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  1. animals
    Fugitive Tiger Continues to Evade ArrestA big cat has been on the lam in Houston for nearly a week.
  2. tyger tyger
    Give This Photograph of a Tiger Hugging a Tree All the AwardsThis image of a blissed-out large cat enjoying nature deserves them all.
  3. tiger news
    Dakota Johnson Says Grandma Tippi Hedren Still Lives With, Oh, 13 or 14 Big CatsShe used to have around sixty, but a baker’s dozen is much more manageable.
  4. ?!?!?!
    Eight Big Cats at the Bronx Zoo Have Tested Positive for the CoronavirusAll five tigers and three lions “continue to do well” and “their coughing is greatly reduced.”
  5. meanwhile in florida
    This Florida High-School Prom Included a … Caged Tiger?Christopher Columbus High School is facing backlash for its choice of prom “entertainment.”
  6. drama
    Scottish Police Have 45-Minute Standoff With Stuffed AnimalMultiple units responded to a call of a tiger in a cowshed.
  7. hot shot
    Let Elton John’s Tiger Cape Be Your Hygge InspirationHow cozy.
  8. select all
    Chubby Tigers Chasing Drones: The Latest in Diet TechnologyA great idea until the tigers pawed the drone from the air and tried to eat it.
  9. animals
    Matthew McConaughey Touched a Tiger and Told Vulture All About It“They know I like to get off to that kind of buzz.”
  10. awful things
    Endangered Tiger Kills Zookeeper in FloridaThe 38-year-old keeper was known as the “tiger whisperer” and she had dedicated her life to saving the animals.
  11. horrible things
    Life of Pi Animal Trainer Denies Beating TigerAfter PETA released video of the alleged abuse.
  12. international intrigue
    Putin’s Hungry Tiger May Spoil His World Domination Partnership With ChinaHe crossed over earlier this year.
  13. does anyone know how to date
    Why Are So Many People Posing With Tigers on Tinder?Wild mating habits.
  14. leo the lion
    Leonardo DiCaprio Gives Lots of Money to Save TigersHis pet project.
  15. Boring Rich Men Post Endless (Big) Cat Photos on InstagramGet a life, losers.
  16. Exclusive: Carine Roitfeld Shoots Kate Upton, Tiger Cubs“I had never held a baby monkey and baby tigers before.”
  17. awful things
    Man Who Who Lost His Foot to a Bronx Zoo Tiger Will Be Arrested Apparently he was trespassing. 
  18. things that are awful
    Foot-Chomping Bronx Zoo Tiger Will Not Be EuthanizedZoo director says the animal “did nothing wrong.”
  19. things that are awful
    Man Enters Tiger Den at Bronx ZooThe man jumped off a monorail and climbed two fences.
  20. clickables
    Hear a New Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Song, ‘Tigers’From ‘Mirror Traffic.’
  21. david wu
    Congressman David Wu Has a Tiger ProblemThe Oregon Democratic representative was caught in a compromising costume.
  22. tiger puppies!!!!!!
    Bronx Zoo Waits Entirely Too Long to Unveil Baby Tiger TripletsAt six months, they’re almost not even adorable anymore!
  23. Mediavore
    Paula Deen Plans Food for Jonas Brother’s Wedding; Bruce Willis Pushes SobieskiA celeb chef writes a menu for a celeb wedding and a Polish vodka gains a new U.S. pitchman and shareholder..
  24. sports on tv on the internet
    Can Anyone Help the Staff of This Website Learn How to Use the Internet?Flashing rectangle machine spreads confusion.