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The Underground Gourmet

  1. trends
    Caviar Used to Be Special. Now It’s Just Another Upsell.Would you like ossetra or sevruga with that nugget?
  2. the underground gourmet
    A New Bar That Goes Back to the BasicsCarousel has become my go-to because it doesn’t do anything flashy. (But there is a smoking room.)
  3. openings
    Lawn Club Brings Croquet and Cocktails to the SeaportYour Lawncierge will see you now.
  4. the underground gourmet
    Farina Is a New Kind of Brooklyn PizzeriaTony Pisaniello’s pies are unlike anything else in the city.
  5. the underground gourmet
    Going Vegan at HAAMThe all-plant Caribbean restaurant lands in Williamsburg on November 15.
  6. the underground gourmet
    Forget Whipped Cream — Where’s the Olive Oil?A good idea has become ubiquitous.
  7. the underground gourmet
    The City’s Best Injera Is in GreenpointBersi’s bread is fresh, supple, and dark with teff.
  8. the underground gourmet
    Is That Restaurant Gonna Suck?If you know what to look for, red flags are everywhere.
  9. the underground gourmet
    Where to Eat, East of Flushing, at 1:30 a.m.Hongdae Pocha is a late-night paradise.
  10. the underground gourmet
    A New French Dish Arrives in NYCRavioles du Dauphiné are beloved in France, but rarely seen on this side of the Atlantic.
  11. the underground gourmet
    It’s Tomato Season! (At the Bar)New drinks that go way beyond the Bloody Mary.
  12. the underground gourmet
    Dutch Crunch Finally Arrives in New AmsterdamA fresh roll comes to town.
  13. the underground gourmet
    A Big Fat Blob of BoringIt’s time to cool it with all these balls of burrata.
  14. the underground gourmet
    A New Pop-up Makes Fungus the FocusRavi DeRossi’s newest project, called & Beer, goes all in on mushrooms.
  15. the underground gourmet
    It’s Hot. Order Some Ramen!A bowl of icy noodles with a fiery blast of horseradish awaits in Cobble Hill.
  16. the underground gourmet
    New Haven Pizza Comes to East WilliamsburgCourtesy of the Grimm Artisanal Ales crew.
  17. the underground gourmet
    Welcome to the Era of the Quickie OmakaseA dozen courses in 25 minutes or less.
  18. the underground gourmet
    The 7 Best Things I’ve Eaten LatelyA top-tier Cubano, a stew fit for summer, buttery hand pies, and more.
  19. the underground gourmet
    A New Spot for Some Time-Honored PastramiMoe’s Pastrami & Burger is an unlikely delicatessen.
  20. the underground gourmet
    The Green-Mango Martini Is Too Special to Be the Drink of the SummerA fabulous drink that can only be found at one East Village bar.
  21. the underground gourmet
    A TikTok-Famous Pastry That’s Worth the Trip to Staten IslandThe burek at Blend’s Bakery has become an unlikely social-media sensation.
  22. the underground gourmet
    This Is the Most Complicated Dessert in New YorkIt’s got 18 individual components and takes ten minutes to assemble.
  23. the underground gourmet
    A Perfect Restaurant for a Sunday NightC as in Charlie helps to ease the transition into the workweek.
  24. the underground gourmet
    Bananas Are About to Become Summer’s Hottest FlavorPeel and eat.
  25. the underground gourmet
    Let the Bread Be FreeWhen charging extra is the norm, some complimentary focaccia is a nice surprise.
  26. the underground gourmet
    Why Is Turbot Suddenly Everywhere?The flat fish was once impossibly rare and expensive. Now it’s popping up on menus all over town.
  27. the underground gourmet
    The Composed Beauty of a Big-Ass SaladDitch the clamshells during your next lunch hour.
  28. the underground gourmet
    A New Tasting Counter Makes the Case for Fine DiningThe Tokyo import House lands in Greenpoint.
  29. openings
    Wylie Dufresne Will Open a New PizzeriaExpect carbonated negronis, hot-honey soft-serve, and egg-yolk pies at Stretch Pizza.
  30. the underground gourmet
    You Need to Eat This GnocchiBar Mario is a month old. It’s already Red Hook’s most lived-in trattoria.
  31. the underground gourmet
    What to Eat at Flushing’s New Tangram Food HallCaviar canapés, corn dogs, and the world’s biggest spring rolls, to start.
  32. the underground gourmet
    The Kebab Chain Poised to Shake Up New York’s Doner SceneHow does German Doner Kebab measure up against the city’s best?
  33. the underground gourmet
    A Tasting Menu That Ends With Plenty of LeftoversBird Dog offers the most useful luxury of all.
  34. the underground gourmet
    Italian Beef So Good You’ll Forget About The BearThe sandwiches at Bobbi’s stand out on their own terms.
  35. the underground gourmet
    Now Is the Time for Trini RotiThe Caribbean staple is a perfect midwinter lunch.
  36. the underground gourmet
    Where to Find the City’s Best New SoupElaborate broth is back.
  37. underground gourmet quick bite
    Little Myanmar’s Burmese Pancake Is Street Food Worth Sitting Down ForThe new restaurant brings Burmese cuisine back to the East Village.
  38. the underground gourmet
    This 86-Year-Old Nonna Is Known As the Pasta Machine“During the pandemic, I’d drop off flour outside her door and she’d give me pasta. It was like a drug deal.”
  39. the underground gourmet
    Can New York Be a Great Herring Town Again?An undersung vestige of New York culinary history is the main event at a new Upper West Side sandwich shop.
  40. the underground gourmet
    Vegan Birria Tacos From a Former Dirt Candy Cook in the East VillageAt Raíz, the birria is made with jackfruit and the churros are sparking heated debate.
  41. the underground gourmet
    Two Fresh Takes on the Meaty, Cheesy Italian SandwichA Florentine import and a Little Italy maverick.
  42. the underground gourmet
    An L.A. Chef Comes to New York Bearing PancakesBreakfast by Salt’s Cure’s Chris Phelps has been making his signature dish since he was 2.
  43. hot plate
    What to Eat, Read, and Shop for Right NowA seldom-seen Neapolitan pizza, David Wondrich and Noah Rothbaum’s weighty tome, and Hungarian breakfast for lunch.
  44. the underground gourmet
    Barbuto Is Back AgainAnd so is the roast chicken and kale salad … but not Jonathan Waxman’s beard.
  45. underground gourmet quick bite
    St. Jardim Isn’t Your Everyday All-Day CaféMoravian Muscat, labneh omelets, and Brazilian banana candy on a prime people-watching West Village corner.
  46. hot plate
    What to Eat, Cook, and Shop for Right NowRick Bayless’s terrific tortas, Hillary Sterling’s latest pasta innovation, Fly by Jing’s fiery hot pot base, and more.
  47. underground gourmet quick bite
    7th Street Burger Has One of the Best New Burgers in TownSubstitutions, customizations, and special requests are not encouraged.
  48. fall preview 2021
    Court Street Grocers Team Will Resurrect Eisenberg’s As Eisen Coffee Shop“It’s roughly going to be the menu that’s always been there.”
  49. underground gourmet quick bite
    A Gluten-Free Pastry That Takes the CakeKnead Love’s Cinny Buns are dark, dense, gluten-free, vegan, and mind-blowingly good.
  50. lunch
    The Top Tuna Sandwiches in New YorkTuna melts, tuna tramezzini, Tunisian tunas, and more.
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