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  1. buzz buzz hmmm
    Our Spooky, Sexy Yellowjackets TheoriesSeason two’s penultimate episode has it all: a Heaven’s Gate reference, a Smashing Pumpkins needle drop, and a shockingly tragic death.
  2. hear me out
    Look, Yellowjackets Is Just an Over the Garden Wall SequelMalevolent forest spirits, cannibalism, Elijah Wood: Even citizen detectives can’t deny this kind of evidence.
  3. buzz buzz hmmm
    Our Spooky, Sexy Yellowjackets Theories“Burial” gives us a drunken dance party, a Fight Club–style beatdown, and more questions about the Yellowjackets’ deteriorating state.
  4. buzz buzz hmmm
    Our Spooky, Sexy Yellowjackets TheoriesAfter a week off, Yellowjackets is back with a cannibalism shocker and an assessment of Sandra Bullock’s filmography — both divisive!
  5. buzz buzz hmmm
    Our Spooky, Sexy Yellowjackets TheoriesThere’s definitely something weird going on with the wind, the trees, and our friends.
  6. buzz buzz hmmm
    Our Spooky, Sexy Yellowjackets TheoriesAs one big mystery is solved, a dozen more pop up in its place.
  7. buzz buzz hmmm
    Our Spooky, Sexy Yellowjackets TheoriesWas Christina Ricci doing a Gollum voice in her interrogation scene with Elijah Wood? That’s precious.
  8. buzz buzz hmmm
    Our Spooky, Sexy Yellowjackets TheoriesIn season two’s “Edible Complex,” Chekhov’s gun meets Jackie’s ear.
  9. sleuthing
    Let’s Look Way Too Hard for Clues in the Season-4 Succession Credits SequenceMaking like truffle pigs and snuffling out deets.
  10. buzz buzz hmmm
    Our Spooky, Sexy Yellowjackets TheoriesSeason-two premiere “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” gives us much to chew on.
  11. who’s your favorite artist?
    Swarm’s Buzziest Fan Theory Changes the Whole ShowA Festival of unanswered questions.
  12. vulture sports
    Why Is Andy Kaufman Entering WWE’s Hall of Fame So Late?We have some theories.
  13. just thinking …
    Could Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff Be Working on More Music Together?Joe Alwyn and Margaret Qualley have once again left them to their own devices.
  14. maverick wake up
    Top Gun: Maverick Isn’t Not a Death Dream, Director Joseph Kosinski Says“There’s a mythic kind of element to the story that I think lends itself to that sort of interpretation.”
  15. theories
    Whodunit, Based on the Only Photo We Have of Knives Out 2?There’s a killer among the killer cast of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.
  16. fact or fiction?
    The Staircase Uncovers New Questions Within Tired True-Crime TheoriesA regularly updated look at how the HBO Max miniseries uses the freedom of fiction to explore the mysteries surrounding Kathleen Peterson’s death.
  17. friendship (drake’s version)
    Drake’s Photo of Taylor Swift Has to Mean SomethingNew music? Old music?! Dating?!?
  18. severance
    What Is Lumon Industries Up to on Severance?What do brain surgery and baby goats have to do with serving Kier? Allow us to theorize.
  19. buzz buzz hmmm
    Our Spooky, Sexy Yellowjackets TheoriesTime to render some post-finale verdicts.
  20. spoilers
    Where Does Yellowjackets Go Next?Until season two arrives, let’s consider what that finale has left us buzz-buzzing about.
  21. meat deets
    Who Is the Girl (Seemingly) Hunted and Eaten in the Yellowjackets Premiere?The girl is tallish, has dark hair, and is wearing the gold heart necklace with which Jackie begins the series. Let’s speculate wildly!
  22. theories
    Let’s All Obsess Over What’s in That Mare of Easttown PhotoThe possibilities are truly endless.
  23. not time travel
    What Is Tenet About, Anyway?A few theories about Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie, which is definitely not about time travel.
