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The Worst

  1. last night on late night
    Beck Bennett Personifies the Worst Person You Meet at Every Coffee Shop on SNL“We’re all just animals in people costumes, right?”
  2. the worst
    Who Is Gigi Hadid’s Attacker, Vitalii Sediuk?He’s the same guy who punched Brad Pitt.
  3. the worst
    The Country’s First Uterus Transplant Failed Because of a Yeast InfectionYeast infections continue to be the worst.
  4. the worst
    Well, That Was the Worst Lip Sync Battle EverIt’s hard to look away.
  5. apologies
    Red-Carpet ‘Prankster’ Vitalii Sediuk Apologizes, Says He’s Leaving the U.S.“I know you will not miss me.”
  6. the worst
    Yes, Jimmy Kimmel Will Keep Making Those Fake Prank VideosHe also thinks the media is stupid.
  7. the worst
    New York Post Suggests Homeless Shelters Are Just Too NiceCalls the Times’ recent expose “hooey.”
  8. stupid things
    Which Job Is Worse: Balthazar Bathroom Attendant or Business Insider Anything?Henry Blodget strikes again.
  9. the worst
    Here’s Some Bad and Very Spoiler-y Downton Abbey NewsUh-oh.
  10. nuptial news
    Which Is Worse: Bride-Napping or a Fake-Your-Own-Death Proposal?Bride-Napping vs. Fake-Your-Own-Death Proposal