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  1. extremely online
    Jeffrey Toobin Suspended From New Yorker for ‘Zoom Dick Incident’Toobin reportedly masturbated during an “election simulation.”
  2. new yorker festival 2019
    Liz Phair Just Wants to Live in a Period Drama and Help Cows Build VillagesLet’s get her on The Crown.
  3. mad online
    Billie Eilish Riles Up New Yorker Readers of All AgesSomehow, a piece about the Gen-Z pop star led several generations to pontificate angrily about 9/11 in harmony.
  4. weinstein books
    Ronan Farrow’s Weinstein Book Will Be Personal, He Says in Surprise AppearancePopping into a BookExpo lunch, he talked about “some of the low points I’m now reliving.”
  5. one grand books
    William Finnegan’s 10 Favorite BooksGeorge Orwell, Elena Ferrante, and more.
  6. brooklyn book festival 2018
    The Brooklyn Book Festival’s Tote-Bag Power RankingsA status update on which tote was the GOAT (and which were not worth our time) at the 2018 Brooklyn Book Festival.
  7. les moonves
    CBS Investigating Les Moonves Ahead of New Yorker Report“The Board will promptly review the findings and take appropriate action.”
  8. The New Yorker Staff Has UnionizedToday, they’re asking editor David Remnick and Condé Nast to voluntarily recognize them as a collective bargaining unit.
  9. feedback
    Lola Kirke Wrote a Letter to the Editor Over The New Yorker’s Gemini Review“I am disappointed by Anthony Lane’s glib criticism of my character’s appearance in the film Gemini.”
  10. one grand books
    Roz Chast’s 10 Favorite Books“I avoid books about either World War. Or any war, really.”
  11. 6 Cats React to ‘Cat Person’“Robert sounds like a bad date, sure. But what kind of owner is he?”
  12. the harvey weinstein case
    Weinstein Used Spies Posed as Women’s Advocates to Get Info About His VictimsAccording to Ronan Farrow’s newest investigation.
  13. lawyers
    Harvey Weinstein Lawyers Up in Advance of Possible ExposésThe mogul has reportedly been in touch with the Clintons’ crisis manager Lanny Davis.
  14. rip
    S.I. Newhouse, Legendary Condé Nast Publisher, Dies at 89Another end of an era in publishing.
  15. hairy situations
    Man Buns Have Made It to the Cover of the New YorkerThe struggle of the man bun is now a New Yorker cartoon.
  16. 100 More Jokes That Shaped Modern ComedyA second look at bits, sketches, one-liners, and even modern art that have influenced American humor for the past 170 years.
  17. ‘The New Yorker’ Now Has a Cover-to-Cover Parody Thanks to ‘The Neu Jorker’A bunch of talented writers and illustrators have teamed up to create a very ambitious parody: a cover-to-cover take on an issue of The New […]
  18. Where Digital Publications’ Comedy Videos Are Headed In April of 2001, a dot com bubble baby named Kozmo.com laid off over a thousand employees because its business model of […]
  19. Other Magazines
    People Are Furious Over a New Yorker Poem About Chinese FoodWriter Calvin Trillin says he was “making fun of food-obsessed bourgeoisie,” but few people see it that way.
  20. last night on late night
    Late Night Presents ‘Live New Yorker Cartoons’Buckle up, buttercup.
  21. movie critics
    Hollywood Bad-Boy Jesse Eisenberg Trolls Critics in New Yorker Piece“Based on an idea that I poorly executed in grad school.”
  22. the double standard
    Grimes Has Heard Enough From Guy Producers“Half the population is not really being heard.”
  23. ‘Key and Peele’ Showrunner Jay Martel Looks Back on the Show’s EvolutionIn anticipation of tonight’s double-episode Key and Peele series finale, writer and co-executive producer Jay Martel wrote a piece for The New […]
  24. ink-stained wretches
    Sasha Frere-Jones Leaves New Yorker for (Where Else?) a Tech Start-upGenius, the site formerly devoted to annotating rap lyrics.
  25. job openings
    The New Yorker’s David Denby Steps Down From Film Critic Post [Updated]To focus on his book.
