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  1. extremely online
    Before We Make Out, Wanna Dismantle Capitalism?On dating apps today, it seems like everybody wants to eat the rich.
  2. acquiescence
    Turns Out It’s Pretty Good: TinderIn 2020, swiping feels a bit like interacting with strangers in a crowded bar.
  3. culture
    A Tinder Date From HellDon’t Text Back satirizes the danger of entitled men.
  4. sex and relationships
    ‘Hey Girl, I’ve Got Antibodies’COVID has created a new dating-app catchphrase.
  5. dating apps
    Are You Ready to Video-Chat With Your Tinder Matches?The dating app intends to release an in-app video feature before the year is out.
  6. catch of the day
    We Found Your New Tinder PicThis adorable, recently discovered walking (!) shark will certainly help you get matches.
  7. tinder
    Tinder Is Adding a ‘Panic Button’The dating app will soon be able to track your location for safety purposes — but at what cost to users’ privacy?
  8. surprise
    Another Reason to Delete Your Dating AppsSome of the big ones, like Grindr and Tinder, are reportedly sharing your personal data with advertisers.
  9. crime
    When You See Your Rapist on TinderMultiple women say online-dating platforms aren’t removing the profiles of men who’ve assaulted them — leaving others at risk.
  10. hell
    Tinder-Sponsored Frat Houses Are the Newest Development in Our DystopiaTinder and Bumble have tapped into college campuses, where some fraternities require students to show their profiles before they can party.
  11. in dick pic news
    140 Dicks From Tinder (2019), Oil on CanvasA brave art student solicited hundreds of phallus photographs, then immortalized them as a giant painting.
  12. dating
    Imagine What a Tinder Restaurant Would Be LikeThere, you’d find bartenders hotter than your date, EDM music, and so many scorpion bowls.
  13. dating
    The Tinder HackerWhen I asked Sean about his hobbies, I wasn’t prepared for what he said.
  14. it’s complicated
    Confessions of a Tinder TouristCall it the “sociological Tinder date” — even without any romantic spark, I love going out with matches just to learn about their lives.
  15. select all
    Instagram Model Tinder-Scams Dozens of Men Into Competing for a DateThe model, Natasha Aponte, told each man that they were meeting for a drink. When the men arrived, they discovered the truth.
  16. crime
    Man Who Allegedly Murdered a Nurse He Met on Tinder May Be a Serial KillerPolice have linked Danueal Drayton to multiple rapes and murders.
  17. searching
    A Serial Dater Ranks the Best Hookup AppsWhen you’re not interested in swiping for a soul mate.
  18. select all
    Facebook Has a Dating App NowMark Zuckerberg said the dating-app feature will only show you people you don’t know.
  19. select all
    Facebook Broke Tinder, and Everybody Was Horny and Mad About ItFacebook’s new data privacy rules temporarily locked many Tinder users out of their accounts.
  20. select all
    Tinder Helped Me Say NoTinder made it okay to be mad when people overstep my boundaries.
  21. select all
    Cambridge Analytica Whistle-blower Kicked Off Tinder TooThe dating app is linked to Facebook, which booted Wylie earlier this week.
  22. it’s complicated
    What Happened When My Friend and I Confronted the Guy Who Was Texting Us BothWe showed up together at the bar where he was supposed to meet one of us, and things got … weird.
  23. lawsuits
    Transgender Woman Sues Tinder After Her Account Is DeletedShe says her account was banned after updating her bio.
  24. select all
    Woman Charged With Attempted Murder After Attacking Boyfriend With Samurai SwordEmily Javier purchased a samurai sword after she discovered Tinder on her boyfriend’s phone.
  25. married women
    What Happens When a Married Woman Goes on Tinder?I didn’t know what to expect. What I found made me want more.
  26. select all
    Tinder Ordered to Stop Discriminating Against Old PeopleOld being anybody over the age of 30.
  27. celebrity
    Would You Swipe Right for Ethan Hawke?The actor’s latest interview reads like a lengthy Tinder bio.
  28. scams
    The Guy Who Scammed His Tinder Dates Out of Money Is Going to PrisonBrandon Kiehm’s lies got his dates to hand over almost $50,000.
  29. select all
    Here’s How Easy It Is for Someone to Hack Into Your TinderIt might be time to go back to dating the old-fashioned way.
  30. sex diaries
    The Mom Who Supports Her Family With Sex WorkThis week’s sex diary.
  31. select all
    The Scourge of the Tindstagrammer: Tinder Rejects Who Creep on InstagramIf you didn’t match on Tinder, but he DM’d you on Instagram anyway, you’ve been Tindstagrammed.
  32. science of us
    Here’s a Study to Make You Feel Better About All Your Bad Tinder DatesNew research shows that dating-app algorithms are effectively useless at predicting romantic attraction.
  33. dating
    Dating Apps Are a Playground for the PolyamorousSo what should single women do?
  34. select all
    Tinder’s New App Lets You Know Who Likes You Before You Even SwipeTinder is topping App Store charts thanks to the new feature.
  35. niche drama
    This Week in Drama: J.K. Rowling Fake News, Bridezilla Defeated, Dueling Pierogi We recap the pettiest squabbles, juiciest feuds, and other niche drama you didn’t know you were living for every week.
  36. tinder
    Is the World Ready for Björk’s ‘Tinder Album’?Let’s envision what Björk’s Tinder bio would look like.
  37. Inside One of Tinder’s Controversial Hamptons PartiesBefore the company was banned from Montauk, I was invited to a party on Millionaire’s Row.
  38. rowdy ragers
    Tinder Fined After Reportedly Throwing ‘Rowdy Ragers’ in the HamptonsThese parties sound, predictably, so douchey.
  39. I Spent Years Ignoring My Bisexuality, Until Tinder Helped Me Come OutFor plenty of people, swiping right means exploring a whole new identity.
  40. we’re all on tinder
    The Big Problem With the Master of None Tinder EpisodeIn 2017, it’s not enough to say “Tinder sucks.”
  41. The Matchmaker Who Flirts on Dating Apps for YouHanging out with the matchmaker who impersonates her clients online.
  42. dreams come true
    Soon You Can Swipe Right on Hotties From Your Work ComputerFinally.
  43. Looking for Love in Seven Different CitiesJada Yuan tells Sex Lives about her Tinder tour of America.
  44. Has Tinder Boosted the Performance of NBA Players?There’s a provocative case to be made that easy online access to sex can explain a statistical mystery in the NBA.
  45. swipe left
    What Comes After Tinder?Considering alternatives when you’re sick of swiping.
  46. select all
    Tinder Has a Secret ‘Select’ Version of Its App for an Elite Invite-Only CrowdHave you been invited to join Tinder Select?
  47. The Single Guy Who’s Pretty Sure He Split the BillThis week’s sex diary.
  48. sex diaries
    The Bisexual Doctor on a Dating SpreeThis week’s sex diary.
  49. select all
    Tinder’s New App for Apple TV Is Fun for the Whole FamilyThe company rolled out a new app for Apple TV today and a series of ads geared at convincing you to swipe with your mom’s help.
  50. politics
    This New App Is Like Tinder, But for Anti-Choice PoliticiansHinder shows you which politicians support abortion access.
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