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    Why Is The Crown Teasing Us Like This?Netflix just released new stills of Charles and Diana from the show’s upcoming season.
  2. keeping up with the ex-royals
    God Save the Queen After She Finds Out About Prince Harry’s Tell-All Memoir“I’m writing this not as the prince but as the man I have become.”
  3. keeping up with the royals
    Princes Harry and William Unveil They Can Be in Same Time Zone TogetherThey put on a reconciled front at Diana’s statue ceremony.
  4. keeping up with the royals
    Prince Harry Is Just Getting StartedIn a new interview, he doubled down on his criticism of the royal family, accusing them of “total neglect.”
  5. keeping up with the royals
    Prince Harry Reveals ‘Nightmare’ Alcohol and Drug Use After Diana’s Death“I was willing to try and do the things that made me feel less like I was feeling.”
  6. keeping up with the royals
    The Royals Are ‘Livid’ Over Prince Harry’s Latest InterviewThe queen was reportedly “unimpressed” with Harry’s appearance on Dax Shepard’s podcast.
  7. keeping up with the ex-royals
    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Did Supermarket ForeplayThey pretended that “we didn’t know each other.”
  8. rule britannia
    The Crown Star Tobias Menzies Honors Prince Philip With a Wee Bit of Shakespeare“O good old man!”
  9. obituaries
    Prince Philip Has DiedThe palace announced that he “passed away peacefully” early Friday morning.
  10. keeping up with the royals
    Now William Is Accusing Harry of Being Obsessed With FameSounds like things between the brothers are still tense.
  11. keeping up with the ex-royals
    Meghan and Prince Harry’s First Netflix Series Is All About the Invictus GamesIt will follow “extraordinary competitors” during their training period.
  12. celebrity
    A Few Questions About This ‘World’s Sexiest Bald Man’ StudyThe title went to … Prince William?
  13. keeping up with the royals
    Prince Philip Is Home From the HospitalFollowing a one-month stay, during which the 99-year-old underwent a heart procedure.
  14. celebrity
    Things Between Meghan and the Palace Keep Getting TenserThe royals are moving forward with their investigation into contentious claims that Meghan “bullied” palace staff.
  15. the royals
    Prince William Says the Royals Are ‘Not a Racist Family’Shortly after Meghan revealed that someone in the royal family raised “concerns” about Archie’s skin tone.
  16. keeping up with the royals
    Prince William Insists the Royal Family Is ‘Very Much’ Not RacistWhat Archie skin-color thing?
  17. culture
    Meghan Markle Filed a Formal Complaint Against Piers MorganShe called out the former Good Morning Britain host’s dangerous coverage of her struggles with mental health.
  18. keeping up with the ex-royals
    Meghan Markle Was Among ITV’s 41,000 Complaints About Piers MorganBoy, bye.
  19. keeping up with the ex-royals
    CBS to Rebroadcast Oprah Interview with Meghan and HarryIn case you somehow missed it.
  20. keeping up with the royals
    The Queen Is ‘Saddened’ But Not SorryTwo days after Meghan and Harry’s explosive Oprah interview, the palace has finally released a statement.
  21. keeping up with the ex-royals
    Buckingham Palace to Meghan Markle: Sorry, We Guess“While some recollections may vary, they are taken seriously and will be addressed by the family privately.”
  22. culture
    The Palace’s Silence on Racism Speaks VolumesThe royal family’s refusal to defend Meghan Markle from the press says a lot.
  23. keeping up with the royals
    Meghan Markle Says Royal Life Made Her Suicidal“I just didn’t want to be alive anymore,” she told Oprah in their remarkably candid interview.
  24. culture
    Whom the Palace Chooses to ProtectThe royal family’s failure to protect Meghan Markle stands in contrast to the support they’ve given accused sex offender Prince Andrew.
  25. keeping up with the royals
    Meghan Markle Says ‘Concerns Were Raised’ About Archie’s Skin ColorWithout naming names, she said there were “concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he was born.”
