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  1. games
    It’s Insane What Tiger Woods Is Doing Right NowA year ago, it was unclear whether he’d ever walk again. Now he’s within spitting distance of the Masters lead.
  2. tokyo olympics
    The One Limit Simone Biles Wouldn’t BreakHow the sports world’s obsession with mental toughness hurts athletes.
  3. vulture sports
    Tiger Woods Hospitalized After Rollover Car Crash in L.A.He is recovering from a surgery on his right leg and ankle, according to a statement.
  4. hbo
    In Tiger, a Portrait of a Phenom Who Was Never Allowed to Be a KidA two-part HBO documentary shows the toll of an overbearing father and life as a golf prodigy.
  5. games
    Tiger Woods Just Gave Us the Feel-Good Sports Story of the CenturyBut why do we care so much?
  6. donald trump
    Report: Trump Asked Tiger Woods for His Thoughts on Tax ReformTrump reportedly treats golf as a form of roving “Executive time,” where political allies and celebrities can lobby their causes.
  7. games
    Why It’s So Hard to Give Up the Dream of a Tiger Woods ComebackHe came close this past weekend, and the world went nuts.
  8. nondisclosure agreements
    Tiger Woods’s Ex-Girlfriend Reportedly Wants to Break Her NDAIn response, Woods has reportedly threatened to release “embarrassing” photos of her.
  9. Tiger Woods Found Asleep at the Wheel, According to Police ReportThe golfer registered a 0.00 on the Breathalyzer, which seems to confirm Wood’s statement that prescription meds, and not alcohol, are to blame.
  10. Tiger Woods Says DUI Was a Result of Prescription Medication, Not Alcohol“I didn’t realize the mix of medications affected me so strongly.”
  11. Tiger Woods Charged for Driving Under the Influence in FloridaThe golf legend was arrested early Monday morning.
  12. hot shot
    Tiger Woods Explains That He Posed As ‘Mac Daddy Santa’ for His KidsRiiiiight.
  13. depressing things
    Tiger Woods Is Not Feeling So Great“There’s really nothing I can look forward to.”
  14. congratulations on graduating
    Elin Nordegren Breaks Her Silence on Tiger WoodsSilence broken with banality.
  15. reinventions
    Monica Lewinsky: Righteous Good GirlHer reinvention is well timed. By modern standards, Monica is downright prude.
  16. pranks for the memories
    Lindsey Vonn’s Awesome Prank on Tiger WoodsTheirs is a furry kind of love.
  17. sisterhood is powerful
    Twist Ending: Elin Nordegren Likes Lindsey VonnYou’re not required to hate your ex-husband’s new girlfriend.
  18. sugar-coating
    Vogue Addresses Lindsey Vonn’s Peeing IncidentThat time she was randomly drug-tested at the CFDA Awards.
  19. met gala 2013
    Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn Are Going to the Met BallFirst red carpet as a couple.
  20. bounced
    Lindsay Lohan and Tiger Woods Booted From Same Club“We will absolutely not tolerate anyone who makes our members feel uncomfortable.”
  21. matches made in heaven
    Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn Deserve Each OtherThe branding opportunities are limitless.
  22. fore!
    Obama Still Being Asked About That Golf GameShockingly, he thinks highly of Tiger Woods’ playing.
  23. fore!
    Obama and Woods Both Won Their Golf GameThey played as a team, and Tiger is stoked.
  24. fore!
    Obama Won’t Say Who Won His Golf Game With Tiger WoodsHe spoke to the press corps, but off the record.
  25. fore!
    White House Reporters Livid After Missing Obama’s Golf Game With Tiger WoodsGolf Digest gets the exclusive.
  26. Slideshow
    Stiffed: Eleven Celebrities Who Are Terrible TippersSome of these celebrity cheapskates offer no gratuity at all.
  27. Big Spenders
    Tiger Woods Once Paid $100K for a Ming Tsai Charity DinnerGramercy Tavern’s Michael Anthony once got $35,000 for his services (for charity, of course).
  28. beauty marks
    Ke$ha Eats a Beard; Selena Gomez Shoots a Fragrance AdPlus, Kelly Rowland has a traveling mole.
  29. Crime Scenes
    Hot Dog Hurled at Tiger Woods by Wannabe ‘Hero’“I have to do something courageous and epic. I have to throw a hot dog on the green in front of Tiger.”
  30. adventures
    Man Threw Hot Dog at Tiger Woods Because of Drive, Obviously“As soon as the movie ended, I thought to myself, ‘I have to do something courageous and epic.’”
  31. pop quiz
    Can You Tell Apart the Dirty Talk of Anthony Weiner and Tiger Woods?Take the quiz. It’s very, very hard. No pun intended. Okay, pun intended.
  32. tiger woods
    Tiger Woods Gives Up on PrivacyHe’s selling his megayacht.
  33. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Is Dating a 22-Year-OldFile this under “Least surprising news of 2011.”
  34. Celebrity Settings
    Courtney Cox Reunites With David Arquette at Morton’s; Owen Wilson Drinks A BeerMeanwhile, The Washington Post has little success finding celebrity diners in L.A.
  35. tiger catches tail
    Rachel Uchitel Has A Hole That Needs To Be Filled“The issue I have with relationships is related to a hole I am trying to fill in my heart,” the preeminent Tiger mistress explains.
  36. partial prosties
    Rachel Uchitel’s New York Apartment Has Tiger-Print CarpetingThe animal, not the man. We hope.
  37. afflictions
    Rachel Uchitel Is Addicted to LoveThat’s what her affair with Tiger Woods was about. Romance.
  38. beauty marks
    Rachel McAdams Wore a Messy, Full-Bodied Bob; Mark Ronson Does Not Enjoy Being BlondAlso, here’s a list of ten creepy beauty ingredients. Like baby foreskin.
  39. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Mistress Is Selling Sex Stories About Him in Order to Save the World“My diary … reveals intimate secrets and details that can save millions [of] people worldwide.”
  40. white men with money
    Teddy Forstmann: Okay, So I Did Bet Thousands That IMG Sports Clients Would LoseBut I didn’t bet millions!
  41. theories
    Loose-Lipped Hookers Tarnish Oldest ProfessionRecent news stories suggest prostitutes’ moral code has been compromised.
  42. tiger catches tail
    TMZ: Rachel Uchitel Picks Up $2 Million Park Avenue PadLet’s just assume for a second the apartment is not in 740 Park.
  43. gossipmonger
    Wesley Snipes Hires Investigators to Stalk Kenneth Starr’s Pole-Dancing WifeParis is banned from the Wynn Las Vegas, and LiLo might have a half-sister.
  44. real estate
    Is Tiger Woods Moving to the Printing House?That’s what the ‘Daily News’ seems to be reporting.
  45. gossipmonger
    Prosecutors Don’t Buy Paris Hilton’s I-Thought-the-Coke-Was-Gum ExcuseHilton could face four years in prison; the ‘True Blood’ cast bailed on their Emmy party.
  46. tiger catches tail
    Us Weekly: Tiger Woods Moves to ManhattanYou know, for the privacy.
  47. great divorces
    Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Officially DivorcedBlah blah blah “privacy” blah.
  48. tiger woods
    Tiger Woods Is FinishedHe has imploded as a golfer.
  49. tiger catches tail
    Donald Trump Fires Rachel Uchitel Before Apprentice Even Begins“Mad crush” on Dr. Drew is behind her decision to join ‘Rehab.’
  50. tiger catches tail
    Rachel Uchitel to Also Appear on Celebrity RehabThis was even more inevitable than her upcoming stint on ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’
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