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The Racie For Gracie

  1. the racie for gracie
    Bill de Blasio Stinks at BasketballBut he’ll probably be the tallest NYC mayor of all time.
  2. the racie for gracie
    The Times Delves Into the Tragic Story of de Blasio’s FatherAgainst the candidate’s wishes, apparently.
  3. the racie for gracie
    Joe Lhota Wins the Race for Having the Name Most Synonymous With CoffeeEveryone is asking for “Joe.” Nobody is asking for “Bill.”
  4. the racie for gracie
    Anthony Weiner Forces His Endorsement on Bill de Blasio“im supporting bdb.”
  5. the racie for gracie
    Lhota Could Tie This Race Up in Just a Couple MonthsDon’t forget to vote Nov. 5.
  6. the racie for gracie
    Bill de Blasio Winning by Way Too Much to Debate TonightOnly Lhota and the third-party candidate will be at the first face-off.
  7. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Pretended to Like His Potential SuccessorLong enough to shake hands with Lhota and De Blasio.
  8. the racie for gracie
    7 Things We Learned About Bill de Blasio From His Reddit AMAHe loves the new pope and Malcolm X’s autobiography and Di Fara’s pizza. 
  9. the racie for gracie
    If There Are Scandals in Tamra Lhota’s Past, She Isn’t TalkingShe’s a great fund-raiser, considered becoming a priest.
  10. the racie for gracie
    Joe Lhota Keeps Reminding People He’s a RepublicanHe supports delaying Obamacare for one year.
  11. the racie for gracie
    Die-hard Red Sox Fan Also Loves the Patriots(Bill de Blasio.)
  12. the racie for gracie
    ‘Commie’ Bill de Blasio Absolutely Crushing Joe LhotaA new poll shows a 71–21 percent gap.
  13. the racie for gracie
    Mayoral Candidates Argue Over Whether Lhota Is All That Republican“You can’t be a Republican bystander,” says de Blasio.
  14. the racie for gracie
    De Blasio Enters the Big Money Phase of His CampaignBreakfasting with hedge-fund managers.
  15. the racie for gracie
    Who Got the Best Deal on Primary Votes?Not John Catsimatidis!
  16. the racie for gracie
    Chirlane McCray Would Be a First Lady in the Mold of HillaryDe Blasio and his wife are a “package deal.”
  17. the racie for gracie
    The 1965 Mayoral Race Is Really Starting to Heat UpFirst we were talking about communism. Now Goldwater. 
  18. the racie for gracie
    Bill de Blasio’s Dad Killed Himself While Dying of CancerIn 1979. 
  19. the racie for gracie
    De Blasio Featured in Boston Globe, 1979 Edition“I’m definitely interested in government,” he said.
  20. the racie for gracie
    Young Joe Lhota Loved Goldwater, Loathed CommunismThis explains a lot.
  21. the racie for gracie
    De Blasio Finally, Officially Wins Primary Without a RunoffVote certified with four days to spare.
  22. the racie for gracie
    Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota Boycotting BarillaSomething everyone can agree on. 
  23. the racie for gracie
    De Blasio Caught Fixing Friend’s Ridiculous Water BillScandalous.
  24. the racie for gracie
    Lhota and de Blasio’s Circumcision Flip-Flopping ExposedMetzitzah b’peh: every candidate’s least-favorite topic.
  25. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Can’t Understand Why Reporters Keep Asking Him About PoliticsIt’s like they think it’s his job or something.
  26. the racie for gracie
    Rogue Mayoral Candidate Joe Lhota Repeatedly Flouts the Law On-CameraHe went the wrong way down a one-way street, then rolled through a red light. 
  27. the racie for gracie
    Joe Lhota Answers Your Questions: On Marxism, Hugs, and His Favorite New VodkaThe Republican candidate for mayor responds to readers.
  28. the racie for gracie
    Bill de Blasio Not Necessarily Super High in College Yearbook PhotoTake a look. 
  29. the racie for gracie
    The Christine Quinn Documentary Should Be InterestingInside the last few weeks of her campaign.
  30. the racie for gracie
    Bill de Blasio and Problematic Foreign Revolutions, Part IIIHe once hung out with Robert Mugabe, and then apologized.
  31. the racie for gracie
    Bill de Blasio Is Pro–Transcendental MeditationAccording to his archives.
  32. Barack Obama Is a Fan of Dante de Blasio’s HairA breakout star of the campaign.
  33. the racie for gracie
    Lhota Deeply Disappointed by de Blasio’s Extra Debate, Lack of Honeymoon DetailsDe Blasio called the attacks “increasingly silly.”
  34. the racie for gracie
    New Jimmy McMillan Song Actually Kind of CatchyAlso very Artistic. 
  35. better know a candidate
    18 Fun and Utterly Fascinating Facts About Joe LhotaNo Dante, but plenty of cursing, vomiting, and elephant dung.
  36. the racie for gracie
    Obama Endorses Commie Bill de Blasio Interesting timing. 
  37. the racie for gracie
    Support for Sandinistas Not Most Damaging Revelation About Young Bill de BlasioThe bigger issue: his awful answer machine messages.
  38. the racie for gracie
    Joe Lhota Tends to Hug a Lot of People Every DayHe keeps talking about this. 
  39. the racie for gracie
    Joe Lhota Goes to Bat for De Blasio’s ‘Hippy’ KidsAfter a voter calls them sickening.
  40. the racie for gracie
    Lhota Challenges De Blasio to Five DebatesWell, five. 
  41. the racie for gracie
    Ask Joe Lhota Anything!Submit questions for the Republican mayoral candidate.
  42. the racie for gracie
    Bill de Blasio’s Time Suddenly a Lot More Valuable$75,000 for an appearance, minimum.
  43. Looks Like De Blasio Really Did Meet the No-Runoff ThresholdPicked up 40.9 percent after machine count.
  44. the racie for gracie
    Can New Yorkers Pick Joe Lhota and Bill de Blasio Out of a Lineup?Not really.
  45. the racie for gracie
    The Clintons Endorse De Blasio for Mayor“They were proud to see him run a thoughtful, creative campaign.”
  46. the racie for gracie
    Why Bill Thompson Came Up Short Again: A Q&A With His Chief StrategistAnd how De Blasio surged past everyone.
  47. the racie for gracie
    John Catsimatidis Turned His Mayoral Loss Into an Epic Poem on FacebookIt is strangely capitalized.
  48. interview
    Q&A: Chiara de Blasio, Front-runner for First Daughter of New YorkThe heavily pierced vegetarian who could be First Daughter.
  49. the racie for gracie
    Joe Lhota Proves He’s Willing to Meet With Al SharptonUnlike Giuliani.
  50. the racie for gracie
    Bill de Blasio Crushing Joe Lhota in First General Election PollIt’s 65 to 22. 
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