    Are Foreign Countries Benefiting From Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance?The revelation that Trump ordered clearance for his son-in-law raises questions about what interests Kushner is really looking out for.
  40. the national circus
    Lindsey Graham’s Claims About an Anti-Trump ‘Coup’ Are Just TrollingAndrew McCabe’s book provides more evidence that Trump’s Senate lackey is only threatening to probe the DOJ and FBI to give the president cover.
  41. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Trump’s Big Speech Failed at Every LevelEven looking at the 80-minute-plus laundry list from Trump’s point of view, the State of the Union address seems to be a disaster.
  42. the national circus
    Howard Schultz May Be Even More Disingenuous Than Donald TrumpWhile Trump parades his ignorance and moral unfitness, Schultz cloaks his entitlement and narcissism in high-minded ideals and civic concern.
  43. the national circus
    With State of the Union Disinvitation, Pelosi Outmaneuvers Trump Once AgainPelosi knows how to push the levers of government, and how to push Trump’s buttons. It’s an unbeatable combination.
  44. the national circus
    Frank Rich: With Trump’s Speech, the Networks Surrendered to Bill ShineThe Oval Office address about the southern border was straight out of a master propagandist’s playbook.
  45. the national circus
    Why Trump Will Probably Cave to Nancy PelosiThe Speaker has staked out a stronger position in the showdown over the president’s ridiculous border-wall demands.
  46. the national circus
    Trump Removes Mattis As Defense Secretary Two Months Ahead of ScheduleTrump rebukes Mattis by tweet for his resignation letter, with deputy Patrick Shanahan to fill in as Acting Defense Secretary on January 1.
  47. the national circus
    GOP Leaders Won’t Tolerate Trump’s Chaos for Much LongerWith Trump’s erratic behavior at home and abroad inflicting damage on the financial markets, Republican lawmakers may finally turn on him.
  48. the national circus
    Will Trump Follow Through on His Incredibly Dumb Threat?If he does trigger a shutdown, he will set his party back even further than he already has.
  49. the national circus
    Mueller’s Steady Stream of Russia Revelations Is Driving Trump CrazyAs we learn more about the ties between his campaign and Russia, Trump is giving new meaning to the concept of protesting one’s innocence too much.
  50. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Trump Is Starting to PanicIt’s evident in his spells of rage and his empty official schedule. He is also stepping up his efforts to discredit democratic institutions.
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