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The Vindicated

  1. Not-So Crazy Rachel Bloom on Creating a Musical-Comedy UnicornGetting seven rejections in one day feels like someone taking a dump on your face.”
  2. An Ugly Snow Day at Harvard Business School I’ll Never Be Able to ForgetA decade after graduating, a notorious incident with another classmate keeps coming back to haunt me.
  3. IBM’s Jeopardy! Stunt Computer Is Curing Cancer NowNo longer just a party trick, IBM’s data Goliath, Watson, is being used to assist doctors in developing novel new treatments for patients.
  4. Wrongfully Imprisoned for Decades, Now the Proud Owners of Brooklyn’s Newest BarDerrick Hamilton and Shabaka Shakur’s Brownstone is open for business in Dumbo.
  5. James Dyson on the 5,126 Vacuums That Didn’t Work and the One That Finally DidHe’s a multi-billionaire now, but back in the ’80s, Sir James Dyson was just a guy with a good idea and a vacuum he couldn’t sell.
  6. After a Near-Fatal Accident, the Most Unlikely Comeback in Sports HistoryBoxer Vinny Paz could have been paralyzed. Instead, he fought back to win three championships. Now his life has been turned into a movie.
  7. Sorry, Todd Solondz, I Was Wrong About HappinessA critic’s awkward in-person mea culpa, and a filmmaker vindicated.
  8. This Crazy Artist Predicted Everything from Uber to Google Glass Back in 1991Before smartphones and ride-sharing apps, there was cartoon futurist Steven M. Johnson. He saw it all coming — and he’s awesome.
  9. How a Music Mogul Became a Powerful Voice for the Wrongfully ConvictedJason Flom is the legendary A&R man behind acts like Katy Perry and Kid Rock. So what’s he doing in the studio with Amanda Knox?
  10. How Astronomer Cecilia Payne Proved Her ‘Impossible’ Theory About the StarsA pioneering female astronomer at Harvard in the 1920s solved a fundamental mystery of the universe.
  11. Standing Up to StrangersIf you’re not sure who the a**hole is, it’s probably you.
  12. Has Hypnosis Finally Been Vindicated by Neuroscience?It may be all in your mind, but brain scans suggest the effects are real.
  13. How Chris Gethard Found Comedy Redemption in a DumpsterIt was the culmination of everything the comic has been working toward, a show that asked just one question: Can you guess what’s in the Dumpster?
  14. Truth, Lies, and Videotape at the Kawasaki KmartJailed in Japan for a crime she didn’t commit, a young American teacher learns the meaning of the phrase sho ga nai — “It can’t be helped.”
  15. 14 Famous People on the Biggest Risks of Their Careers — and How They Paid OffJudd Apatow, Aaron Eckhart, Andie MacDowell, David Hyde Pierce, and more on creative and professional vindication.
  16. Snapchat Founders Prove that Turning Down $3 Billion Wasn’t So Dumb After AllThree years after walking away from Facebook’s offer — and what looked like the chance of a lifetime —the founders are poised to do 10 times better.
  17. Your Middle School Teacher Was Wrong About WikipediaThe infamous open-sourced internet encyclopedia has become an invaluable source of information, no matter what the haters tell you.
  18. The 10 Best Sports Vindication Stories of 2016How LeBron, Peyton, Phelps, and more proved the naysayers wrong
  19. How A Charlie Brown Christmas Almost Wasn’tProducer Lee Mendelson on the making of a TV special no one believed in — and why we might need the holiday classic now more than ever.
  20. The Electric Kool-Aid Acid CureDepressed? Try dropping some acid. After a 50-year research hiatus, new clinical studies are pointing the way toward LSD’s redemption.
  21. A Mad Doctor and a 19th-Century Medical Mystery We’re Still Learning From TodayAfter making one of the most significant discoveries in modern medicine, Ignaz Semmelweis was beaten to death in an insane asylum
  22. Why Do You Keep Making Kanye Remind You He Was Right?The most vindicated man in rap is never wrong. And he’s said he’s running for president in 2020.
  23. How Leeches Made Their ComebackThanks to an intrepid doctor in Boston, the leech has regained its stature as a legitimate “medical device.”
  24. Art Spiegelman’s Quest to Vindicate a Long-Forgotten GeniusJust days before his death, at age 97, artist Si Lewen finally got the recognition he deserved.
