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  1. power
    Elizabeth Holmes’s Trial Delayed Due to the CoronavirusHer case will now go to court in late October, maybe even next year.
  2. hotshot
    Elizabeth Holmes Has Pageant Hair NowHer much-talked-about frizz is gone.
  3. elizabeth holmes
    Elizabeth Holmes Spotted in Court Sans TurtleneckThe accused Silicon Valley fraudster evolved her look.
  4. celebrity
    Elizabeth Holmes Attempts to Go IncognitoBut bystanders said her signature voice gave her away.
  5. party report
    Tavi Gevinson Explains Her Ivanka Trump and Elizabeth Holmes Impressions“I found it delightfully sinister.”
  6. just asking questions
    Alex Gibney on Why Elizabeth Holmes Would Have Believed Her Own Lies“There was a lot of cognitive dissonance going on. I think she knew that the machine had problems. But there was a kind of willful denial.”
  7. power
    Elizabeth Holmes’s Family Breaks Their Silence on Her VoiceThey gave an exclusive to TMZ (??).
  8. last night on late night
    Busy Philipps Does a Perfectly Husky Elizabeth Holmes VoiceHolmes mania shows no signs of slowing down.
  9. science of us
    What Does It Mean That Elizabeth Holmes Doesn’t Blink?An expert on con artists explains her blinking.
  10. theranos
    Why the Errol Morris Shade in Alex Gibney’s The Inventor Is So BrutalHere’s what lies behind those Interrotron shots.
  11. scams
    The Most Bizarre Moments From the Elizabeth Holmes DocumentaryThere’s more to learn about the disgraced blood-testing entrepreneur.
  12. theranos
    A Deeply Creepy GIF Guide to HBO’s Elizabeth Holmes DocumentaryNot for the faint of heart. Or anybody who’s afraid of needles.
  13. select all
    Bitcoin Tie Guy Is Breakout Star of the Elizabeth Holmes DocumentaryVenture capitalist Tim Draper chose to make a, uh, fashion statement in the HBO documentary about failed blood-testing start-up Theranos.
  14. sundance 2019
    Alex Gibney’s Theranos Documentary Stares Deeply into Elizabeth Holmes’s EyesThe Inventor fixates on the would-be disrupter’s face as it tries to understand her captivating effect on Silicon Valley.
  15. scams
    20/20 to Air Its Own Special About the Elizabeth Holmes Theranos DebacleThe ABC News podcast The Dropout, also about Holmes, premiered in January.
  16. scams
    Don’t Believe Anything Elizabeth Holmes Tells You About Her DogFirst of all, he’s not a wolf.
  17. The Reporter Who Took Down a UnicornHow John Carreyrou battled corporate surveillance and intimidation to expose a multibillion-dollar Silicon Valley start-up as a fraud.
  18. select all
    Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos Settle With SEC Over Fraud AllegationsThe CEO has been stripped of control and banned for a decade.
  19. select all
    Theranos Quietly Settles With Investors Suing for $100 MillionPartner Fund Management had filed two lawsuits against the blood-testing company.
  20. select all
    Theranos Reportedly Staged Fake Blood Tests for InvestorsThe news comes from a court filing that involves a hedge fund suing Theranos for $100 million.
  21. select all
    Why Silicon Valley Keeps Getting Biotechnology Wrong“Move fast and break things” doesn’t work when those “things” are research procedures, laws of science, and human bodies.
  22. select all
    Theranos Investors: Uh, Can We Have Our $100 Million Back NowA hedge fund is suing Elizabeth Holmes and her infamous blood-testing company for reportedly deceiving them to the tune of $100 million.
  23. select all
    Theranos Closes Labs, Lays Off 40 Percent of EmployeesThe announcement comes from CEO Elizabeth Holmes.
  24. Investors Gave Up Far Too Much Literal Blood While Vetting TheranosIt was the first indication that something was amiss.
  25. second acts
    Proof That If You’re Chic Enough, a Little Federal Investigation Doesn’t MatterIs this the best they could do?
  26. select all
    Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes, Known Lab Owner, Is Banned From LabsShe won’t be able to own or operate a medical lab for the next two years.
  27. the industry
    Jennifer Lawrence Joins Adam McKay Theranos FilmShe’ll play Elizabeth Holmes, the head of a controversial blood-testing business.
  28. Theranos Voids Two Years of Blood-Test ResultsOn the verge of being banned from the blood business, the company has issued tens of thousands of corrected test reports to doctors and patients.
  29. crimes and misdemeanors
    Theranos Lab Is the Subject of a U.S. Criminal ProbeFederal prosecutors are investigating whether the lab misled investors.
  30. Clinton Lets Theranos Throw Her a Fund-raiserNext week, Chelsea Clinton will attend a campaign fund-raiser at Theranos’s Palo Alto headquarters. 
  31. bloody mess
    Walgreens Suspends Ties With Theranos’s California Lab Over Safety ConcernsThe two companies are reportedly “in discussions” about the future of their partnership.