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The Resistance

  1. the resistance
    The Democratic Party Is Wasting Its Grassroots EnergyThe conservative movement is on the march to power. What happened to movements on the left?
  2. the resistance
    Welcome Tori Amos to the Resistance With Her Second MemoirHalf celebrity memoir, half reckoning with contemporary politics.
  3. Schneiderman Is Gone, But New York’s Legal #Resistance to Trump Will Go OnThe efforts of state attorneys general to uphold the rule of law are bigger than any one person.
  4. dating under trump
    Liberal Group Launches Dating Website for the ResistanceFind your progressive partner today!
  5. the resistance
    Get Ready For The Next Phase in Planned Parenthood’s Fight Against TrumpFighting against this administration is not enough.
  6. democrats
    Is Democratic Cooperation With Trump Depressing Supporters?You can’t rant and snarl every minute, and when your opponent is Donald Trump, he’ll do much of the work of mobilizing your base.
  7. successful resisting
    Donald Trump Has Some Thoughts About the ‘Resistance’“All they do is resist.”
  8. The Resistance Is Turning Its Fire on a Conservative DemocratCongressman Dan Lipinski voted against Obamacare, the DREAM Act, and gay rights. Now, a progressive challenger may get him voted out of office.
  9. women’s march
    Here’s What Happened to All the Women’s March SignsOn January 21, 2016, a small team of curators in Washington collected posters for the Smithsonian.
  10. the resistance
    Would You Stay at This ‘Resistance’-Themed Hotel?A new Eaton location is described as a socially progressive hotel “experience.”
  11. the resistance
    Broad City to Treat Trump’s Name As Profanity in Season 4Ilana Glazer says there’s no room for the “orange” man on their show.
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    Trump Was ‘Directly Involved’ in Search for Rogue National Park TweeterPresident Trump wanted to know who retweeted that photo showing small crowds at his inauguration.
  13. art and design 2017
    Is Political Art the Only Art That Matters Now?The art world is going to war with Trump. If it doesn’t shoot itself in the foot first.
  14. the resistance
    The Activism of Elizabeth and Paige on The AmericansIf the show had more pop-culture appeal, you might have seen Elizabeth’s face on banners at the Women’s March.
  15. live reads
    There Will Be an All-Female Live Read of Juno to Benefit Planned ParenthoodEllen Page and Jennifer Garner will reunite in the name of the #resistance.
  16. Trump Brings Boom to the Beleaguered Poster-Board IndustryBy inspiring the hatred of blue America, the president has already brought much-needed relief to the protest-sign-supplies business.
  17. last night on late night
    Samantha Bee Wishes Everyone in the ‘Resistance’ Would Actually Go VoteMarches and hats haven’t done great things for voter turnout.
  18. the resistance
    Patrick Stewart Is Applying for U.S. Citizenship to Best Fight Donald TrumpHe’s ready to “fight, fight, oppose, oppose.”
  19. the national interest
    Why Was Betsy DeVos the One Trump Nominee Who Provoked Opposition?Democrats can muster enormous political energy against Trump. But can they channel it effectively?
  20. David Brock Is Ready to Monetize the ResistanceThe Clinton hit man turned ally is organizing a donor summit with the aim of building a liberal Koch Network — and/or keeping his own groups funded.