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The War On Women

  1. the war on women
    Why Did Facebook Remove This Photo of a Woman and Her Newborn?Shouldn’t a group about birthing be able to post a photo of, you know, birth?
  2. Ted Cruz Reminisces About the Condoms of His College Years Cruz argued that there is no GOP “war on women” because when he was at Princeton there was a condom machine in his bathroom.
  3. early and often
    Ben Carson Admits There May Be a War on ‘What’s Inside of Women’Chill out — they’re only after some non-vital organs.
  4. troll watch
    How the War on Women Is Getting More SophisticatedThanks to AEI, the think tank behind this week’s headlines.
  5. the war on women
    State of the Women: The GOP’s Tired Solution to Its Woman ProblemIn Cathy McMorris Rodgers’s State of the Union response, we saw the same thing we’ve been seeing for years.
  6. the war on women
    Mike Huckabee Has Thoughts on Women’s LibidosDemocrats, he says, believe women “cannot control their libido or their reproductive system.”
  7. politics
    On Spitzer and Weiner: Let’s Not Make It About ‘Women Voters’Rivals seem determined to frame the disgraced pols’ campaigns as a bid for the forgiveness of women.
  8. war on women ii
    Democrats Confident GOP Will Continue to Reveal Gross Ignorance About WomenThe war on women, the sequel.
  9. the war on women
    Republicans’ Rape Comments Backfired in More Ways Than OneSupport for keeping abortion legal hits a new high.
  10. the war on women
    Male Republican Congressman Just Won’t Let ‘Legitimate Rape’ GoTodd Akin, he says, “was partly right.”
  11. shmashmortion
    Confusing Time for Pro-Choice Female RepublicanMaine senator Susan Collins is “bewildered” by her party’s abortion stance.
  12. the war on women
    A Disaster of a Night for the GOP Rape and Abortion CaucusA victory for women and other empathetic humans.
  13. stories that belong in the onion
    Female Vote Hard to Predict Due to Periods [Updated]The campaigns didn’t prepare for this.
  14. sisterhood
    Pro-Life, Rape-Surviving Republicans Turn on Akin in New McCaskill AdsThree sexual assault survivors speak out against Todd Akin.
  15. dirty laundry
    Ohio Governor John Kasich Shouts Out Wife for Doing LaundryAre you outraged?
  16. gender wars
    Women Are Like Immigrants, Says David BrooksThis definitely won’t make anyone hate women more. 
  17. what war on women?
    The GOP Convention: Special Ladies’ EditionGreat moments in pandering.
  18. tough cookies
    It’s Hard to Be a Woman, But Ann Romney Finds Time to BakeHer speech, in the context of Welsh skillet cakes.
  19. what war on women?
    Ann Romney Tries to Make Women Love the GOP, As Well As Her Husband“I love you, women!”
  20. gop
    The GOP Lost the Women’s Vote a Long Time AgoThe economy isn’t the only thing liberals can blame on Reagan.
  21. the circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: Banishing Akin Won’t Cure the Stag PartyAfter a short ceasefire, the Republican war on women starts again.
  22. the war on women
    Texas Will Now Defund Planned ParenthoodGovernor Rick Perry calls it a “win for Texas women.” 
  23. the war on women
    Charmaine Yoest to Take Down Roe v. Wade State by StateAnd she’s implicated Dr. Seuss. 
  24. lady business
    So-Called ‘War on Women’ Has Silver Lining for GOP LadiesProgress!
  25. GOP Denies It’s Anti-Woman, Opposes Expanded Domestic Violence Bill This will certainly solve their lady troubles.
  26. lady business
    Barack Obama Conducts a War on Women…’s Hearts and Minds!His best attempts at pandering to women, ranked.
  27. the war on women
    New Romney Spokesman Spent the Weekend Scrubbing His Twitter Richard Grenell seems to have decided Rachel Maddow looks just fine without a necklace. 
  28. the war on women
    New Romney Spokesman Told Rachel Maddow to Put on a Necklace Is this what we’ll be talking about all of next week?
  29. the war on women
    President Obama Is Pro-MomThe inevitable two cents from Obama.
  30. bons mots
    Barbara Bush Not Totally Interested in Escalating the ‘War on Women’ Debate“Whatever.”