  26. keeping up with the ex-royals
    7 Meghan Markle Interview Bombshells That’ll Make You Anti-RoyalistMarkle was denied mental health help from Buckingham Palace when she became suicidal.
  27. the suits family
    Patrick J. Adams, Meghan Markle’s TV Husband, Goes Scorched-Earth on the Royals“Find someone else to admonish, berate, and torment. My friend Meghan is way out of your league.”
  28. keeping up with the ex-royals
    Meghan Markle Finds It ‘Liberating’ to Be Freed From the Royal Family“I couldn’t have said yes to you then, that wasn’t my choice to make.”
  29. keeping up with the ex-royals
    Meghan Markle Is Reading Buckingham Palace to FilthShe says that they were “active participants” in “perpetuating falsehoods” about the couple.
  30. the royals
    Meghan Markle Accuses the Palace of ‘Perpetuating Falsehoods’The new teaser for her and Harry’s tell-all interview with Oprah couldn’t have come at a better time.
  31. the royals
    Is the Palace Trying to Smear Meghan Markle?Tensions are high ahead of her and Harry’s tell-all interview with Oprah.
  32. the royals
    Harry and Meghan’s Oprah Interview Certainly Seems JuicyAccording to Oprah, the new tell-all conversation features “shocking” revelations.
  33. the royals
    Prince Harry Says Ruthless Tabloid Coverage Was ‘Destroying’ His Mental HealthIn a rare one-on-one interview with James Corden, Harry also shared his thoughts on The Crown.
  34. the royals
    Prince Philip Has Been HospitalizedPhilip, 99, was admitted as a “precautionary measure” after feeling unwell, according to Buckingham Palace.
  35. chat room
    The Crown’s Emma Corrin Is Waiting for Elizabeth Debicki’s Call“That’s a decision she has to make for herself.”
  36. god save the streaming
    Helena Bonham Carter Thinks The Crown Has a ‘Moral Responsibility’ to Be Fiction“I do feel very strongly.”
  37. close reads
    Princess Diana Exposes The Crown’s Great Uncrossable ChasmSeason four brilliantly illuminates, through the arrival of Diana, how impossible it is to connect with the royal family, even for those within it.
  38. keeping up with the royals
    Of Course There’s Even Royal Etiquette for ZoomA former royal butler walks us through.
  39. culture
    Wow, This Really Is the Least Boring Season of The Crown If you’ve never seen the show, this is a good time to jump in.
  40. the crown season 4
    Your Burning The Crown Historical Questions, GoogledI looked up season four’s biggest “wait, really?”moments so you don’t have to.
  41. england
    Prince William Reportedly Kept COVID Diagnosis a SecretSources say the royal was “hit pretty hard by the virus” in April but opted not to tell the public.
  42. keeping up with the royals
    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Win Their Paparazzi Drone CaseAn agency flew away with photos of their son, Archie, playing in their backyard.
  43. casting call
    Tall Icon Elizabeth Debicki Will Portray The Crown’s Next Princess DianaShe already has the hair.
  44. celebrity
    This Is What It’s Like to Text With Prince HarryHe’s apparently a big fan of the ghost emoji.
  45. tv
    Put ‘Tampongate’ in The Crown, You CowardsThe series apparently won’t touch on the infamous, racy phone call between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.
  46. keeping up with the royals
    Whom Is Princess Anne Shading in Her New Profile?She thinks certain young royals need to get “back to basics.”
  47. keeping up with the royals
    Not The Crown: Prince Charles Has the CoronavirusHe was recently with his mother, Queen Elizabeth.
  48. male bonding
    What Does Prince Harry Talk About in His Lads’ Chat?I’m desperate to know.
  49. keeping up with the royals
    Finally, Oprah Has Weighed in on Meghan and Harry’s New LifeShe’s the latest of the couple’s friends to comment on the royal exit.
  50. royal television
    A ‘Satirical’ Look at the British Royal Family Is Coming to HBO Max, You ChavsOh, it’s also animated.
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