  25. InfoWars’ Alex Jones, King of All Trolls, Relishes His Moment“My life’s purpose has been completed,” said a misty-eyed Jones. “I will continue on. But for now, I realize, I have won.”
  26. These Academics Foresaw That Working-Class Resentment Would Lead to TrumpAs far back as 1994, all the signs were there.
  27. trump
    Read Nixon’s 1987 Letter to Future Candidate Trump Predicting His WinTricky Dick’s encouragement may have planted the seeds for Trump’s run.
  28. Pot Smokers Owe Last Night’s Historic Ballot Wins to This ManAfter five decades in the trenches, America’s longest-serving marijuana activist Keith Stroup takes a bow.
  29. True Believers Take a Victory Lap After Calling Trump’s WinThose who stuck by Trump despite the lagging indicators are basking in the orange glow of his upset today.
  30. celebrity edition
    Scott Baio Would Like You to Start Taking Him Seriously Now PleaseChachi is now a bona fide “influencer.” Close your eyes and think of England.
  31. This Forgotten Visionary Gave Us Modern Computing and Got Nothing in ReturnBefore Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, there was Douglas Engelbart and “The Mother of All Demos.”
  32. 3 Presidential Nominees Who Gambled Like Trump and WonJFK confronted religious fears; Carter changed the map; Reagan softened an extremist image and made the election about his opponent.
  33. the vindicated
    Nothing to See Here: 6 Clinton Investigations That Came Up EmptyHillary Clinton is no stranger to federal probes that never quite find anything.
  34. How Jack Bogle’s Long-Game Investment Strategy Beat Wall Street Every TimeThe founder of Vanguard has been right all along about index funds. At 87, he’s finally feeling vindicated.
  35. Grace Hopper: The Most Important Female Computer Pioneer You’ve Never Heard OfMeet the unsung genius whose ideas were partially responsible for the device you’re reading this on.
  36. These Overzealous Cubs Fans Don’t Look So Dumb NowThe guy who got a “Curse Broken 2016 World Series Champions” Cubs tattoo back in September? Totally vindicated.
  37. Cubs Mastermind Theo Epstein Doesn’t Just Break Curses, He Builds DynastiesThe man who delivered a World Series to the Red Sox, has brought one to the Cubs.
  38. Billy Mitchell Was America’s Least Appreciated Military VisionaryAs early as 1906, he saw before anyone else that wars would be won in the sky, and it cost him is career.
  39. Turns Out Grandma Was Actually Right About These Weird Pregnancy SuperstitionsRecent scientific studies have confirmed that some of the most outlandish old wives’ tales about babies might have merit after all.
  40. Roomba’s Long, Bumpy Path From Prototype to Your Living RoomIt’s fair to say the project hit some walls. Inventor Joe Jones walked us through the ten-year odyssey of getting his adorable robot vacuum to market.
  41. These 6 Visionaries Predicted the SmartphoneWireless prophets from Tesla to Asimov, plus the guy who created Quantum Leap.
  42. Pat Buchanan is ‘Delighted to Be Proven Right’ by 2016 ElectionFrom immigration to NAFTA, he’s been beating the drum of right-wing populism for the last 25 years. Now he’s ready to gloat.
  43. Clippy Didn’t Just Annoy You — He Changed the WorldWhat we owe Clippy, Microsoft’s greatest shame.
  44. How Selling Fax Machines Helped Make Spanx Inventor Sara Blakely a BillionaireOn learning not to take no for an answer.
  45. Introducing a New Pop-Up Blog From NY Mag: The VindicatedA monthlong examination of inventors, creators, and innovators whose seemingly wild ideas eventually turned out to be brilliant.
  46. Years of Rejection Just Made J.K. Rowling More DeterminedWith another J.K. Rowling blockbuster hitting theaters this week, we look back at the author’s knotty path to success.
  47. ‘Nutrition Heretic’ Gary Taubes on Overcoming a Big, Fat Public ShamingWhen he made his case for the Atkins diet on the cover of the New York Times Magazine in 2002, the critics piled on. Now he’s ready to talk about it.
  48. An Idea That Stuck: How George de Mestral Invented VelcroThe story behind the world’s most ingenious fastener.
  49. Paul Sorvino Used to Run an Ad Agency Until he Went ‘Crazy’ and QuitTurns out it was the best move he ever made.
  50. Tim Robbins’s Prison Improv Classes Make Inmates Less Likely to Re-OffendAfter ten years, the data is in on The Actor’s Gang Prison Project: those who go through the program are five times less likely to return to prison.
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