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The Road

  1. end of days
    Why TV Apocalypses Are Really Wish-Fulfillment FablesSure, there are zombies and militias on The Walking Dead and Revolution, but life is so simple.
  2. hurricane sandy
    Chaos and Community at East Williamsburg’s Post-Apocalyptic Gas Station LineHess is the only game in town thanks to superior hurricane preparation.
  3. All Dogs Go On Tour, Part 7: The EndThe Final chapter of the Everything is Terrible tour diary, where we reflect, repent, deny and distort and say shit like, “Damn that […]
  4. All Dogs Go On Tour, Part 6: Canadian Trouble, Hank Williams III, and the […]All Dogs Go On Tour, Part 6:  Where we battle Canada, Hank the III, and a bunch of auto mechanics, and finally our shoes get licked.   We […]
  5. All Dogs Go On Tour, Part 5: Duck Guts, Weed For All, and the Border PatrolAll Dogs Go On Tour, Part 5: Where we get pelted with animal parts, feel at home in Cali, get the cops called on us at college, and get some […]
  6. All Dogs Go On Tour, Part 4: Shady Mechanics, the Border Patrol, and Local […]All Dogs Go On Tour, Part 4: Where we escape America, play our way down the coast, go to Hollywood in Portland, and the news is that local news […]
  7. All Dogs Go On Tour, Part 3: Blizzards, Colorado Medicine, and Strip Club […]All Dogs Go On Tour, Part Three: Where we forget stuff, prepare to die in the snow, dance the night away, fear and loath strip clubs and […]
  8. All Dogs Go on Tour, Part 2: Everything Is Terrible in Middle AmericaPart two of Everything is Terrible’s tour journal: where we travel from Minneapolis to Wichita, weird out middle America, steal bedrooms from […]
  9. FYI
    Apocalypse Prep: A Guide to Eating BugsWe know bugs are gross, but so is Soylent Green.
  10. bleakburgh
    Pennsylvania Explains Why It Paid The Road to Make It Look BadThere were no other movies filming that wanted to make it look good.
  11. chat room
    John Hillcoat on Turning Red Dead Redemption Into a Movie“The last time I played video games was Space Invaders.”
  12. rules
    Inglourious Basterds, Single Man, and The Road Ineligible for WGA AwardsSome worried about whether Harvey’s decision not to send screeners might hurt the movies chances. Turns out they couldn’t win anyway.
  13. kudos
    Mo’Nique, Memoriams, and More Nominations: Ten Reasons to Love This Oscar SeasonJames Cameron! Harvey Weinstein! Advanced math!
  14. Was 2009 the Worst Year of the Decade for Oscar-Bait Season? It Only Feels That WayRotten Tomatoes math doesn’t lie.
  15. chat room
    The Weinsteins Want the Miramax Name BackAt last night’s premiere of ‘The Road’ we spoke to him about sibling rivalry with his brother Harvey and their attempts to convince Wes Craven to direct ‘Scream 4.’
  16. recluses
    Cormac McCarthy Spoils Next Book“It has to do with a brother and sister. When the book opens she’s already committed suicide, and it’s about how he deals with it.”
  17. the road
    The Road Gets a New, More Uplifting/Heartwarming TrailerGrab your things I’m gonna take you home (from cannibal-land).
  18. trailer mix
    The Book of Eli Trailer: Denzel Washington Takes The Road Less TraveledThere are no helpless 10-year-olds to slow down the action in this postapocalypse actioner.
  19. your ad here
    Amazing But True: There’s Product Placement in The RoadSpam: It tastes better than people!
  20. dates
    Every Movie to Be Released on November 25Paramount has decided to move up the release of Jason Reitman’s ‘Up in the Air’ from December 4 to November 25
  21. delays
    Another Delay on The Road’The Road’ has been bumped from its previously scheduled October 16 release to one on November 25.
  22. bleak-off
    Bleak-Off! Which Movie Looks More Depressing, The Book of Eli or The Road?Which promotional photos are more filled with despair?
  23. trailer mix
    The Road Trailer: Just Your Basic Action-Romance-Suspense-Comedy-ThrillerBring your family! And a date!
  24. Recession Woes
    Tailor in TroubleSam Mason’s restaurant files for bankruptcy.
  25. jackman
    Vulture Imagines Hugh Jackman’s 2010 Oscars Opening NumberWe don’t care which films win awards next year — which ones will Hugh Jackman sing about?
  26. delays
    ‘The Road’ to Depress You Next YearThe bleakest-ever movie has been officially delayed.
  27. countdown
    One of Our Interns Saw ‘The Road’ Last Night!And he liked it!
  28. apropos of nothing
    Visit Beautiful Pittsburgh, Say the Makers of ‘The Road’!Absolutely no CGI was used to enhance the grim ugliness of Pittsburgh winter in the upcoming ‘Road’ movie.
  29. the take
    ‘The Wire’ Alumni Watch: It Pays to Be a PlayerBeadie in ‘The Office’! Prez on Broadway! And Michael in Beverly Hills!
  30. apropos of nothing
    Movie Version of ‘The Road’ to Feature World’s Only Non-Terrible Child ActorThere’s only one thing more depressing than a world-destroying apocalypse that turns its survivors into cannibals, and it’s seeing a good movie ruined by bad child acting.
  31. the early-evening news
    Gary Busey Issues Creepy Apology for Creepy BehaviorPlus: Paul Haggis!
  32. chat room
    Michael K. Williams of ‘The Wire’ on Honey Nut Cheerios, Spider-Man, and How Omar’s Story Will EndPlus: What the Bunk told Omar on the phone last weekend.
  33. the industry
    Corporate Shenanigans Force Out Will Arnett as Voice of KITTHe’s being replaced by … Val Kilmer?
  34. the take
    Cormac McCarthy Bombs on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’
  35. the take
    Oprah’s Cormac McCarthy Interview Is June 5