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  1. politics
    The Rock Says Running for President Is a ‘Real Possibility’Dwayne Johnson is pro-troops, anti-travel ban, and generally in favor of leadership and poise.
  2. The Fate of the Furious Is a Really Good Steamy Romance NovelThis is the most erotically charged Fast and the Furious installment.
  3. the reach
    The Rock, Who Has the Reach, Wanted to Be Jack Reacher Over Tom CruiseTom Cruise ended up playing the Lee Child character.
  4. The Rock and Zac Efron Fight Crime, Prevent Sunburns in The Baywatch TrailerOf course, there’s some running in slow motion.
  5. saturday night live
    Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pine, Melissa McCarthy, and the Rock to Host SNLIn a break from tradition, episodes will air live on both coasts.
  6. Watch the Trailer for Dwayne Johnson’s New HBO Prison Doc Rock and a Hard PlaceDwayne Johnson visits the inmates in Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Boot Camp
  7. video game movies
    Naomie Harris to Rampage With the RockThe actress makes a slight tone shift from Moonlight.
  8. trailer mix
    Watch Efron and the Rock in the Baywatch TrailerComing May 19, 2017.
  9. rock’s got your tongue
    The Rock Maybe Tried to Pull a Guy’s Tongue OutAh, the college days.
  10. roll clip!
    Watch the Rock Sing a New Song From MoanaDwayne “the Pipes” Johnson.
  11. candy
    Lin-Manuel and the Rock Tease Millennial MusicalAlso learn what emojis best describe the Rock.
  12. rock the vote
    The Rock Wouldn’t Rule Out a Presidential RunThe Republican actor spoke out at a Moana press conference.
  13. the awards show show
    Awards Show Show: Who Should Host the Oscars?Samantha Bee? The Rock?
  14. pranks for the memories
    The Rock Pranks Kevin Hart on the Jumanji SetCan you smell what spiders the Rock is throwing?
  15. psas
    Celebs Want You to Stop Texting at the MoviesThe Rock can, and will, crush a phone in his hand.
  16. here’s what’s cooking
    The Rock and Will Ferrell Are Tag-Teaming a Wrestling Pilot at FoxCan you smell what they’re cooking? It’s a TV show. That’s what a TV show smells like.
  17. Dwayne Johnson, Will Ferrell, and Adam McKay Are Developing a Wrestling […]Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is turning his real-life experiences as a wrestler into a new comedy at Fox. According to Variety, the network has […]
  18. costumes
    Disney Pulls Moana Costume After Complaints“We regret that the Maui costume has offended some.”
  19. wellness theories
    Donald Faison on Shaving His Head and Keeping It RealThe Clueless and Scrubs star talks about how he stays healthy.
  20. money
    The Rock Is 2016’s Highest-Paid ActorHis paydays are almost as big as his biceps.
  21. drama
    Tyrese Chose the Wrong Side in the 2 Feud 2 Furious BeefUh-oh. The Rock’s coming for ya.
  22. 2 feud 2 furious
    2 Feud 2 Furious: The Story of the Beef Between the Rock and Vin DieselOn candy asses, bald men, and a far-reaching conspiracy theory.
  23. peace in our time
    The Rock Alludes to Resolution of Fast 8 DramaHe’s less furious now.
  24. feuds
    Vin Diesel Is Reportedly the Rock’s ‘Candy Ass’ Fast 8 Co-starThere’s trouble in the Fast and Furious family.
  25. feud season 2
    Which ‘Candy Ass’ in the Fast 8 Cast Angered the Rock?Who is the candy ass?
  26. fast and really furious
    Dwayne Johnson’s Opinion of His Fast 8 Male Co-Stars: ‘Candy Asses’“There’s no other franchise that gets my blood boiling more than this one.”
  27. greenlights
    The Rock & Arnold Making TV Shows About MusclesSo many muscles!
  28. ball out
    An Appreciation of the Peacocking Male Style on BallersWhen you ball this hard, you better look good.
  29. war games
    Report Says Britain Cited The Rock to Enter IraqThe report was commissioned in 2009.
  30. candy
    The Rock and Kevin Hart Impersonate Each OtherJust have them host the Oscars already.
  31. youtube stars
    A Teaser for the Rock’s YouTube Channel Is HereThat which once was no longer is.
  32. roll clip!
    The Rock Reacts to Seth Rogen Aping His Fanny Pack StyleIt’s a “fancy dress outfit.”
  33. dwayne johnson’s packing list
    Here Is Everything That Could Be in the Rock’s Very Big BagOr: How to fill a purse that’s the size of a small car. 
  34. youtube stars
    The Rock Can Now Add YouTube Star to His Bulging RésuméHis production company is launching a YouTube channel with Studio71.
  35. apps
    The Rock Released Alarm-Clock App, ‘Rock Clock’Yes, he does play guitar on it.
  36. baewatch
    Here’s How to Intimidate the RockJust ask Priyanka Chopra.
  37. casting couch
    Kevin Hart and the Rock in Talks for JumanjiWelcome to the Jungle, it’s all Rocks and Harts.
  38. hotshot
    The Rock and Zac Efron Show Us the Meaning of True FriendshipHold me closer, tiny Zefron.
  39. baywatch
    The Hoff Visits the Set of BaywatchMore like Baewatch.
  40. trailer mix
    See Kevin Hart and the Rock’s New Movie TrailerIf you humiliate the fat kid in front of the entire pep rally, you deserve to have the Rock come after you.
  41. muscles
    A Few Poems About How Ridiculously Ripped Zac Efron Is Right NowThank you, Baywatch?
  42. mtv movie awards
    Kevin Hart and the Rock to Host MTV Movie AwardsThey’ll be promoting Central Intelligence.
  43. Everyone, Look at the Rock’s Stunt DoubleDon’t mind seeing double.
  44. 2 san 2ndreas
    A San Andreas Sequel Is HappeningThe Rock is saving the whole world now.
  45. glorious returns
    Dwayne Johnson Will Return to Grip of WrestleMania Again Next YearBeing held in Dallas on April 3.
  46. depression
    The Rock Once Battled Depression; Made It Smell What He Was CookingThe Rock has wrestled all sorts of stuff, including depression.
  47. casting couch
    Alexandra Daddario Joins Cast of Baywatch MovieYes, she will be wearing a bathing suit. Relax, pervs.
  48. fast spinoffs
    Here Are the Odds on Who Will Get a Fast and Furious Spinoff MovieSorry, Bow Wow. There’s not gonna be a Twinkie movie.
  49. my boyfriend
    When the Rock Cries About the Special Bond He Has With His Daughter, I Cry, TooNow you must cry with me.
  50. celebabies
    The Rock and Girlfriend Are Having a DaughterImagine a sweet little baby crawling on the Rock’s muscles. Cute.
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