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The Pope

  1. pacancy
    Don’t Get Too Excited About the First Black Pope Just YetA black cardinal was the front-runner in 2005, too.
  2. Latin Not Totally UselessA journalist broke news of the Pope’s resignation because she knew Latin.
  3. The Pope Is Going Out of His Way to Start a Feud With Justin BieberOr, more accurately perhaps, Beliebers. This is a terrible idea.
  4. how tweet it is
    The Pope Is Taking Cues From the Dalai Lama NowAt least on Twitter.
  5. how tweet it is
    The Pope Is on Twitter, FinallyHe has no tweets but 50,000-something followers.
  6. pope benedict xvi
    Extremely Religious Elderly Man Does Not Care for the Internets“A large number of young people … establish forms of communication that do not increase humaneness.”
  7. the gods must be crazy
    Five Algerians Arrested in London Over Threat to the Pope“The Pope is enjoying a wonderful visit, warmly welcomed wherever he goes.”