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  1. programming note
    Fox Evicts Tim Allen’s Conservative SitcomLast Man Standing will end after nine seasons.
  2. chat room
    Richard Karn on PEN15, Teen Awkwardness, and a Home Improvement ReunionThe ’90s sitcom actor is back in Hulu’s coming-of-age comedy. But he’d still love to find out where Al Borland is today.
  3. tv review
    Credit Where Credit’s Due: Last Man Standing Is Unexpectedly WarmThe show has chosen to make a swerve toward vulnerability and self-knowledge.
  4. tv
    Fox’s New Last Man Standing Returns Early, and on Twitter No LessYou can just imagine what Tim Allen’s character has to say about this.
  5. last man standing
    Tim Allen Says He’s Not Really a Trump Supporter, Just ‘Kind of an Anarchist’Allen also claims Last Man Standing isn’t political.
  6. tca 2018
    Last Man Standing Won’t Say Whether Tim Allen’s Character Is a Trump Voter“The producers’ plans are simply not to address whether or not he might be a Trump supporter.”
  7. revivals
    Fox Will Bring Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing Back to TVThe conservative sitcom will live again in the Trump era.
  8. revivals
    Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing Might Come Back on FoxNews you can probably thank Roseanne for.
  9. Tim Allen Is Not a Working-Class HeroPlease do not reboot his shows to appeal to “the heartland.”
  10. CMT Won’t Be Helping Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing Get Back Up Again After AllIt’s Man down for Tim Allen’s sitcom, the cancellation of which sparked a boycott against ABC.
  11. controversies
    Anne Frank Center Asks Tim Allen to Apologize for ‘1930s Germany’ Comments“It’s time for you to leave your bubble to apologize to the Jewish people and, to be sure, the other peoples also targeted by the Nazis.”
  12. upfronts 2016
    ABC Orders Speechless, Renews Last Man StandingThe Tim Allen sitcom got a sixth season.
  13. Fat Sonic and Tim Allen Noise Streets of Rage Are My Favorite New Sega GamesSega is allowing mods of old games.
  14. Shakespeare Taught Tim Allen That Acting Is Just ‘Really Advanced Lying’Here’s a clip from Tim Allen’s visit to last night’s Tonight Show, where he looks back on preparing for his very first TV acting gig on Home […]
  15. repeat performances
    How Long Do TV Stars Have to Wait Before They Can Have Another Hit Show?A look at current TV actors who’ve had more than one major series.
  16. The Upside to Tim Allen’s Manly-Man Brand of ComedyWhen I have a tool in my hand, like a screwdriver, let’s say, or a power drill, I become riddled with anxiety and begin to sweat profusely. A […]
  17. Imports
    Does Coney Dog’s Sale Really Say Anything About L.A.’s Appetite?Owner Mike Binder thinks Angelenos have no room for a chili dog.
  18. comedy week
    Nineties’ Great Stand-up Sitcom Boom and BustTales of network executives pushing each other over to raid the comedy clubs. Is that irrational exuberance coming back?
  19. tim and eric’s billion dollar movie
    Watch Tim and Eric Goof Off in an Interview With MTV NewsZales? Check. McDonald’s? Check. Tim Allen and Train? Check, check, check!
  20. nick jonas
    See Nick Jonas Ham It Up on Tim Allen’s SitcomWe’re not sure why this is happening.
  21. breaking
    ABC Gives Good News to Three of Its ShowsMore Once Upon a Time, Happy Endings, and Tim Allen are on tap.
  22. Tim Allen Is Your One Friend’s Angry Dad In Last Man Standing Tim Allen returned on Tuesday as America’s every-man in Last Man Standing, but as Linda Holmes of NPR’s Monkey See points, Allen’s character […]
  23. flax and pumpkin
    Last Man Standing Can’t Decide What’s Worse: Women, Gay People, or ParentingTim Allen, ladies and gents.
  24. ratings
    13 Million People Watched Tim Allen’s Sitcom ReturnThis is good, not great.
  25. The Lost Roles of Tim AllenAfter developing his popular stand-up act into the hit sitcom Home Improvement in 1991, Tim Allen became a highly sought-after actor for big […]
  26. The Lost Roles of Chevy ChaseSay what you will about the quality of Chevy Chase’s movies, but you have to admit his influence on modern American comedy is vast. As Saturday […]
  27. ABC Announces New Fall Comedies: It’s Tool Time All Over Again!The ABC fall schedule is out, and it looks like I vastly underestimated the reach and influence of Binford Tool, seeing as how Tim Allen’s Last […]
  28. Mediavore
    Coney Dog Has a Star Group of Investors; LAUSD Opening The Doors to Its CentralTim Allen, Adam Sandler, and Sam Raimi are all part of the group that is funding Sunset Blvd.’s first foray into Faygo.
  29. slideshow
    What to Tell Your Kids About the R-Rated Pasts of Stars in Animated MoviesFrom Russell Brand in ‘Hop’ to Eddie Murphy in ‘Shrek.’
  30. slideshow
    What to Tell Your Kids About the R-Rated Pasts of Stars in Animated MoviesFrom Russell Brand in ‘Hop’ to Eddie Murphy in ‘Shrek.’
  31. Tim Allen and His Manliness Is Coming Back to ABCTim Allen just signed on for a new multi-cam pilot for ABC called The Last Days of Man. Where’s Jonathan Taylor-Thomas these days? Is he […]
  32. Tim Allen Plans His Triumphant, Manly, Very Manly Return to Prime TimeGet ready for Tim Allen’s big comeback: his new sitcom Man Up just got picked up by ABC. It’s going to be “a multi-camera family comedy about a […]
  33. the industry
    Tim Allen’s Sitcom Man Up Lands at ABCIt will no doubt be Sharron Angle’s favorite show.
  34. Tim Allen Wants to Come Back to TVLook who’s back: “EW has learned from multiple sources that Tim Allen (Home Improvement) is looking to stage a return to prime time — as long […]
  35. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Stephen Colbert Takes on the New York Times’ Word PolicePlus, Louis C.K. drops by The Daily Show to share his thoughts on the Pope, on our regular late-night roundup.
  36. the industry
    Feast Your Eyes on the New East High School WildcatsDisney finds more kids whose fresh-scrubbed faces will drive your tween daughter mad with prepubescent desire.
  37. the industry
    A Great Dane Joins the Cast of ‘Marley and Me’Plus industry news on Tim Allen, Freddie Highmore, and Master P.
  38. the industry
    Eva Mendes to Play Sexy PersonTim Allen, Bob Dylan, and Elvis Costello!
  39. the industry
    Viggo Mortensen and Renée Zellweger Head WestPlus industry news on Adam Rapp, Van Halen, and He’s Just Not That Into You.
  40. the industry
    ‘Lost’ Announces Endgame