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  1. theories
    Who’s the Red Devil? All Our Scream Queen Theories So FarAnd who’s the 20-year-old baby?
  2. flight mh370
    MH370: What the Wing Flap Tells Us and What It Doesn’tThe discovery of a Boeing 777 part on the island of Réunion is a major development in the case of the missing airliner. But it also raises some questions.
  3. theories
    So, What’s Going On Between Nic Pizzolatto and Cary Fukunaga?Sunday’s episode points to lingering bad blood.
  4. theories
    Why the Latest Game of Thrones Death Might Not Be Like the OthersBook readers have theories.
  5. theories
    The Party-Vomit Theory of Silicon ValleyFor the show’s protagonists, there exists no livelihood in between unimaginable wealth and total, penurious failure.
  6. theories
    How Crazy Am I to Think I Actually Know Where That Malaysia Airlines Plane Is?In the year since its vanishing, I fell in with a group of obsessive amateur aviation sleuths. A million theories bloomed, including my own.
  7. theories
    Drake’s New Mixtape: An Escape From His Label?All signs point to yes. 
  8. theories
    Pepper and American Horror Story’s UniverseWe’re on to you, Ryan Murphy. 
  9. unifying theories
    7 Ways All of American Horror Story Could Be ConnectedHow close are the worlds of American Horror Story?
  10. vulture lists
    The 7 Greatest Wrong Lost Theories EverPlus our guesses on how the show would have ended if they’d actually been right.
  11. theories
    Maybe the VMAs Are a Feminist ConspiracyMove over, Illuminati. 
  12. season finales
    10 Theories About What Might Happen in Mad Men’s Mid-Season FinaleFrom the plausible to the semi-kooky, here are 10 theories about what could happen in Sunday’s finale.
  13. flight 370
    5 Not-So-Crazy Theories About Missing Malaysia Flight 370The internet has, somehow, come up with some moderately informed explanations.
  14. deep dives
    True Detective: Who Is the Yellow King? Here Are Some TheoriesCome down here into Carcosa with us.
  15. theories
    Talking About the Fake-Out on Last Night’s Walking DeadA theory about one of last night’s “deaths.”
  16. theories
    New Mad Men Theory: Megan Draper Is Already DeadThe conspiracies just keep getting better.
  17. theories
    The New Newsroom Promo Is an Homage to Mr. ShowYou know who else had a TV in the desert? Jeepers Creepers, Semi-Star.
  18. The Rise and Fall of Dr. Frasier CraneSix months ago, I was living in Boston.  My wife had left me, which was very painful.  Then she came back to me, which was excruciating.  On […]
  19. never let go jack
    Mythbusters Proves That Jack Didn’t Have to DieBooooo, James Cameron.
  20. theories
    Chris Rock: ‘Carrot Top’s Better Than Mort Sahl’“If Sydney Pollack was around today, he’d be directing episodes of True Blood.”
  21. theories
    Justin Bieber Is Training With Mike Tyson, ApparentlyAs a boxer.
  22. theories
    Is Justin Bieber Going to Become a Boxer Now?He has been doing it, a lot.
  23. theories
    Butt-Shaking and Tom Waits: On New Girl’s Nick and Jess Fake-OutsIs the show afraid of a Nick-Jess hookup?
  24. theories
    How Evil a Bond Villain Is Javier Bardem? Check the Blond Hair Test!Where will he fall on a spectrum that includes The Karate Kid’s Johnny Lawrence and Draco Malfoy?
  25. theories
    How Evil a Bond Villain Is Javier Bardem? Check the Blond Hair Test!Where will he fall on a spectrum that includes The Karate Kid’s Johnny Lawrence and Draco Malfoy?
  26. theories
    See How Superhero Movie Trailers Are Always Better in Another LanguageNo more distractingly cheesy dialogue, just mysterious words that could be well-written for all we know.
  27. theories
    George Lucas Backtracks on Apocalyptic 2012 Fantasies“But he is an adamant believer that the world is flat, that Stonehenge was built by aliens, and that the sun revolves around the Earth,” says a Lucasfilm rep.
  28. theories
    George Lucas Fears 2012 Apocalypse, Says Seth Rogen“I first thought he was joking.”
  29. early and often
    Democrats Find Another Way to Look at the Glass Quarter-FullToday’s theory: early voters!
  30. politics
    Newt Gingrich Has Figured Out ObamaApparently the president of the United States has the worldview of a “Kenyan.”
  31. theories
    Loose-Lipped Hookers Tarnish Oldest ProfessionRecent news stories suggest prostitutes’ moral code has been compromised.
  32. cleaning up
    Why Is Tony Hayward Smiling?You’re not allowed to smile!
  33. lost
    The Latest Internet ‘Lost’ TheoriesWhat will happen in Sunday’s two-and-a-half-hour finale?
  34. lost
    Latest Lost Theories: Black and WhiteCatch up on the latest responses to this season’s most polarizing episode yet.
  35. lost
    The Latest Internet Lost TheoriesOur latest theory roundup questions MiB’s intentions, Lapidus’s death, and a few too many coincidences.
  36. lost
    Get Off My Boat: The Latest Internet Lost TheoriesHas Smokey really been behind all the ghost Christian appearances?
  37. lost
    You’ve Got Liana On You: Latest Lost TheoriesWhat is Desmond up to in L.A., exactly?
  38. lost
    Desmond Delivers: The Latest Internet Lost TheoriesSadly, no one had theories about why he didn’t take his shirt off.
  39. lost
    Human Trafficking: The Latest Online Lost TheoriesEveryone’s relieved that Desmond is “the package,” but what does it mean?
  40. lost
    To Hell and Back: The Latest Web Lost TheoriesSadly, no one figured out what brand of eyeliner Richard uses.
  41. lost
    The Latest Internet Lost TheoriesWhat’s the deal with Smokey and Widmore, anyway?
  42. lost
    The Doctor Is In: The Latest Internet Lost TheoriesDynamite and submarines and immortality, oh my!
  43. lost
    Choosing Sides: The Latest Theories on LostTalk of zombies, wishes granted, and the return of Shannon.
  44. lost
    The Name Game: The Latest Internet Lost TheoriesWhat’s in a name? As this week’s installment of ‘Lost’ reminded us, a whole lot.
  45. theories
    With Rudy Out, Things Could Go Either Way for GillibrandJust ask the experts.
  46. theories
    Does Radiohead Actually [Gasp] ‘Kinda Blow’?That’s the theory that ‘Spin’ magazine is advancing.
  47. theories
    Is Jay-Z a Satanist?Does the first single off of ‘The Blueprint’ contain “obvious hints leading towards Luciferian philosophy and occult orders”?
  48. mysteries
    So Just Who in the Sam Hill Is Jacob, Anyway?Beats us! Still, we have some theories that just might interest you.
  49. theories
    Liz Lemon, Stealth Conservative?Is the show really about the “viability of liberal ideals and the allure of a pragmatic, colder-eyed conservatism”?