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The Price Is Right

  1. exclusive
    Watch Pluto’s New Price Is Right Channel and Pretend You’re Taking a Sick DayCome on down to Pluto TV.
  2. game theory
    Please Enjoy The Price Is Right’s Very Awkward COVID ‘Come on Down’ AlternativeMore like come on … and emerge from this curtain.
  3. game show nation
    The Price Is Right’s Pandemic Era Will Be 77 Games and No AudienceCome on down … from a respectful distance.
  4. crime
    The Price Is Right Taping Paused After Death of Host Drew Carey’s Ex-FiancéeThe show’s taping will be temporarily suspended following the alleged murder of therapist Amie Harwick.
  5. programming note
    CBS Deems Trump’s National Emergency Speech Less Important Than Price Is RightTwenty minutes after his 8-minute speech began 40 minutes late, it was back to the Big Wheel.
  6. last night on late night
    Larry David’s Bernie Sanders Begrudgingly Competes on The Price Is Right“Consumerism disguised as entertainment!”
  7. ultralight beam
    This Man Setting the Plinko Record on The Price Is Right is Joy PersonifiedRyan is an inspiration to us all.
  8. last night on late night
    Aaron Paul Returns to The Price Is Right in Search of AbsolutionThe Breaking Bad actor wanted to make up for his devastating loss 18 years ago.
  9. last night on late night
    The Price Is Right Theme Makes Anything HappyEven the death of Gandalf!
  10. where is hillary michaels
    Showtime Wants a ’90s Black Game-Show Model ShowFans of Sir Mix-a-Lot might recognize the title.
  11. last night on late
    Watch Jimmy Fallon and Jason Sudeikis Play a Price Is Right Drinking GameWhat would Bob Barker think?
  12. reunions
    The Price Is Right’s April Fool’s Day Prank Was the Sweetest of Them All Hi, Bob. 
  13. Craig Ferguson and Drew Carey Hosted Each Other’s Shows This Morning As announced a couple weeks back, Craig Ferguson and Drew Carey took over hosting duties on each other’s shows today for April Fool’s Day. […]
  14. Drew Carey and Craig Ferguson Will Host Each Other’s Shows on April Fool’s […]Drew Carey and Craig Ferguson are set to try out each other’s jobs for a day. USA Today reports that the duo, who spent nearly a decade […]
  15. lockouts suck
    Winter Classic–Themed Price Is Right ShowcasesPlease come back, hockey.
  16. daily male
    The Price Is Right’s First Male Model Speaks“Models never talk during the fabled Showcase Showdown.”
  17. the price is right
    This Woman Took Forever to Place a Bid on The Price Is RightMary, Mary, quite contrary!
  18. beef
    The Price Is Right and Bob Barker Are BeefingThe network didn’t invite him to a big anniversary show.
  19. Have You Heard the One About the Comedian Who Took Shrooms and Went on […] That is comedian Josh Androsky. You can read his full explanation of what happened here but basically he and bunch of his comedian friends […]
  20. the price is right
    Watch a Dude on Shrooms on The Price Is RightFunnily enough, isn’t watching The Price Is Right just like tripping on shrooms?
  21. diversity
    The Price Is Right Hiring Its First Male ModelNo more No Boys Allowed sign.
  22. aaron paul
    See Aaron Paul on The Price Is Right in 1998Jesse Pinkman, come on down!
  23. the price is right
    Watch a Price Is Right Contestant Lose His ToothBe our grandpa!
  24. the klum is right
    Watch Heidi Klum Get Serenaded on The Price is RightIt didn’t help the contestant win a car.
  25. neil patrick harris
    Watch a Nutty, Barefoot Price Is Right Contestant Dry-Hump Neil Patrick HarrisNPH steers clear of HPV, or whatever can be carried in the feet.
  26. snoop dogg
    Watch Snoop Dogg Help Out a Contestant on The Price Is RightIt’s Celebrity Week on The Price Is Right, and Snoop Dogg is your best bet for an ally.
  27. the price is right
    Watch Some Awkward Celebrity Cameos on The Price Is RightIt’s Celebrity Week on The Price Is Right, but even Chris Daughtry doesn’t seem to understand why he’s there, either.
  28. beef
    Bob Barker Said Something Mean About Drew CareyFinally!
  29. tv
    Watch a Montage of Bob Barker’s Most Lecherous Moments“Come over just a liiitttle closer to me. ‘Atsa girl.”
  30. no way!
    Come On Down!You won’t believe what happened on ‘The Price Is Right’ today.
  31. the industry
    Drew Carey: Come on Down!Plus industry news on Y: The Last Man, Hot Ghetto Mess, and BAM’s Bridge Project.
  32. quote machine
    Carrie Fisher Sees Vaginas Everywhere