  26. ‘The New Yorker’ Profiles Tig Notaro’s Topless NYC Standup Set“She is a deadpan comedian of the driest vintage, and her face remained stolid. The patches of the audience that were stunned into silence […]
  27. Louis C.K. on Chris Rock’s Film Career: ‘All He Really Needed to Do Was Be […]“Louis C.K. thinks that the solution to Rock’s movie problem was obvious in retrospect. ‘His honesty and thoughtfulness and intelligence—it […]
  28. Video Feed
    City Bakery’s Maury Rubin Trashes Dominique Ansel’s“Most people don’t know anything about good pastry anymore,” he says.
  29. short stories
    Tom Hanks Has a Short Story in The New Yorker“Alan Bean Plus Four.”
  30. Read an Excerpt from Lena Dunham’s Upcoming Book ‘Not That Kind of Girl’“Sitting with my mother in the beauty salon one afternoon, I come across an article about obsessive-compulsive disorder. A woman describes her […]
  31. ‘The New Yorker’ Profiles Eugene Mirman’s Live Version of ‘StarTalk’“Throughout the show, these jokes created pauses for laughter, welcome little breaks in the onslaught of science, that allowed our brains to […]
  32. Simon Rich Reimagines a Classic Joke for ‘The New Yorker’Author, former SNL writer, and creator of the upcoming FXX show Man Seeking Woman Simon Rich wrote a humor piece in The New Yorker called “Guy […]
  33. ‘The New Yorker’ Profiles ‘Mad’ Magazine as an Anti-Smoking Ad PioneerThe New Yorker ran an excellent article last week about Mad magazine’s big anti-smoking push during the ‘60s, which resulted not only in tons […]
  34. Dick Cavett Reflects on His Worst Show Ever for ‘The New Yorker’Here’s a video of the “excruciating” September 18, 1970 episode of The Dick Cavett Show, in which guests John Cassavetes, Peter Falk, and Ben […]
  35. ink-stained wretches
    The New Yorker Editor David Remnick Is Re-Learning to Play GuitarBy learning Grateful Dead songs.
  36. white house correspondents' dinner 2014
    Mark Leibovich: WHCD Is Looking More B-ListThe This Town author still hopes that D.C. will stop celebrating itself.
  37. the internet
    Q&A: Susan Orlean on @Horse_ebooks and Her Internet ObsessionsAn interview with the writer about her latest article.
  38. Michael Cera Delves Into His Texting Past in ‘The New Yorker’“Jeremy, a man I am no longer in touch with, was someone I once considered a friend. It started out very simply: one day I received a text […]
  39. deliverance
    Lena Dunham Wrote an Essay on Ordering DeliveryYou wouldn’t believe it, but Dunham wrote something about childhood, death, and soup.
  40. Amy Poehler Wrote About Her First Job at an Ice Cream Parlor“But when I stood in the dining room and demanded attention I was reminded of things I already secretly knew about myself. I wasn’t shy, I […]
  41. ‘The New Yorker’ Writes About ‘How Podcasts Conquered Comedy’The New Yorker has a new article out today called “How Podcasts Conquered Comedy,” an in-depth history of how the newish medium has changed the […]
  42. equal rites
    Why The New Yorker’s Gay Bert and Ernie Cover WorksSome people are very upset about this. 
  43. A Documentary About ‘New Yorker’ Cartoonists Needs Your Help The makers of Very Semi-Serious, a new documentary taking audiences behind the scenes of the New Yorker cartoons of the past, present, and […]
  44. ‘SNL’s Colin Jost Dreams Up Several Silly Movie Sequels for ‘The New […]SNL’s co-head writer Colin Jost has a funny new piece in The New Yorker today in which he previewed this summer’s unlikely movie sequels, […]
  45. the sports section
    The New Yorker Joins In on Making Fun of the YankeesThey’re old and injured, you see.
  46. media
    The New Yorker on New-Media Cowboys: Vice vs. Business InsiderBoth were profiled this week.
  47. Lena Dunham Wrote a Thing About How Much She Likes Puppies for ‘The New […]Lena Dunham wrote a personal essay called “A Box of Puppies” that appears in The New Yorker this week. It’s worth the read if you like Lena […]
  48. ink-stained wretches
    Hipster Eustace Tilley Artist: I’m Not a Hipster“I ride a bike, but that doesn’t make me a hipster.”
  49. Simon Rich’s New Novella Is Being Serialized in ‘The New Yorker’ Starting […]Former SNL writer Simon Rich’s new novella Sell Out is being serialized this week in The New Yorker. You can check out Part 1 of 4 now. The […]
  50. Quote of the Day
    The New Yorker, by the SliceThe magazine has a long history with pizza pies.
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