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  1. the supremes
    Elena Kagan Doesn’t Get Aroused by 2 Live CrewJust in case you were wondering.
  2. the supremes
    What We’re Really Not Talking About When We Talk About Elena KaganIt’s not whether she’s gay.
  3. the supremes
    Kagan Confirmation Hearings to Start on June 28Start getting excited now.
  4. the supremes
    Elena Kagan Will Be Confirmed by a 65–35 VoteThat’s our prediction, anyway.
  5. the supremes
    So What Do All the Lesbians in Park Slope Think About Elena Kagan?Andrea Peyser went to find out.
  6. endorsements
    Kagan Gets Surprise Stamp of Approval From Laura Bush“I just like women to be represented in all parts of American political and civic life.”
  7. the supremes
    The GOP Will Not Filibuster Elena KaganUnless they change their minds.
  8. the supremes
    Pat Buchanan Stands Up for the Country’s Oppressed Protestants and White CatholicsWhy have Democrats taken a blood oath to never nominate one to the Supreme Court again?
  9. the supremes
    Anthony Kennedy Could Do With Fewer New Yorkers on the CourtCrybaby.
  10. the supremes
    Kagan Was Tough, Open Say StudentsThe Supreme Court nominee was apparently an excellent teacher.
  11. the supremes
    White House Limiting Press Access to Kagan’s FamilyRequests by the ‘Times’ to talk to her brother, cousin shot down.
  12. the supremes
    Elena Kagan Already Talking Smack About Current Supreme Court JusticesShe says one of the justices was “not appropriate” during his or her confirmation hearings.
  13. the supremes
    Staten Island Is Sad That It Doesn’t Have a Supreme Court JusticeAll the other boroughs get one!
  14. the supremes
    Elena Kagan’s Former Roommate Sets the Record StraightShe’s not a lesbian.
  15. the supremes
    Elena Kagan Clarifies That She Is Not the Lady Who Puts Warnings on CigarettesGood thing we cleared that up.
  16. the supremes
    Could Elena Kagan Surprise Us on Abortion?So far, there’s no reason to think so.
  17. the supremes
    Why the ‘Is She or Isn’t She’ Question Matters for Kagan, Regardless of the AnswerAs we suspected, everyone’s wondering about the Obama nominee’s personal life.
  18. the supremes
    RNC Desperately Tries to Walk Back Their Thurgood Marshall AttackIn a not very convincing way.
  19. the supremes
    How Critics Are Coming At Elena KaganAll we know about her is that she hates the Constitution!
  20. the supremes
    Meet Your Next Supreme Court JusticeElena Kagan accepts President Obama’s nomination.
  21. the supremes
    Elena Kagan Wore a Judge’s Robe in Her YearbookShe was not a judge at the time.
  22. the supremes
    Obama Reportedly to Nominate Elena Kagan to Supreme CourtSolicitor general would be court’s third woman.
  23. the supremes
    Obama Nominating Kagan to the Supreme Court on Monday?Probably!
  24. the supremes
    Diane Wood Hoping for Better Luck Second Time AroundProgressive judge is the fourth candidate to meet with the president.
  25. the supremes
    Obama Interviews First Candidate for Supreme Court SeatSidney Thomas gets face time with both Obama and Biden.
  26. the supremes
    Obama Speaks Out Against ‘Conservative’ Judicial ActivismPresident says this won’t be the only basis for his Supreme Court pick.
  27. the supremes
    In Governor Granholm’s Unbiased Opinion, Governor Granholm Would Be Good for the Supreme CourtOne woman on the shortlist provides her objective thoughts.
  28. the supremes
    Maddow Mocks Supreme Court’s Lack of Tech Savvy via Puppetry“What is the difference between the pager and the e-mail?” Justice Roberts asks.
  29. the supremes
    Obama Is Talking to People About the Supreme Court!The decision could come as soon as next week! Or over a month from now!
  30. the supremes
    If You Think It’s Sexy When Baby Animals Are Crushed to Death, CongratsThe Supreme Court has your back.
  31. supreme speculation
    Bill Clinton Says He and Hillary Are ‘Too Old’ for Supreme CourtNot to mention the fact that they’re “doers.”
  32. the supremes
    Conservatives Zero in on Elena Kagan E-mailShe once called “don’t ask, don’t tell” “a profound wrong — a moral injustice of the first order.”
  33. the supremes
    CBS News Reprimanded by White House for Suggesting Supreme Court Candidate Elena Kagan Is GayThis seems like a bad move.
  34. supreme speculation
    Hillary Clinton Won’t Be Nominated to the Supreme CourtThe White House tries to tamp down the rumors.
  35. the supremes
    Journalists Start Elena Kagan Gay Dance AgainCiting “conservative activists” but quoting none, the ‘Journal’ gets a jump on an inevitable story line.
  36. supreme speculation
    Actual Senator Is Hearing About Hillary Clinton for the Supreme CourtOrrin Hatch has heard things about Hillary. That’s about all we know, though.
  37. the supremes
    Republicans Won’t Rule Out Filibuster of Court NomineeStill, they say it’s highly unlikely.
  38. the supremes
    What’s It Like for the Other Justices When Someone Leaves the Supreme Court?John Roberts says it’s like losing a family member.
  39. secretary of awesome
    Inevitable Hillary Clinton for Supreme Court Talk BeginsSome prominent liberals are voicing their support.
  40. the supremes
    Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Officially Announces His RetirementThis was not entirely surprising.
  41. the supremes
    Obama Camp Has Three Candidates to Replace Justice StevensSolicitor General Elena Kagan is the front-runner and the other two are federal appellate judges Diane Wood and Merrick Garland.
  42. the supremes
    Poll: Majority of Americans Would Support Gay Man or Woman on Supreme CourtHuh. That’s a surprise.
  43. the supremes
    Obama’s Next Supreme Court Nominee Will Not Be a Wise Latina WomanPolitical observers are watching for the next Supreme Court retirement.
  44. the supremes
    John Paul Stevens Will Retire in Three Years, If Not SoonerSomebody else is going to have to start wearing bow ties.
  45. the supremes
    The Long-Running John Roberts–Barack Obama Feud ContinuesRoberts finally gets around to taking umbrage at Obama’s State of the Union criticism.
  46. the supremes
    Here’s How the Rumor That John Roberts Is Retiring May Have Gotten StartedIt was the fault, fittingly, of a class of gullible 1Ls.
  47. the supremes
    America Shakes Its Head at Samuel AlitoEveryone hates his recent campaign-finance opinion.
  48. the supremes
    Supreme Court: No Cameras in the Proposition 8 CourtroomThe 5-4 decision was right down the lines you’d expect.
  49. the supremes
    One of the Many, Everyday Perks of Being a Supreme Court JusticeSonia Sotomayor’s security detail saves her the trouble.
  50. the supremes
    Dalton Incident Wasn’t First Time Justice Kennedy’s Office Asked to Vet Student JournalismIt also happened at George Washington last month.
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