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    Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Insists on Vetting Own Coverage in Student NewspaperThis is just confusing.
  2. the supremes
    Update: Justice Scalia Is NOT More of a Plessy GuyThe conservative Supreme Court judge would have dissented in ‘Brown’ v. ‘Board of Education.’
  3. photo op
    These Guys Can’t Agree on AnythingThe latest official portrait of the Supreme Court is hilarious.
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    The Supreme Court Just Got SexierSonia Sotomayor cuts a rug with Esai Morales.
  5. the supremes
    Justice!Sonia Sotomayor takes her seat at the Supreme Court.
  6. the supremes
    Supreme Court May Change Again Soon in Inconsequential WaysJohn Paul Stevens might be retiring soon!
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    Sotomayor v. Equinox Fitness: The Case of the Canceled MembershipThe justice had some problems with showing her I.D. at the gym, and for this her membership was canceled.
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    Senate Confirms Sonia SotomayorThe 111th justice of the Supreme Court was confirmed by a vote of 68–31.
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    Wise Latina Confirmed by Judiciary CommitteeMostly by Democrats.
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    The Final ‘Wise Latina’ CountMany precious moments were spent figuring out exactly how racist Sonia Sotomayor truly is.
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    ‘Wise Latina’ Count Continues to RiseHow high will it go?
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    Nydia Velázquez on Sonia SotomayorThe New York City congresswoman talks about the Supreme Court nominee, how her rise has affected her constituents, how she likes to cook, and why some Hispanic leaders thought it might be a problem that she wasn’t Mexican.
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    Sotomayor Walks Back ‘Wise Latina,’ Defends Ricci“It was bad.”
  14. intel
    We’re Still Tweeting the Sotomayor HearingsCome follow along!
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    Abortion Debate’s Ultimate Flip-flopper Was Arrested at Sotomayor HearingThe ‘Roe’ from ‘Roe’ v. ‘Wade’ has had quite a change of heart.
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    Today’s Sotomayor Confirmation Hearing in Digestible FormHere’s what every senator said in their opening remarks. Basically.
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    Sotomayor Insists She Isn’t a Renegade Activist Enemy of the LawWait, but the GOP was saying the exact opposite thing all day.
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    We’re Tweeting! Daily Intel on the Sotomayor HearingsCome on and follow us!
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    Sonia Sotomayor Won’t Date LawyersIn fact, she doesn’t have a lot of time to date anybody.
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    The Supreme Court Disagrees With Sotomayor on Race CaseMichelle Malkin rubs it in.
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    GOP Disappointed That Sotomayor Is So BoringTheir base isn’t even enraged! What a disaster!
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    Christian Group Blesses Sotomayor Hearing Room, They HopeAnd it’s kind of creepy.
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    Breaking: Sotomayor’s AnkleLiterally. But she’s okay!
  24. the supremes
    Sonia Sotomayor Used to Make Juries CryAnd probably some lawyers, too.
  25. the supremes
    Sotomayor Misspoke Many TimesHer “wise Latina woman” remark was actually one of her go-to lines for years.
  26. the supremes
    Rush Limbaugh Would Support Sotomayor!Even though, he says, she’s still a racist.
  27. gingrinch
    Gingrich Calls a Do-Over on SotomayorHe kind of wishes he hadn’t called the judge a racist that one time.
  28. hot gop-on-gop action
    Gingrich, Limbaugh Urged to Shut Up, Stop Killing the GOPHello — some people are trying to run a political party here.
  29. the supremes
    Sotomayor Doesn’t Always VoteBut she mostly skipped the boring elections.
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    Should Pro-Choicers Worry About Sotomayor?Probably not!
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    Newt Gingrich Isn’t a Sotomayor FanHe tweets that the Supreme Court nominee is a racist and should withdraw.
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    The Sotomayor Media Maelstrom: When Flooding the Zone Is Too MuchSometimes, wall-to-wall coverage makes us feel boxed in.
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    The Supreme Court and New York: A Brief HistorySonia Sotomayor will be just the latest in a long line of New Yorkers to serve on the Supreme Court.
  34. what other people think
    Sotomayor Is the GOP’s Latest HeadacheWhy people are saying Obama’s Supreme Court pick was a political masterstroke.
  35. the supremes
    Obama to Announce Sonia Sotomayor As Supreme Court NomineeThis morning the president is expected to announce his pick to replace outgoing justice David Souter.
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    Obama Has Grown Tired of Your Supreme Court SuggestionsRobert Gibbs tells annoying interest groups to chill out.
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    Gambling Already Begun on Souter Supreme ReplacementSo far, Sonia Sotomayor holds the best odds.
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    Supreme Court Speculation Period May Be Mercifully Short-livedCould a nominee be announced by the end of the week?
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    Will Obama Pick Known Female Hillary Clinton for Supreme Court?Probably not, but why not speculate?
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    The Clues to Obama’s Dream JusticeObama’s statements reveal exactly the type of Supreme Court justice he’s looking for.
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    The Supreme Court Doesn’t Sout Him AnymoreDavid Souter has told the White House he plans to retire in the near future.
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    Justice Ginsburg Makes Cryptic Remark About Court OpeningSomebody’s leaving soon?