  24. fan theories
    Taylor Swift Doesn’t See ‘betty’ As Queer Canon“I wrote from the perspective of a 17-year-old boy.”
  25. endings
    The Hidden ‘Inception’ Near the End of InceptionAn idea that might have been planted within Cobb’s subconscious.
  26. fireworks
    What’s Up With All These Fireworks?Some say bored young people, others say elaborate psy-ops.
  27. theories
    Back to the Future Screenwriter Finally Explains Huge Plot HoleWriter Bob Gale confirmed a theory about the 1985 film.
  28. theories
    Who Is Westworld Hiding Inside Charlotte Hale’s Body?A close look at the six most likely candidates.
  29. vulture festival 2019
    David Chang’s Conspiracy Theory for Why In-N-Out Fries Are ‘Total Garbage’“It’s just science.”
  30. theories
    Is the New Game of Thrones Prequel About the Dance of the Dragons?HBO is staying mum, but signs point to a spinoff focusing on the Targaryen civil war.
  31. theories
    Who Will Be Logan’s ‘Blood Sacrifice’ on Succession?Logan needs to do “something big.” Who’s the target?
  32. rabbit holes
    Is The OA Fake-Canceled or Am I Just Losing My Mind?We dive into the Reddit threads where superfans are laying out evidence that The OA’s cancellation is just part of the show’s meta-narrative.
  33. theories
    Is Daenerys Doomed to Become the Mad Queen on Game of Thrones?The question that’s dividing GOT fans like nothing else.
  34. way too close reads
    What the Hell Do All These Taylor Swift Clues Mean? An InvestigationLet us guide you down her pastel-aesthetic rabbit hole of insanity.
  35. quantum what?
    The Best Avengers: Endgame Theories About How the Superhero Saga Will ConcludeThis is not a leak. But we are discussing the Quantum Realm and the Thanos Protocol, so buckle in.
  36. just like a telenovela!
    What Actually Happened to Michael on Jane the Virgin?The five best theories about the CW telenovela’s huge twist.
  37. spoilers
    24 Very Important Questions About The OA: Part IIWhat happens at the very end of the season? Who is “Brit Marling,” really? And what’s with the horny octopus?
  38. theories
    Why Did The Bachelor’s Colton Underwood Jump That Fence?Four theories about the season’s most prevalent mystery.
  39. vegetables
    Does Kevin Hart Know How an Onion Works? A Vulture InvestigationWe decided to conduct an experiment to find out if onions are, in fact, endless.
  40. conspiracy theories
    Is Ethel Muggs the True Criminal Mastermind of Riverdale?A very serious theory.
  41. theories
    Where in the World Is Nathan on Insecure?Ten theories on the whereabouts of Issa’s missing boyfriend.
  42. theories
    Writer: Maybe There Are Two Brett Kavanaughs, and the Bad One Is Somewhere ElseShe suggested that perhaps a look-alike was behind the alleged sexual assault.
  43. theories
    Post Malone Has Definitely Been Cursed by a Haunted BoxThe reason behind his recent string of near-death experiences.
  44. The Best Westworld Fan Theories About the Season Two FinaleFrom the most likely to the most ridiculous.
  45. royals
    Why Is Everyone Freaking Out Over Kate Middleton’s Fingers?Her fingers became a Twitter moment.
  46. vulture lists
    Who Will Play The Good Place’s Eternal Judge?“You’re in for a very big treat. You won’t believe it.”
  47. theories
    Why Did The Good Place Hide Wizard of Oz References in Last Week’s Episode?The Good Place loaded up the episode with a hot-air balloon, a wicked witch, and even a bit of Dr. Oz.
  48. theories
    Why Riverdale’s Black Hood Reveal Has to Be a Fake-OutIt’s a bit of a letdown otherwise.
  49. theories
    All the Signs Holden Ford on Mindhunter Is a Developing PsychopathSomething seems off about Holden Ford from the minute we meet him.
  50. theories
    Putin’s Press Secretary Suggests Kim Kardashian Is a Chaos AgentHmmmmmm.
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