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The Navy

  1. cockpits
    The Mystery of the Sky Penis Has Been SolvedAfter an investigation by the U.S. Navy.
  2. symbolic gestures
    Women Navy Recruits Are Now Given the Same Hats As MenIt’s the first step toward more gender-neutral uniforms.
  3. All Combat Roles May Now Be Open to Women, but Some Still Need New TitlesA small — but interesting! — dilemma. 
  4. military sexual assault
    Naval Academy Charges Three Football Players in Sexual Assault CaseVictim says she felt intimidated into silence after rape at a party.
  5. guantanamo bay
    It Will Now Cost $17,000 to Fly Privately to GuantánamoThe Navy ends commercial service to the base.
  6. loose threads
    Prabal Taps Olivia Thirlby for Target LinePlus, Kylie Minogue is working on a fashion book.
  7. nontroversies
    The Navy Named a Ship After Cesar ChavezAnd some people are upset about it.