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  1. GOP Competition to Show Who Loves Trump Most Could Backfire in NovemberExtremist candidates have hurt the GOP in the recent past. Association with an unpopular extremist president could do the same this year.
  2. Democratic Senate Looking Like a Reach — AgainProspects for a Democratic Senate after the midterms have waxed and waned, but it may be tough for Democrats to hang on in deep red states.
  3. Josh Hawley Goes Off the Deep End on the Sexual Revolution and Human TraffickingThe main difference between today’s GOP Senate candidate in Missouri and the hapless Todd Akin is some Ivy League polish.
  4. Roy Moore’s Troubles Could Open a Door to a Democratic SenateIt’s early days, but allegations of predatory behavior by the Alabamian could reduce the GOP’s Senate margin to one vote.
  5. ballpark frankness
    Drinking Beer With Senator Claire McCaskill“I get in trouble all the time for saying what I think. All. The. Time.”
  6. counterpoint
    Why Trent Franks Is Actually Worse Than Todd AkinA rebuttal.
  7. quotables
    Todd Akins Abound in Virginia RacesThree GOP nominees have a history of saying crazy things about women.
  8. ripped from the headlines
    The Many Legitimate Inspirations for SVU’s Legitimate Rape EpisodeIt’s not just Todd Akin.
  9. special victims nation
    SVU Rips ‘Legitimate Rape’ From the HeadlinesTodd Akin revenge porn.
  10. Some Republicans Still Aren’t Sure That Rape Can Cause Pregnancy California’s Celeste Greig didn’t get the memo on this.
  11. Male Republican Congressman Just Won’t Let ‘Legitimate Rape’ GoTodd Akin, he says, “was partly right.”
  12. the end of 2012
    The Year of the ‘Year of the Woman’America wanted 2012 to be about women. Was it?
  13. Republican Adviser Lashes Out at Her Party’s Rape Caucus Karen Hughes is really sick of these guys. 
  14. interview
    Claire McCaskill’s Stylish Daughters Talk Todd Akin, Huntsman Girls, and MoreA Q&A with election “style breakout stars” Maddie and Lily Esposito.
  15. the war on women
    A Disaster of a Night for the GOP Rape and Abortion CaucusA victory for women and other empathetic humans.
  16. Todd ‘Legitimate Rape’ Akin Loses to Claire McCaskillThe GOP forgave Akin, but voters didn’t.
  17. Rape Comments Aside, Akin and Mourdock Are Flush With GOP MoneyRepublicans would very much like to take back the Senate.
  18. election 2012
    What’s at Stake for Women on November 6?A battleground election guide.
  19. politics
    Do You Have Republican Rape Outrage Fatigue?The alarming efficiency of covering Richard Mourdock’s controversy.
  20. Todd Akin Tries an Awkward New Press OffensiveHe just can’t get media management right.
  21. Akin Campaign Insists That Comparing Female Senator to Dog Is HilariousThis campaign really “gets” women and what they like to hear.
  22. Todd Akin Has a New Way to Describe Claire McCaskillAnd, yes, it’s pretty sexist. 
  23. In Debate, McCaskill Avoids Attacking Akin on ‘Legitimate Rape’Both sides pulled punches.
  24. sisterhood
    Pro-Life, Rape-Surviving Republicans Turn on Akin in New McCaskill AdsThree sexual assault survivors speak out against Todd Akin.
  25. Akin Makes Another Odd Abortion Claim What?
  26. Why Claire McCaskill Should Promote a Felon to Defeat Todd AkinA legitimate proposal.
  27. Todd Akin Is Just Like Waco Cult Leader, Own Consultant BragsThis campaign just keeps getting better and better.
  28. Todd Akin Has Some More Opinions on Ladies!Oh. My. God.
  29. GOP Heavyweights and Their Money Trickling Back to Todd Akin [Updated]Rick Santorum and Jim DeMint both pledge to help.
  30. Todd ‘Legitimate Rape’ Akin Staying in Missouri Senate RaceNow with more Newt Gingrich.
  31. Akin’s Wife Compares GOP Treatment to RapeOr maybe just the threat of rape? It’s hard to tell.
  32. genital tales
    A Brief History of Magical Vaginas What Naomi Wolf has in common with Todd Akin and Diderot.
  33. Todd Akin and Senate PokerThe Senate race in which everybody is bluffing.
  34. Newt and Huck Denounce Rove’s Todd Akin JokeTerrible,” Newt called it. “Disturbing,” said Huck.
  35. Karl Rove Swears He Was Kidding About Murdering Todd AkinHe joked about doing so at a Tampa fundraiser.
  36. Michelle Obama Is Not Watching the GOP ConventionBut there might have been some Todd Akin talk in the White House.
  37. video
    Stephen Colbert Gives GOP Female Anatomy LessonHe uses a device called the Vagina iTouch to find the “Filipino tubes.”
  38. Eight Things Congress Doesn’t Know About SexWhen a mommy and a daddy love each other very much …”
  39. Authorities Investigate Rape and Death Threats Against Todd AkinToo far, guys.
  40. Mike Huckabee Is the Last Republican on Earth With Todd Akin’s BackThe GOP has “left [Akin] behind on the political battlefield, wounded and bleeding.”
  41. Sarah Palin Refuses to GloatI was right.”
  42. Todd Akin Fights Back With Attack on Liberal Elitist Media, FetusOn Romney: “Why couldn’t he run his race and I’ll run mine?”
  43. The Clock Has Struck 6 p.m. and Todd Akin Is Still on the BallotHow he could get off the ballot in a month or so, if he wants to.
  44. shmashmortion
    GOP Dusts Off the Old Abortion PlankHow abortion became part of the GOP platform.
  45. politics
    I Love You, Todd Akin. You Make Me Want to Put on a Balaclava and Riot.What it takes to make an American woman pull a Pussy Riot.
  46. Did Paul Ryan Break Up With His Main Pro-Life Bro Yesterday?He rang up “legitimate rape” Rep. Todd Akin.
  47. Todd Akin Is Still ApologizingThis time in a new TV ad.
  48. Todd Akin Is Very Sorry, Has Learned Some New Things About Rape [Updated]The embattled Senate candidate apologized profusely on Mike Huckabee’s radio show. Also, Obama has weighed in.
  49. McCaskill Says Akin Must Stay NomineeMissouri Democrat Claire McCaskill says replacing Akin would be “pretty radical.”
  50. willful ignorance
    Todd Akin Not the Only One Who Thinks Rape Can’t Cause PregnancyHave you heard about the secret hormonal mechanism that gives you an abortion if you deserve it?  
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