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The Rent Is Too Damn High

  1. the rent is too damn high
    Is Anyone Tipping Their Landlord?Probably not. And yet people keep asking!
  2. closings
    The Kuwaiti Government Raised Carolines’s RentA surprising end for the beloved comedy club.
  3. the rent is too damn high
    Rents Have Fallen a Tiny BitA better-than-nothing 2 percent.
  4. landlords and tenants
    ‘That’s the One to Put in a Blender’The secret Los Angeles City Council recordings reveal a real fear of a potential tenants’ bloc.
  5. the rent is too damn high
    Your Rent Might Be Going Up This WeekAnd it’s almost certainly never going down.
  6. the housing market
    Manhattan Rents Broke Another RecordAverage rents reached more than $5000 in July.
  7. the housing market
    The Average Rent in Manhattan Is Now $5,000Congratulations!
  8. the rent is too damn high
    The Annual Circus That Makes Landlords and Tenants MadWhy is the Rent Guidelines Board vote always like this? And is there a fairer way?
  9. the rent is too damn high
    Rent-Stabilized Apartments Are About to Get More ExpensiveThe Rent Guidelines Board voted, tenants booed, landlords cleaned up.
  10. the rent is too damn high
    It Looks Like the Good Cause Eviction Law Is Dead (for Now)Distracted legislators and dwindling days mean the bill’s chances this session are slim. But it’s likely to return next year.
  11. the rent is too damn high
    LAPD Wants a Rent Subsidy for Cops“What landlord wouldn’t want a cop living in their complex?”
  12. the rent is too damn high
    Battery Park City Residents Seek Relief From Upper-Middle-Class PovertyBattery Park City residents say condos should remain affordable. The only problem? They’re not.
  13. deadbeat tenants
    Equinox Has Decided That No, It Will Not Pay Its RentWhich is, apparently, absolutely fine.
  14. the rent is too damn high
    The Rent Guidelines Board Kind of Approved a Rent Hike, and Everybody Hates ItRents will remain frozen for the first six months, and then go up by 1.5 percent in the second half of a one-year lease.
  15. the rent is too damn high
    Can California Pay Off Its Rent Debt Before Evictions Begin?Gavin Newsom says he has a plan to forgive all rent, but advocates are skeptical about how quickly it can help tenants.
  16. the rent is too damn high
    Only 15,000 People Met New York’s Criteria for Rent ReliefMore than 1.3 million New Yorkers statewide are at risk of eviction.
  17. coronavirus
    Columbia Graduate Students Are Going on StrikeMany have also said they’ll stop paying rent to the university over its handling of COVID-19.
  18. real estate
    Manhattan’s Real-Estate StalemateAs prices hit record highs, buyers aren’t willing to shell out — and sellers aren’t budging. 
  19. real estate
    Brooklyn’s Housing Market Beats ManhattanThe borough’s prices continue to break records.
  20. Manhattan’s Real-Estate Market Is Finally Cooling OffBut does it mean you can actually afford an apartment?
  21. the rent is too damn high
    Jimmy McMillan Talks DirtyThe “Rent Is Too Damn High” guy has opinions on sex.
  22. the racie for gracie
    The Mayor’s Race Is Too Damn On, Thanks to Jimmy McMillan’s New RapIt’s about time.
  23. the rent is too damn high
    Is Manhattan the New Brooklyn (Again)?We’ve heard this one before.
  24. the rent is too damn high
    Why Manhattan Rents Are Now at a Two-Year High And where you can go to pay less. 
  25. only in new york?
    Manhattan Rent Tops Previous Month’s All-time HighWhich topped the record set the month before that. A trend!
  26. only in new york?
    Manhattan Rents Are Higher Than Ever The average apartment is now $3,418. 
  27. The Cheapest Rent in Manhattan: $55.01 in Soho“I hope to die here, but not soon.”
  28. real estate
    You Probably Can’t Afford to Live in ManhattanRents are back up to pre-recession levels.
  29. crimes and misdemeanors
    Some People Take Rent Negotiations Too SeriouslySome people = homicidal maniacs.
  30. clickables
    Hear a Song From the Rent Is Too Damn High Guy’s AlbumWhy, of course he has an album.