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    Coronavirus Has Changed How We Drink CoffeeWhat has been bad for Starbucks has been good for Folgers.
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    Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg Aren’t in the Same BoatAmazon is extremely popular – and doesn’t meet the definition of a monopoly. Facebook is a different situation.
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    Don’t Give Up on Offices Quite YetEven companies like Google that are well suited to remote work understand the value of in-person interactions.
  4. real estate
    How Much Is COVID-19 Hurting NYC Real-Estate Values?The news for Gotham homeowners is not great — but also not catastrophic.
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    Why the Stock Market Is Soaring Even As the Economy FaltersHere, some good explanations for why stocks would appear to shrug off the very serious economic problems the virus has caused this summer.
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    If This Is How Disney World Operates in a Pandemic, How Could Schools Operate?Limited capacity may be possible at theme parks and retail stores, but it probably won’t work at schools.
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    The Economy Won’t Be Recovering Anytime SoonIndicators that recently looked promising are stalling once again.
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    How Ski Resorts Hope to Operate Under COVID-19 This WinterSkiing is a naturally low-risk activity, but concerns about sudden lockdowns and traveling to, getting up, and eating on the mountain remain.
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    COVID-19 Is Changing Many Things — But Not Apartment RentsEven during this extremely unstable time, the cost to rent a home has so far remained surprisingly stable.
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    Brooks Brothers’ Problems Began Before the CoronavirusThe formal-attire business isn’t what it used to be.
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    Here’s What the Trouble in Commercial Real Estate Means for YouSome of the hits to retail real estate may permanently change how state and local governments fund themselves.
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    To Reopen the Economy, Close the BarsAreas that reopened bars may have increased the spread of the coronavirus and made the public more afraid to engage in activities unrelated to bars.
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    The Good News and the Bad News in the Latest Jobs ReportThe economy added a record 4.8 million workers. But there are also some warning signs.
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    Another Good Sign on the Economic Recovery — and a WarningThings are still looking up, but coronavirus surges and government inaction could change that.
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    How Do You Talk People Into Traveling in the Middle of a Pandemic?Companies are looking for ways to coax potential travelers back out of their homes.
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    Bankrupt Hertz Won’t Sell More Stock to Bored Investors — YetAfter some discussions with the SEC, the company decided not to make new shares available after all.
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    Retail Sales Data Shows the CARES Act Is WorkingRetail sales increased 17.7 percent in May, proving that the stimulus supported most American households such that people do not feel afraid to spend.
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    Air Travel Is Coming Back‚ But a Full Recovery Is Far OffExpect a smaller airline sector for years to come.
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    The Strange Case of Hertz’s BankruptcyWhat the mysteriously high stock price of the distressed rental-car company might tell us about market dynamics right now.
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    The Recession Started in February — And Is Probably Already OverWe are not out of the woods. But we are on the upswing.
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    Walt Disney World Is Preparing to Reopen. It’s Gonna Be Weird.The company is aiming for mid-July. But the experience won’t be what you are used to.
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    Why Americans Unexpectedly Saved a Lot of Money in AprilMillions lost their jobs, but those declines were more than offset by an enormous increase in government social benefits.
  23. buyer's market
    How Hertz’s Bankruptcy Will Affect the Car IndustryExpect hundreds of thousands of Hertz cars to show up at used-car dealerships soon.
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    Walmart Had a Great First Quarter — and Has Good News About the Whole Economy“Call it relief spending,” said the company’s CEO, “as it was heavily influenced by stimulus dollars.”
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    Why Do Food Delivery Companies Lose Money?One common theory is that they are planning to raise their prices someday. I think something else is going on.
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    There’s Deflation, But You’re Probably Not Enjoying Lower PricesThe government’s preferred measure of prices is way down. That’s not the story for most consumers during lockdown though.
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    Why There Are Still So Many Empty Shelves at the Grocery StoreSome key dynamics have changed since March, but there are still acute shortages — particularly in the meat aisle.
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    Here’s Where the Jobs Crisis Is Hitting HardestAmerica’s current economy misery isn’t spread evenly.
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    Disney Is a Fascinating Case Study for the Coronavirus’s Economic EffectsAcross the company’s many businesses, the impact from the pandemic ranges from dire to positive.
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    Warren Buffett Should Have Listened to Warren Buffett About AirlinesHe was a longtime skeptic of the industry. Then he changed his mind. Now he’s changed his mind again.
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    Federal Government to Airlines: Keep Flying Those Empty PlanesAs part of the industry bailout, airlines are supposed to continue service to every U.S. city in their networks.
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    Drinking More Wine During the Lockdown? You’re Not AloneAlcohol sales are up in the crisis — but not all makers are benefiting.
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    Why Airlines Have Been Slow to Require Passengers to Wear MasksRemember when they were slow to ban smoking?
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    Why Mitch McConnell’s State Bankruptcy Idea Is So StupidThe negative economic and social effects of leaving states scrambling to pay their debts would be dire for everyone.
  35. buyer's market
    Only You Can Reopen the EconomyEven a state that loosens the lockdown will remain mostly frozen if consumers are reluctant to participate in the economy.
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    The Patchwork Approach of the CARES Act Is a Strong Coronavirus Stimulus PlanWhile the PPP is dry, the act’s boosted unemployment benefits provide another route to get federal cash to a worker at a distressed business.
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    Why the Fed Was the Part of Government Most Ready for This CrisisLessons the institution learned from 2008 have served it well amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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    Another Bloodbath Week for UnemploymentThe only sliver of good news is that expanded unemployment benefits will help keep more people financially afloat for a while.
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    Here’s Why So Many Planes Are Still Flying, Nearly EmptySchedule reductions haven’t lined up with the drop in demand amid COVID-19, as obstacles like logistics, DOT obligations, and algae get in the way.
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    Cruise Lines Are Already Getting the Support They Deserve in This CrisisBailout or no, the CARES Act’s support for consumers and tangential businesses, as well as lower interest rates, are helping to prop up the industry.
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    Job Cuts Will Hit Industries You Don’t ExpectJob loss across the economy, even in sectors where you may not have known to look for it, will lead to less spending power and its ripple effects.
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    The Unemployment Situation Will Get Worse Before It Gets BetterFriday’s jobs report doesn’t look too bad at first glance, showing March unemployment at 4.4 percent. But that number is stale and irrelevant.
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    The $2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package Should Work — for NowThe unemployment expansion and loans to businesses will help keep Americans afloat, but state governments are going to need more money down the line.
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    Today’s 3.3 Million Job Losses Is Just the StartWhile the initial unemployment claims figure released on Thursday is shockingly high, it also is probably low.
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    GOP Senators’ Objection to Expanded Unemployment Benefits Makes Little SenseWork incentives are just such an odd place to focus one’s attention right now. Currently, we need less work in America.
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    Here’s What the Fed Is Doing, Isn’t Doing, and Can’t Do to Address CoronavirusThe Fed is good at many things. But its natural limitations highlight how important it is for Congress to act, and to do so soon.
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    A Sufficiently Large Fiscal Package Is an Essential Virus-Fighting ToolA big spending package is needed to protect families, but it’s also necessary if we hope to retain public cooperation with costly anti-virus measures.
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    How a Riskier World Has Me Rethinking My InvestmentsMy strategy had long been to buy and hold for the long term. That changed – in part, anyway – earlier this month.
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    Part of the Coronavirus Conventional Wisdom Has Become Too PessimisticThe country is shutting now. But more testing should, in time, allow for more normal living.
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    Nobody Knows How Hard COVID-19 Will Hit the Economy — or Even Their Own CompanyWe are flying completely blind here.
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