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  1. the o'reilly factor
    Sexual-Harassment Claims Aren’t Hurting Bill O’Reilly’s Ratings One BitIn fact, they’re higher than they were before.
  2. Fox News Hires New Loudmouth Jerk: Adam CarollaDancing with the Stars contestant Adam Carolla just got a new job as a Fox News contributor, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The podcaster […]
  3. master debaters
    Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly Rumbled Last NightThere were zingers all over the place.
  4. loose threads
    Beth Ditto to Perform at Versus; See Nicki Minaj’s New Fragrance AdPlus, The O’Reilly Factor went to Fashion Week.
  5. apologies
    Bill O’Reilly Apologizes for ‘Being an Idiot’“I may be an idiot for not considering that.”
  6. cable news news
    Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity Not Leaving Fox News Anytime SoonBoth marquee hosts are set to stick around through 2016.
  7. great debates
    Watch Bill O’Reilly and Lupe Fiasco Have It Out With One Another“I don’t think politics are as complicated as people make them out to be.”
  8. Jon Stewart Discusses the Republican Presidential Candidates, President […] Last night, Fox News aired part two of Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Jon Stewart, in which they discussed the field of Republican […]
  9. Jon Stewart to Guest on The O’Reilly Factor TonightWatch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Jon Stewart joins Papa Bear O’Reilly on his own turf tonight to discuss the “controversy” […]
  10. in other news
    Ball Bustin’ Barbara Walters Won’t Take Any Lip on The O’Reilly FactorYou know you’re in trouble when 80-year-old Barbara Walters calls you old-fashioned.
  11. culture wars
    Bill O’Reilly Surprisingly Constrained About California Schools’ Cross-dressing Video for KidsIs Bill O’Reilly softening up or does he just appreciate cross-dressing?
  12. the industry
    Batteries Recharged! Javier Bardem Finally Getting Back to WorkPlus: Which beloved Fox News personality just renewed his contract?