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  1. sexy unique timeline
    Every Detail of the Vanderpump Rules #Scandoval Drama in Chronological OrderAll the TomTom and Rachel news that’s fit to print.
  2. parting ways
    All the Projects That Have Cut Ties With Justin RoilandThe Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites co-creator was charged with two counts of felony domestic violence in 2020.
  3. on the record
    A Timeline of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Taking ForeverAngela Bassett says she never heard Letitia Wright mention vaccines on set.
  4. how dreadful
    She by Shereé: A Complete HistoryFrom “fashion viewing” to fashion reality (wrinkled $142 T-shirts), a timeline of the longest-running Housewives brand that almost never was.
  5. becoming jane
    The Evolution of the Jane Austen AdaptationFrom Masterpiece Theatre to Fire Island.
  6. extremely online
    A Timeline of the David Dobrik Allegations and ControversiesJeff Wittek threatens legal action, two years after the accident that nearly blinded him.
  7. crime
    The Life and Crimes of Robert Durst: A TimelineThe subject of HBO’s The Jinx died a convicted murderer at 78.
  8. movies
    How The Matrix Got MadeWith the release of The Matrix Resurrections, here’s a timeline of how the franchise and pop-culture phenomenon came to be, and what happened next.
  9. lilo
    Where in the World Is Lindsay Lohan?An investigation that ends with an engagement in Dubai.
  10. 😍😍😍
    Tom Holland and Zendaya Turned the Spider-Man Press Tour Into a Rom-ComJust your typical co-stars who feed each other cookies.
  11. joss whedon
    A Complete Timeline of Every Joss Whedon ControversyThe once-heralded director has faced allegations of misconduct from former co-workers, actors on his sets, and more.
  12. hairy situations
    So Pete Wentz Has Legolas Hair NowA hair-growth icon is born.
  13. missed connections
    The Remarkably Similar Career Trajectories of Nicole Kidman and Hugh GrantCan you believe these two never worked together until this fall’s The Undoing?
  14. timeline
    How The Hunt Came Back From CancellationAfter being pulled from Universal’s release calendar, the hyperviolent Blumhouse movie gets a second chance to use controversy to its advantage.
  15. timeline
    The Witcher Season One: A Straightforward ChronologyThe series’ convoluted three-timeline structure can get confusing, and fast, so here’s a helpful guide to the season’s biggest moments, in order.
  16. el camino
    How El Camino Fits Into the Breaking Bad TimelineThe movie sequel is packed with flashbacks to previously unseen moments from the original series.
  17. timeline
    The World’s Largest Ferris Wheel That Wasn’tBut might be one day? The circle of life of a Staten Island tourist attraction.
  18. timeline
    How Batman’s Alfred Went From Clueless Sidekick to Special Forces StudOver time, and through various reboots, he was given more gravitas and a skill set that comes in handy when your boss is a billionaire vigilante.
  19. investigations
    A Close Reading of the Most Deranged Sandwich Commercial EverWho IS Subway Sandwich Boy, really?
  20. timeline
    A Guide to Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon’s Long, Knotty RelationshipFosse/Verdon jumps in time through the highs and lows of its central pair’s long working and personal relationship, so here’s a chronological guide.
  21. timeline
    Michael Jackson’s Unlikely Friendship With Donald Trump: A TimelineTrump’s voice has been absent from the Leaving Neverland debate, but his history of public support for Jackson speaks for itself.
  22. timeline
    The Rise and Rise of Mindy KalingFrom Off Broadway to The Office to Late Night.
  23. timeline
    Grimes: The Complete Timeline (So Far)Photos of Grimes and Elon Musk at the pumpkin patch not included.
  24. true crime
    Making a Murderer Timeline: Everything That’s Happened Since Season OneAfter the Netflix true-crime series blew up, Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey’s legal fights took surprising turns.
  25. timeline
    A Primer on UB40, the Band Brett Kavanaugh for Some Reason Wanted to FightWhat is even going on at this point?
  26. a star is born
    Beyoncé, Will Smith, Tom Cruise: Everyone Almost Cast in A Star Is BornA timeline is born.
  27. real estate
    A Roller-Coaster Timeline of Lance Bass’s Attempt to Buy the Brady Bunch HouseIncluding drama with a Property Brother.
  28. A Timeline of Drake and Pusha-T’s Slow-Burning FeudIt started out because of a BAPE sweatshirt.
  29. timeline
    Why Millennial Pink Refuses to Go AwayThe color, found on sneakers, couches, book covers, toasters, and Drake, isn’t fading.
  30. timeline
    Timeline: The 200-Year Fight for Abortion AccessWe tend to take reproductive rights for granted, but from a historical ­perspective, they were won almost yesterday.
  31. timelines
    Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s Unexpectedly Adorable Friendship: A TimelineTaking “friendship goals” to a whole new level.
  32. the birth of a nation
    A Timeline of the Nate Parker Rape ScandalThe Birth of a Nation filmmaker was accused of sexual assault in 1999.
  33. timeline
    A History of Donald Trump in New York MagazineLooking back on the GOP prince’s days as an NYC clown.
  34. timeline
    The Steady Rise of Alicia Vikander, Last Year’s Most Supporting ActressShe didn’t exactly arrive out of nowhere. It just seems that way.
  35. timeline
    The Evolution of Aziz AnsariFrom fun-loving stand-up to serious-minded power player.
  36. timeline
    What’s Rihanna Been Doing Since Her Last Album?A lot, actually. It’s just that very little of it involved new music.
  37. Empire Building
    How Noma Became the Most Influential Restaurant in the World“At one point you’ll just be empty, you’ll start repeating yourself, and then it’s time to leave.”
  38. timeline
    A Look Back at Andrew Sullivan’s the DishAs he closes down his blog, a timeline of what it served daily.
  39. how does it feel?
    Timeline: What D’Angelo Has Been Up to These Past 14 YearsIt took nearly 15 years to release Black Messiah.
  40. timeline
    Charli XCX’s 10-Year Journey to SuckerShe didn’t get fancy overnight. 
  41. timeline
    A History of Wu-Tang Promising Their New AlbumIt’s been a long time coming. 
  42. timeline
    How Shonda Rhimes Became Television’s Most Celebrated ShowrunnerFrom Crossroads to Scandal.
  43. music
    A Brief History of Ryan Adams, From Vices to Voice MailsIn honor of his new, billionth (or so) album, out today.
  44. timeline
    Neal Brennan’s 10 Defining Moments in ComedySingled Out, All That, Chappelle’s Show, and more.
  45. timeline
    Exploring the Many Alternate Dimensions of Archie ComicsThere are currently Archies living in four parallel universes across the various comic-book series.
  46. history of rap
    The 21-Year History of the Song ‘99 Problems’It was Ice-T’s first.
  47. false hopes
    ‘It’ll Be Out This Year’: A History of D’Angelo Album Promises“It’ll happen this year.” Really?
  48. history
    The Complete History of Ryan GoslingHey, girl. Feel like a stroll down memory lane?
  49. fame
    How Captain America’s Chris Evans Finally Got Tired of Being FamousThe Captain America star has arrived at the point where he plans to quit acting.
  50. timeline
    A Timeline of Noah’s Very Rough Road to the Big Screen[Insert storm pun here.]
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