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  1. the supremes
    Roberts Skeptical DOMA Was About DiscriminationWhy is this hard to understand?
  2. gay marriage
    DOMA Appears Doomed, According to Supreme Court GuessersEighty percent doomed, apparently.
  3. gay marriage
    Breaking Down DOMA Day at the Supreme CourtIt’s round two for gay marriage.
  4. the supremes
    Listen to the Supreme Court Joke About Infertility and Strom ThurmondThere was legitimate laughter!
  5. prop 8
    Supreme Court ‘Experts’ Are Making All Kinds of Early Predictions AgainNo one learned from Obamacare.
  6. scotus
    Supreme Court Gay-Marriage Primer: Prop 8, DOMAArguments start today; get familiar.
  7. hairy situations
    29 of the Best Bob Haircuts in HistoryNow that everyone’s doing it now, here are the ladies who’ve already done it.
  8. platonic flirtations
    President Obama and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Have Adorable BromancePlus: How the First Lady convinced the president to quit smoking.
  9. the supremes
    Sonia Sotomayor No Longer Interested in Bringing Cameras Into the Supreme Court“I think the process could be more misleading than helpful.”
  10. the supremes
    Sonia Sotomayor Quickly Becoming the Oprah of the Supreme CourtLong may she reign.
  11. the supremes
    Clarence Thomas Spoke Up for the First Time in Seven Years to Mock Harvard“Well, there, see: He did not provide good counsel.”
  12. the supremes
    Audio Evidence Does Not Help to Clarify Clarence Thomas’s Unintelligible JokeListen for yourself and see if you can hear what he says.
  13. the supremes
    Clarence Thomas Breaks Seven-Year Silence With Unintelligible JokeActually, we barely understand what the joke means.
  14. the supremes
    Sotomayor Talks About How SCOTUS Is Like NYCThe take-out situation is really bad.
  15. the supremes
    Sonia Sotomayor Declined Quaaludes on Her Wedding Night [Updated]A “bag of Quaaludes,” to be precise.
  16. equal rites
    Scalia Defends Comparison Between Bans on Homosexuality and MurderAnd snaps at a Princeton student.
  17. the supremes
    Justice Ginsburg Made June’s Historic Decisions With Two Cracked RibsBut it didn’t even slow her down.
  18. photo op
    Sonia Sotomayor Is a Bleacher Creature [Updated]At least for this afternoon.
  19. the supremes
    Scalia Says Televising the Supreme Court Would Only Confuse UsThere are at least nine Americans who don’t want to be on TV.
  20. the supremes
    Scalia Insists Justices Didn’t Bully Roberts Over ObamacareThe justices are still besties.
  21. the supremes
    Roberts Changed His Health Care Vote, Was Shunned by Other JusticesThey also left a strongly worded dissent in his locker.
  22. the supremes
    John Roberts Fleeing to Island FortressSounds like a smart choice.
  23. 2012
    Romney Turns Anti-Obamacare Sentiment Into Fund-raising SpikeMore than 30,000 people have donated so far.
  24. the supremes
    What Everyone Is Predicting for the Supreme Court’s Obamacare RulingInTrade thinks the mandate is going down. 
  25. the supremes
    Ten Famous Waits in American HistoryFrom the Cuban Missile Crisis to LeBron James’s “The Decision.”
  26. the supremes
    Stephen Breyer Will Be Burgled for Rest of LifeIt happened again!
  27. the supremes
    Nancy Pelosi Makes Another Probably Wrong PredictionThe Supreme Court will rule 6-3 in favor of Obamacare.
  28. the supremes
    Stephen Breyer Robbed by Intruder With Machete“You are out of order!” Breyer said to the intruder, according to our imagination.
  29. the supremes
    Sonia Sotomayor Is Soft on Sesame Street CrimeThe verdict in ‘Goldilocks v. Baby Bear’ is disturbing.
  30. the supremes
    White House Wants the Supreme Court to Hurry Up and Decide Whether or Not the Health Care Bill Is ConstitutionalThey’ve asked them to hear an appeal from the Eleventh Circuit during the next term.
  31. the supremes
    The Late Anna Nicole Smith Loses Her Supreme Court CaseBad news for Dannielynn.
  32. the supremes
    Witness: Antonin Scalia Rear-ends Car on George Washington Parkway, Causes Four-Car Pileup“That’s an originalist interpretation.”
  33. the supremes
    Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Westboro Baptist’s Anti-Gay ProtestersThe First Amendment protects even assholes.
  34. the supremes
    Elena Kagan Was Called for Jury DutyShe probably won’t be forced to actually serve, though.
  35. the supremes
    Antonin Scalia Rules That Chicago Pizza Shall Be Known Henceforth As ‘Tomato Pie’Because it’s not pizza.
  36. the supremes
    Rest of Supreme Court Probably Bewildered by Scalia and Kagan’s Electronic Reading RectanglesOtherwise known as an iPad and a Kindle.
  37. the supremes
    Justice Breyer Confounded by Watching The Social NetworkIt’s okay because none of the justices understand technology either.
  38. the supremes
    Antonin Scalia Spotted Teaching Elena Kagan How to ShootSeriously.
  39. the supremes
    BREAKING: Justice Antonin Scalia Is FineJust so you know!
  40. the supremes
    Senate Confirms Elena KaganShe’ll be the fourth female justice in the 221-year history of the court.
  41. the supremes
    Anthony Kennedy Will Remain All-Powerful for at Least Three More YearsHe’ll stay on until the end of Obama’s first term.
  42. bons mots
    Sessions: Kagan Remarks ‘Unconnected to Reality’The Republican senator and Supreme Court nominee have different memories of what happened at Harvard several years ago.
  43. the supremes
    Republicans Indicate Kagan Could Still Face Filibuster“I think some of her views are quite troubling … in the area of political speech and the First Amendment.”
  44. the supremes
    Republicans Clearly Not Finding Anything Good on Elena KaganGOP says the “burden of proof” is on her.
  45. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Will Not Be Thrown Out of Office by the Supreme CourtNobody cares about the Emoluments Clause.
  46. the supremes
    First Enormous Batch of Clinton-Era Elena Kagan Documents Goes OnlineSo far, the results are less than exhilarating.
  47. the supremes
    Majority of Americans Can’t Name a Supreme Court JusticeOnly 15 percent remember that lady, Sonia something.
  48. the supremes
    The ‘She Was Never a Judge!’ Strategy Gets Even WeakerAntonin Scalia and Sandra Day O’Connor don’t mind at all.
  49. the supremes
    Elena Kagan’s SkeletonsShe once got a B-minus.
  50. the supremes
    Robin Givhan Is Really Taken By the Fact That Elena Kagan Does Not Cross Her LegsBut what does that MEAN?
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