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  1. Pat Robertson Was Not a Fan of SNL’s Tim Tebow Sketch What’s new in “anti-Christian bigotry,” Pat Robertson? A completely harmless SNL sketch about Tim Tebow, you say? “If this had been a Muslim […]
  2. kids these days
    Long Island High-School Students Suspended for ‘Tebowing’ in HallwayPersonally, we think schools should be encouraging any fad that doesn’t involve putting vodka in your vagina.
  3. loose threads
    Kate Middleton Is Fascinating; D&G Crowd-Sourcing a Music VideoPlus, Katherine Heigl covers the new Elle.
  4. bill cosby
    Watch Bill Cosby Reach Out to Tim TebowWhether or not you think Dr. Huxtable has permanently lost his marbles, it’s still fun to try to decipher his words.
  5. clickables
    See People ‘Tebowing’Tim Tebow: now a meme.
  6. clickables
    See Tim Tebow Kiss a Dude on the LipsIt’s actually kind of sweet.
  7. nfl draft
    The NFL Draft: Where You Don’t Need to Play to Be a Winner, or a LoserThe NFL Draft eats itself.
  8. tim tebow
    Controversial Anti-Abortion Ad. . . Isn’t All That ControversialAd is tamer than expected but, uh, with more tackling.
  9. tim tebow
    Prepare for Tim Tebow Super Bowl–Ad MadnessTim Tebow’s controversial, and unseen, Super Bowl ad.