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  1. architecture
    Justin Davidson on Ada Louise Huxtable, 1921–2013“At 90, she was still writing circles around the rest of us.”
  2. ink-stained wretches
    WSJ’s Robert Thomson to Run News Corp.’s Publishing Business He has his work cut out for him.
  3. ink-stained wretches
    Who’s Next in Line at The Wall Street Journal?Editor-in-chief Robert Thomson isn’t gone yet, but the speculation has started.
  4. loose threads
    Teen Vogue Hires a New Beauty DirectorPlus, Octavia Spencer covers Elle magazine’s Women in Hollywood issue.
  5. ins and outs
    Meenal Mistry Replaces Alexa Brazilian at The Wall Street JournalShe’s the new fashion director of the paper’s weekend lifestyle section, Off Duty.
  6. ink-stained wretches
    Rupert Murdoch Has Another News Corp. Scandal, This Time at The Wall Street Journal [Updated]More dirty deals!
  7. ink-stained wretches
    The Wall Street Journal Gamely Reports on The Occupied Wall Street JournalThe Zuccotti Park publication had its first print run this weekend.
  8. occupy wall street
    Occupy Wall Street to Get a Perfectly Named Newspaper [Updated]A good pun is worth almost $17,000 in donations.
  9. white men with money
    Commercial Airlines Are Probably Selling a Lot of Last-Minute, First-Class Tickets for This WeekendThe ‘WSJ’ exposes executives who disguise personal travel on corporate jets as business.