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  1. radio vulture
    Thank God We Still Have MusicRespect is owed to the artists releasing vital new work this spring without any immediate prospect of a tour to back it up.
  2. my album is dropping
    The Strokes’ Presciently Titled Album The New Abnormal Has ArrivedIt’s their first studio album in seven years.
  3. the catchiest commercial
    The Strokes Are Making ‘Bad Decisions’ in Some Glorious Retro SuitsThe Billy Idol–inspired song is the second single from the New York City band’s forthcoming album, The New Abnormal.
  4. new music
    The Strokes Debut New Music While Getting You Amped for Bernie SandersThe group also revealed the release date of their upcoming album, The New Abnormal, at Sanders’s New Hampshire rally.
  5. my single is dropping
    Watch the Strokes Tease a New Album at New Year’s Eve ShowThe band debuted “Ode to the Mets,” and hinted at a full album in 2020.
  6. anniversaries
    The Weird Sadness of Aughts NostalgiaThe good art from the era came at the expense of great distress.
  7. music
    An Attempt at Defining Indie Music in the 2010sThe beginning of the ’00s offered multiple moments of major shifts in indie music, but this decade has been significantly murkier.
  8. the festival circuit
    Party Like It’s 2009 With the Strokes Headlining Governors BallThree days of muddy New York fun.
  9. in conversation
    Julian Casablancas on His Album, the Strokes, and How Money Ruined Modern PopHe became famous for embodying classic rock-and-roll nonchalance. These days he’s more interested in showing how deeply he’s engaged.
  10. Julian Casablancas ‘Not Into’ Feuding With Ryan AdamsThe Strokes front man addressed the juicy gossip in Meet Me in the Bathroom.
  11. meet me in the bathroom
    Juicy 2000s-NYC Rock Book to Be Adapted for Docuseries, So Keep the Tea ComingLizzy Goodman’s Meet Me in the Bathroom made many allegations about Ryan Adams, the Strokes, and drugs.
  12. niche drama
    This Week in Drama: J.K. Rowling Fake News, Bridezilla Defeated, Dueling Pierogi We recap the pettiest squabbles, juiciest feuds, and other niche drama you didn’t know you were living for every week.
  13. oral history
    How the Strokes — and the Early-Aughts New York Rock Boom — Went BustThe inside story of the last moment of the last great rock band, told by the people who lived it.
  14. music
    Rock Isn’t Dead, It Just Moved to CanadaThe New Pornographers, Metric, Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, the Weakerthans, Japandroids — it’s a full-on invasion.
  15. broad strokes
    Watch the Video for the Strokes’ ‘Threat of Joy’Let’s get into trouble, be there on the double.
  16. governors ball 2016
    Governors Ball Review: The Strokes and KanyeIf the Strokes embody the disaffected, downtown New York cool of eras past, the goose chase for a Kanye West concert that ultimately never happened shows what’s replaced it.
  17. covermania
    The Strokes Cover the Clash, Creating a Perfect Punk-Rock VortexAt the opening night of Governor’s Ball.
  18. Watch the Strokes’ ‘Drag Queen’ VideoYou almost expect Max Headroom to make an appearance.
  19. songs of the week
    8 Best New Songs of the WeekBig week for New York: The Strokes are back — and so is Jay Z!
  20. new music
    The Strokes Have Returned With Two New SongsIt sounds more Voidz than Strokes.
  21. important radio news
    Julian Casablancas to Host a Sirius XM ShowDubbed Culture Void.
  22. collaborations are cool
    Listen to Some Strokes and Beck Cover EODMFor charity!
  23. gov ball 2016
    Kanye and Beck Will Finally Get to Publicly Make Up at Governors Ball 2016Robyn and Beck also get top billing.
  24. music
    The Strokes Are Recording in MexicoWhatever ever (get it?) happened to the Strokes’ sixth album? We may soon find out.
  25. i won't back down
    Remember When Tom Petty Didn’t Mind Being Unintentionally Plagiarized?That ship has sailed, Sam Smith.
  26. music
    Julian Casablancas Clarifies Stance on Brunch(And also kind of admits that the Strokes didn’t get along.)
  27. music matters
    Kings of Leon: 14 Reasons the ‘Southern Strokes’ Eclipsed the Actual StrokesDespite being seen as a knockoff of the Strokes early on, Kings of Leon is now outselling the New York band by a wide margin.
  28. soul-baring interviews
    The Strokes Guitarist Reveals Drug Addiction“I used to shoot cocaine, heroin and ketamine … morning, night, 20 times a day.”
  29. These Are the 25 Best Strokes SongsSorry, Angles fans.
  30. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Julian Casablancas’s Skin-Tight JeansOur all-American rocker, always and forever.
  31. clickables
    Stream the New Strokes Album, Comedown MachineSure, why not?
  32. clickables
    Watch the Strokes’ ‘All the Time’ VideoOh, so we’re already in the “Greatest Hits” phase.
  33. teamwork
    The Strokes Recorded Their New Album Together, Like One Big Happy BandUnlike with Angles.
  34. clickables
    Here’s Another New Strokes Song, ‘All the Time’It sounds like the Strokes.
  35. save the date
    The New Strokes Album Will Be Out in MarchOkay!
  36. right-click
    The Strokes Are Back, AgainCheck out “One Way Trigger.”
  37. announcements
    There’s a New Strokes Album On the WayAs you might have heard.
  38. the end (of the year)
    Vulture’s Bests and Worsts in this Year’s EntertainmentIn movies, TV, and pop, what were the most overrated and underrated projects? What was the instrument of the year? Who had the best moves?
  39. clickables
    Count the Julians in the Strokes’ ‘Taken for a Fool’ VideoNeon sneakers still in effect.
  40. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From the Strokes to Andrew BirdPlus: Pulp, Explosions in the Sky, Iggy Pop …
  41. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Ke$ha to Tune-YardsPlus: Maroon 5, the Strokes, Ricky Martin, and more, in our weekly concert roundup.
  42. ambivalence
    At Times, Julian Casablancas Fears a Coup“I do feel like people if they could would stab me to get to the top. I’m kidding of course.”
  43. comebacks
    The Strokes Are Back in the Studio Already“Super excited to go in to the studio today and work on some new ideas! I’ll keep you posted.”
  44. clickables
    Hear a Self-Proclaimed ‘Hipster Orchestra’ Cover the StrokesTechnically it’s just a string ensemble.
  45. radio vulture
    SXSW Diary: Sissy Bounce, the Strokes, and Keith MorrisSissy bounce, a variant of New Orleans bounce music, is rigorously focused on ass-shaking.
  46. the strokes
    Julian Casablancas Almost Manages to Talk About the Strokes Album Without Sounding Ambivalent“I had something completely different in mind … “
  47. talk
    When Did You Stop Loving Your Favorite Band?Is there an album you can point to as the moment it all went sour?
  48. leak of the week
    Leaked: The Strokes Return, or Whatever’Angles’ has hit the Internet.
  49. clickables
    Hear Two More Tracks From the New Strokes AlbumHere’s “Machu Pichu” and “Taken for a Fool.”
  50. Twitter Is For Strokes’ Lovers, Or How The Internet Isn’t All BadWhen you’re hunched over your computer 24 hours a day like I am, eyeballs drying into golden raisins as you tweet and Tumbl towards a future […]
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