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The Social Media Wars

  1. the social media wars
    Trolls Get a Win As Daisy Ridley Quits InstagramThe Dark Side of social media claims another one.
  2. Kate Moss May Be Following You On InstagramShe can’t take a selfie, but she knows about Snapchat thank you very much.
  3. the internet
    New York’s Most Influential Tweeters May Surprise YouA ranking based not on followers, but engagement, for 2014 so far.
  4. the social media wars
    You Can Annoy Specific, Targeted Friends With Your Brunch Instagrams NowInstagram’s new direct-messaging feature is pretty lame.
  5. the social media wars
    Some Twitter Users Still Confused by the Whole Tweeting Thing36 percent of them don’t even use the platform.
  6. twitter
    New Rumors Are Predicting a Twitter IPO for 2014It’s coming. Maybe. Finally?
  7. the social media wars
    The Twitter-Facebook Rivalry Is Here to StayRound one, fight!